Michelle Rodriguez talks respect

Michelle Rodriguez who portrays Ana-Lucia on Lost, is on one of four celebrity covers of People en Español magazine’s “New Hollywood” debut issue.

Besides making the cover look great, Rodriguez talks about Hawaii, Lost and her respect for other people. Michelle says she treats people with respect unless provoked.

“My family taught me about ethics and the importance of respecting everybody, but, if someone is disrespectful to me, then we have a problem.”

“New Hollywood” will be in newsstands February 6th.

On a side note, I’m starting to like Ana-Lucia as a character. Not that I ever hated her like it seems everyone else did in the beginning, but the writers are making her more and more into a likable character. My guess is that some people won’t like Jack’s newfound friend as much as he does though, so wear a helmet and watch out for the drama.

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