Lost fever

The Philadelphia Inquirer has a fun article investigating Lost fans and our strange conspiracy theories. Jeremy Domby from 4815162342.com talks a bit about the popular Lost theories and Paul Stuewe, an English professor at Vermont’s Green Mountain College, compares Lost to Robinson Crusoe and The Lord of the Flies. We also get to hear from podcaster Cliff Ravenscraft who host’s Generally Speaking, and the director of film studies at University of Dayton, Jim Farrelly.

“We’re just beginning to get to know the Others, says Jim Farrelly. This week’s dream sequence didn’t help much, but the writers appear to be planting ironic religious symbolism everywhere to foreshadow some kind of new creation or transformation that will soon occur. The Us vs. Them conflict for control of the island is clearly on the horizon, but the nature and timing of that clash remains shrouded in mystery.”

Head on over to The Philadelphia Inquirer to read the article.

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