Lost Questions – German voices in the hatch?

I added a Lost Questions and Tips section to the sidebar yesterday. The idea is that you, my wonderful readers will send me a mail when you spot something strange or interesting in a Lost TV episode, and if it’s interesting, I will post about it on the site and try my best to answer your question or investigate your tip. If I’m not able to answer the questions, hopefully you, the readers will discuss it in the comments.

Potential Spoilers

The first person to notice the new feature was Jeff from New York. I guess being first should entitle him to some prize, but since I don’t have one I’ll just try to answer his question.

Did you listen to the podcast that featured a caller from Germany who
heard a German voice inside the bunker yelling out to Locke to “close
the door” as he was leaving? This was in “Fire+Water” when Charlie
comes to Locke to ask for a good word with Claire.

I listened myself, but I can’t tell whether I’m hearing German voices,
or just a squeaky door hinge. What do you think?

Jeff in NYC

The strange sound in question can be found around 14 minutes into the Lost episode Fire+Water, right when John Locke exits the hatch and closes the door.

I’ve listened to the ghostlike sound several times. I tried amplifying it, and I tried removing the noise, but I am not able to make out any words. When the noise is removed it actually sounds exactly like the sound the door hinges made a split second before the spooky sound. I would say that it is the door hinges making a weird sound, or possibly the sound of a bird combined with the door hinges since a bird can be heard a short while later.

Nevertheless, there are rumors of a German voice being heard in the whispers after a German guy in the tail section was taken by the others. So maybe, just maybe, there is a spooky German in the hatch…

What are your thoughts on this?

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5 Responses to Lost Questions – German voices in the hatch?

  1. Jeff in NYC says:

    I don’t remember in which Podcast I heard it, and it’s driving me crazy (aahhh, it’s the sickness!) I’ve skimmed through a couple podcasts and can’t find the call. I have, however, found a thread on lost-forum.com titled “Children laughing as the Hatch door closes??” : http://lost-forum.com/archive/index.php/t-28794.html

    Has anyone found/posted a soundbite?

  2. Andreas says:

    I have uploaded an amplified sounbite on my server. You can find it at http://www.lostblog.net/misc/lostdoor.mp3

    Please do not hotlink it, but feel free to save it to your own servers if you want to post it to a forum or something.

    It’s interesting that a number of people find the sound to be strange.. I still think it’s the door though.

  3. cole says:

    wow, i’m in for a good easter egg find just like the rest of us. but, c’mon guys, this is just a door opening, and closing. i don’t hear any voices whatsoever.

  4. Joeri says:

    I have to agree with cole, its just a closing door, and that so called spooky sound comes back several times, not just with closing this door.

  5. ihearit says:

    i do

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