Animal Farm

In the last official Lost podcast, Damon and Carlton told us to look for a building in the London skyline in the episode Fire + Water. Most fans agree that the building in question is The Battersea Power Station and that it is a reference to the Pink Floyd album Animals.

Animals in turn, was in part, inspired by George Orwell’s novel Animal Farm. This is where things are getting interesting.

Animal Farm is a modern fable about a group of animals which take control of the farm they live on and run it themselves, only to see their perfect society turn into a brutal tyranny. The utopia fails because of a power struggle between the pigs, which in turn leads to the expulsion of one of the pigs from the farm.

Sounds a bit familiar doesn’t it?

Could this be a reference to the struggle between Locke and Charlie for Claire’s affection? Maybe Animal Farm can be applied to Lost in a larger sense and the great power struggle waits around the corner?

For more info on Animal Farm, head on over to Wikipedia.

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