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The End

Lost  - Season 6 - Finale - The End
Six seasons/years later, tonight is the conclusion of what is without a doubt one of the greatest television series of all time. Thanks to everyone that has contributed to this blog over the years, it has been fun engaging in and facilitating dialogue around this show. Tuesday’s episode set-up the finale quite nicely. Suprising no one, Jack emerged has Jacob’s successor. Though expected, it was still a great moment to witness in the development of the character. No less meaningful was the dialogue he had with Sawyer throughout the episode – Jack would not let Sawyer believe he was the cause of death for their friends. Regardless of what happens tonight, I am sure the finale will spark passionate debate amongst Lost fans. I am looking forward to it.


“One of the most critically-acclaimed and groundbreaking shows of the past decade concludes in this “Lost” Series Finale Event. The battle lines are drawn as Locke puts his plan into action, which could finally liberate him from the island.”

Finale Preview

Sneak Peek 1 | Sneak Peek 2

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What They Died For

Lost Season 6 - What they died for

After last week’s ‘break’ episode, which I personally enjoyed, I am very much looking forward to getting back to our Losties’ in action.


Locke devises a new strategy; Jack’s group searches for Desmond.

Episode Preview

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Across The Sea

Across The Sea - Lost - Season 6
After what was arguably the best episode of this season, tonight we get the backstory on MIB and Jacob, and with that hopefully answers to some of the lingering questions as we enter the final stretch of the series over the course of the next few weeks.


“The motives of John Locke are finally explained.”

Episode Preview

Sneak Peeks

Sneak Peek 1 | Sneak Peek 2

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The Candidate

Lost Season 6 Jack The Candidate

Last week gave us a number of reunions – Jack and Claire in the alternate timeline, and most notably Sun and Jin (finally) on Island. The storyline was advanced in a number of ways, including Jack’s initial cognizant interaction with MIB, along with Sayid seemingly returning from the dark-side, even if just for a moment. At the end of last week, we basically saw MIB pull Jack from the remnants of a missile explosion, which leads us to this week’s episode, another Jack-centric episode.


“Jack must decide whether or not to trust Locke after he is asked to follow through on a difficult task.”

Episode Preview

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The Last Recruit

Lost - Last Recruit - Season 6

At the conclusion of last week’s episode we had our beloved Hugo leading the remaining cast members into the mouth of madness – directly to the MIB/Evil Locke. The final scene of the episode was eery in the extremely satisfied/intriguing manner that the MIB stared down Jack. Overall the episode revealed a fair amount of new information:

  • What exactly the whispers are
  • That the MIB is extremely concerned with Desmond’s abilities and demeanor
  • That Jack is taking a back seat, for now

The episode this week is rumored to be multi-centric, but I have to think that given the title much of the episode will focus on the MIB trying to convince Jack to leave the Island with him.


“Alliances are forged and broken as the Locke and Jack camps merge”

Episode Preview

Sneak Peek

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Everybody Loves Hugo

Lost Season 6 - Hugo

It is pretty safe to say after last week’s episode that the alternate timeline is not just a possibility and that Desmond will probably be key to how the two timelines merge at some point in time. Like most Desmond-centric episodes, Happily Ever After was amazing – the re-appearances of Charlie and Daniel were perfect in terms of moving the storyline along.

Tonight’s episode refocuses the storyline on Hurley and MIB/Locke –


Hurley agonizes over what the group’s next move should be; Locke is curious about the new arrival in his camp.

Episode Preview

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