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Spot the Missed Clue

In a recent Lost Podcast, Damon and Carlton spoke of a critical clue which has been frequently missed by many fans, on viewing the Pilot episode. They did not say what this was. Having just rewatched the Pilot for the … Continue reading

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Jorge Garcia talks about friends and video games

If there is one character on LOST everyone likes, it is Jorge Garcia’s Hurley. “The thing that Jorge brought to Hurley is something we could never have written,” Lost executive producer Damon Lindelof says. “He’s the everyman. He’s funny without … Continue reading

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Javier Grillo-Marxuach leaves LOST

Javier Grillo-Marxuach, prominent writer and supervising producer on LOST, and probably the crew member most involved with the online LOST community, writes on his site that his work on LOST is done and that he is leaving the island. …two … Continue reading

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Did Kate name Sawyer?

As I watched the two LOST pilot episodes I noticed something. I’ve been searching some forums and even tried google-ing it but have not been able to find an answer… In Pilot part 2, when the losties are walking in … Continue reading

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LOST Flickr Pool

There is a pretty cool collection of photos and screenshots from LOST episodes over at Flickr. The LOST – the series pool contains a large number of screenshots of strange things seen on LOST, including shots from the promo for … Continue reading

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Binary Code & The Duality of Man Theory

First off, thanks to Andreas for giving me a platform to share some of these ideas. It began shortly after I found some interesting connections while researching the source of the Dharma Initiative symbol, found within the hatch & other … Continue reading

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Dharma and LOST Buddhism

According to an article at Metromix, LOST might be more inspired by Buddhist teachings than you would think. Episodes aired in the fall revealed that the island is an experiment run by a collective known as the Dharma Initiative. Dharma … Continue reading

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The pilot that started it all

If you never saw the first episodes of LOST now is your chance. “Pilot – Parts I & 2” will air Wednesday, Feb. 22 at 9/8c. It’s a special two-hour broadcast of the pilot that started it all. After Oceanic … Continue reading

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LOST nominated for Saturn Awards

The praise for LOST never ends. The Academy of Science Fiction Fantasy & Horror Films has nominated ABC’s LOST for several Saturn Awards. LOST is nominated for Best Network Television Series. Matthew Fox and Evangeline Lilly are nominated for best … Continue reading

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One of Them

Spoilers if you have not seen “One of Them” Unlike some LOST “fansite” writers, I found One of Them to be a very interesting episode. I don’t get why some people dislike the flashbacks. Like I might have written in … Continue reading

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