One of Them

Spoilers if you have not seen “One of Them”

Unlike some LOST “fansite” writers, I found One of Them to be a very interesting episode. I don’t get why some people dislike the flashbacks. Like I might have written in a previous post or comment, I feel the flashbacks are essential to make us understand the characters and move the story forward. In the case of this episode we got to know more about Sayid’s dark side. Naveen did a great job, as did the rest of the actors.

We also saw a connection to Kate in the last part of Sayid’s flashback. For those who didn’t notice – The soldier with the photo in the truck was Kate’s step dad and the girl on the photo looked very much like a young Kate.

Besides the flashback-fun, two very interesting things happened on the island. Danielle Rousseau trapped a man in the jungle and the dreaded countdown reached zero…

Who is Henry Gale?

The man Rousseau found in the jungle said his name was Henry Gale and that his hot air balloon crashed on the island while he was trying to cross the pacific. Just like Caroline mentioned in the comments of this post, it turns out that Henry Gale is the name of Dorothy’s uncle in The Wizard of Oz. In the same movie/book, Dorothy uses a hot air balloon to get back home from the land of Oz.

The Wizard of Oz also features a cowardly lion called.. Zeke. Probably not a connection, but who knows?

Did anyone else notice that when first asked, “Henry” says “we crashed” and then when Sayid is torturing him Henry says “we landed”? Could be proof that he is making the story up, could be the actor changing the lines. Personally, I’m convinced that he is an “Other”, but that does not necessarily mean that he is evil.

Why am I convinced that Henry is an Other? Well, besides what I wrote above, the episode is called “One of Them”, Henry said that he “was rich” which was a bit odd, he looked to the left when answering Sayid (a sign of making things up) and he looked strangely well groomed for a man who has been living on his own on a tropical island for the past four months (longer than the losties).

Henry also said that his company mined non-metallic minerals. After reading a bit on some forums, it turns out that there is a non-metallic green emerald called Malachite. In The Wizard of Oz, there is a city called “Emerald City” which is completely green. One possibility is that Henry is making things up based on his favorite movie, another possibility is that the non-metallic minerals where used when constructing the hatch since it probably contains a large electromagnet (remember Jack’s key being drawn to the walls and The Hanso Initiative for Electromagnetic Research project on the Hanso Foundation site). Maybe Henry’s company is “Widmore Construction”, the company which Damon and Carlton told us would play a larger part in future episodes than just showing up on a blurry sign when Charlie spoke to the music video director in Fire+Water?

The Hieroglyphs

When the countdown reached zero the numbers where replaced by red Egyptian hieroglyphs (how can they just get replaced like that?). Naturally, this was the part everyone started discussing after having seen the episode. A number of “translations” have been made, among them “cause to die”…

What interests me though is what actually happened when the countdown reached zero. Listening to the loud sound, my guess would be that the large electromagnet in the hatch started charging. Now why would a electromagnet start charging up?

It is very possible that the electromagnet could create an electromagnetic pulse (EMP), destroying all electronic equipment within a radius depending on the size of the magnet, but it this case, probably covering the entire island. The electromagnetic pulse could for example destroy any equipment or electronic weapons used by The Dharma Initiative to prevent them from falling in the wrong hands. The button and the countdown would in this case be a failsafe to protect something of large value or danger.

The mystery is solved

We finally got to know how Hurley has managed to keep his weight up despite being stranded on a “deserted” island. Turns out Hugo has been eating of the Dharma Initiative food they found in the hatch. I bet this will result in hostilities later on when there is no food left, so that’s an episode to look forward to. If Henry doesn’t eat the losties while they sleep that is…

Please use the comments to post your theories on the episode.

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65 Responses to One of Them

  1. Alan says:

    OK! So who can read Egyptian hieroglyphics? And dont forget to read right to left!!!

  2. Oliver says:

    not sure about the symbol we saw on the far right,

  3. found says:

    Hopefully by tomorrow someone will have translated those symbols for us.

  4. SlackerEko says:

    Those symbols were the symbols of each hatch, you know like the arrow hatch and what not?

  5. Ken says:

    First of all, I don’t know Hieroglyphs.

    It looked like the first symbol on the left was that of a man. The next space to the right was blank as far a I could tell. The next space looked like a vertical feather stuck on a base. The next was a bird (probably a vulture or falcon) and the last looked like a stick with two prongs at the end.

    My limited research did not find all the elements in a single Hieroglyph. The closest I could come up with used the “feather” and the bird in that order. That word was the verb “depart.” I also found those two in a word that indicated the phrase “travel by water.”

    Either that, or it could be loosely translated as “I spend WAY too much time trying to figure out this show.”

    I am probably wrong on all this, but that’s my two cents worth.

  6. meesh says:

    Someone already deciphered it, here:

    They say it means “cause to die.” Did anyone else hear some sort of machine starting up while the numbers were winding away?

  7. zaebra says:

    the first hieroglyph is a bolt of folded cloth. the second never settles on a solid glyph, but it flashes through a throne, water, an owl, a hawk, and i believe the double feather. the third glyph appears to be a feather (sometimes called a reed, depending on your translation book) on a block, though i don’t know the significance of the block itself. the fourth glyph appears to be the ibis bird. the last one i’m unfamiliar with (the diaganol crutch-looking thing), though it could be some form of the loop of rope (often called a “lasso”), or even the horned viper upside-down. using the simplest direct glyph-to-english letter decription, i come up with:

    S or C ? I or Y A or E or O H or J or F

    the closest thing i could see would be a similarity to Sayid, but other than that i’m lost. haha. any thoughts?

    btw, the block under the reed could be the glyph for lake, which would be an sh sound. dunno if that’s what it’s meant to be or not.

  8. Shaude says:

    Wow you all are really into the glyphs. I could have sworn I saw a rocket in there which would indicate it was not egyptian, but it seems you all hit your pause button to confirm the icons.
    My questions is not about the icons but rather the photo of the army dude in the big truck right before they dropped Sayid in the middle of nowhere. Did anyone else think that was Kate?

  9. Angie says:

    It was totally Kate! Remember her stepdad who was at the recruiting office? She went to see him right after she killed her real dad. So now Sayid knows Kate’s realy dad…!!

  10. John says:

    Yes, that guy was kates father, we met him in an earlier episode when she went to talk to him at the recruiting office.

    As for the glyphs, i freaked out when i saw them last night. i’ve spent the better part of this morning trying to research them. As far as ive found only 2 of them are actual egyptian glyphs, or atleast part of the alphabet. the crutch and rocket looking thing (feather?) i cant seem to find anywhere.

  11. Found says:

    This is a snapshot of the symbols

  12. dan says:

    hey,could there be a possible connection to the different labs/instalations on the island? Remember, the Dharma Initative put 5 instalations on the island. I think the hatch is called “swan”, the tail party was staying in a place called “arrow,” could this point to clues about the other instalations?

    Also, there was something odd about the last thing the head army guy said (in Arabic?) to Sayed in his flashback. Could we have another Desmond on our hands? Or am I just full of wishful thinking because that actor played the awsomely creepy Brother Justin on Carnivale?

  13. Giligan says:

    Isn’t that also the actor who played the evil nemesis to Christopher Lambert in Highlander? I can only hope for a future reprisal of his character in LOST.

    As for all of the characters being intertwined in their past lives, that is very spooky and difficult to make sense of. Is this an intended part of the story to be revealed later or is this just outright misdirection?

  14. Caroline says:

    Hey…first time here. Just thought I would throw out there that the “other” said his name was Henry Gale -which is the name of Dorothy’s uncle in the Wizard of Oz. Also, he started talking about he and his wife riding in the hot air balloon. Isn’t that what Dorothy was supposed to take home from Oz to Kansas?

  15. rob says:

    Hay Caroline…Was Henry Gale an uncle who resembled one of the characters? Do you know if he was the Lion, Scarecrow or Tin Man?

  16. John says:

    I believe Henry was the Lion in OZ. Interesting connection, now were going to have to scour the WO Oz for Lost clues. I wonder what the significance of Henry telling Sayid you could see a happy face on the balloon from above is if any at all.

    You guys think he’s an other or is telling the truth.

  17. Joel says:

    I got the Oz connection, too. This could be a coincidence, but nothing ever is on this show. The technical aspects that “Henry” described regarding the ballon’s propulsion system and measurements, etc. — was that in the Wizard of Oz, too?
    Another point: If the army guy spoke to Sayid in his native tongue (before stuffing his pocket with lots of U.S. $100 bills, then the whole “interpreter” setup was just a ruse to get someone else to do the U.S. army’s torturing. He had to have understood the earlier conversation between Sayind and his commander.

  18. James says:

    In regards to the “other” as wehter or not he was lieing i believe he was due to the fact that he could not remember detail about his wifes grave and as Sayid said you would remeber if you buried the woman you love

  19. Andreas says:

    I just updated the post with my thoughts on One of Them.

    You guys pointed out some great stuff which I did not notice. Both the Wizard of Oz connection and the possible translation of the hieroglyphs are very interesting.

    Did anyone else find it strange that the countdown was able to change into hieroglyps and even different colors? Wouldn’t we have seen the hieroglyps and the red when the clock was reseting to 108 minutes in some previous episode because of the way the clock works? I suppose it’s one of those things you shouldn’t put too much tought into…

  20. aidan says:

    The symbols indicate the initiation of the islands malfunction – I know this for sure I am friendly with someone involved with the show but he wont tell me exactly what that means!

  21. Irma and David says:

    What if the Dharma hatch where the back end passengers were was destroyed at some point because the countdown reached zero, thereby causing a magnetic pulse to be sent out which resulted in the Oceanic losing power and crashing!

  22. kayle says:

    I think that Henry Gale is other just because at no time does he seem surprised that there are other people on the Island or that he is in a building. If you were alone for 4 months with just your wife, and then suddenly you are in a net and see four different people, would you react a bit more like…..” Oh my God I can not belive there are people here, do you have a phone, a boat, or some way to get off this Island?”

  23. Andreas says:

    Irma and David, I don’t think the other hatch has much to do with electromagnetism. On the Hanso Foundation site, which seems to be offline now, they mentioned 7 active projects:

    The Hanso Life-Extension Project,
    The Hanso Foundation Electromagnetic Research Initiative,
    The Hanso Quest for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence,
    The Hanso Mathematical Forecasting Initiative,
    The Hanso Cryogenics Development Imperative,
    The Hanso Juxtapositional Eugenics Development Institute,
    The Hanso Accelerated Remote Viewing Training Facility

    The Hanso site could offcourse just be a way to hype the show, but I believe the information on the site is connected to Lost. The hatch which the losties currently use would be the center for Electromagnetic Research.

    Kayle, good points about Henry. You would think he’d ask some questions, but then again, Sayid did tell him to shut up. It was a bit strange that he tried running off into the jungle though, a normal person would probably start screaming “don’t kill me!” or something. It just felt like he knew that Danielle knew who he really was.

  24. fatpeoplearefunnier says:

    I agree that there is a lot suspious about Henry Gale, allthough i don’t think that not being able to come up with the exact info on burrying your wife is not totally convincing. How would you feel if you had been captured, shot, and then this torturer is getting in your face. I would get so nervous i wouldn’t be ablet o remember my own name!

    But other then that…
    Henry Gale wore shoes, we know that the ‘teddy walkers’ didn’t wear shoes… But both Ethan and Goodwin did, so…

    And Question:
    Did anyone else catch that he was supposingly from Minnasota, wasn’t that were the Dharma experiement was thought up?

  25. Erra says:

    ok! i just watched the first season of LOST over again and Henry Gale looks exactly like the guy in the airport bathroom. He was talking to Jin and said that he was a worker for Mr. Paik…. looks awfully close to Henry boy… anyone else see the resemblense??

  26. Andreas says:

    Erra, I don’t believe it’s the same guy. They look a bit similar but not that much.

    fatpeoplearefunnier, I agree that remembering the exakt information about burrying your wife might be hard when someone is threatening to torture you, but if this guy remembered very specific details about his hot air balloon, shouldn’t he remember what happened to his dead wife?

    You should check out this thread –

    I don’t agree that the painting in the hatch contains a balloon, but the fact that the dimensions of the balloon Henry described are the same as the ones for Steve Fossett’s balloon pretty much uncovers Henry’s lie.

  27. crusher says:

    Don’t any of you guys fly hot air balloons? If you did you would know there is NEVER any helium in them…….it’s all HOT AIR. Henry gale is an OTHER
    no doubt.

  28. Ray says:

    I found that pic in a forum. the guy found that in an egyptian dictionary, i believe it’s quite real…

  29. damonae says:

    1st the folded cloth = s
    2nd blank
    3rd feather = nm
    4th vulture = ah
    5th does not seem to be egyptian

    don’t think it is meaningful.
    clever though.

  30. Rookie101 says:

    alrite people

    i got a theory and i no the gylphs + the pic+ everything thats been happening cuase TVo allows me to go pic my pic
    the glyphs translate into- to kill or cuase to die.. the individual letters almost spell out sayid but some letters in diff spaces… now about the picture when sayid was on the car yes that is a picture of teenage kate becuase her father was in the army

    now my theory is becuase on 2 of the glyphs a picture of a man wit a gun/ bomb apeared

    the darmha people want to start civilization over so theyre gonna launch a nuke kill everyone execpt the good peopel on the island since the world is filled eith hate.. once every1 is dead they will start the world over

    my second theory is that this is based on the bible
    1. moses found in water- aaron found in water
    2. jon the babtist- eko the priest

    other facts– Henry Gale and Zeke 2 very interesting people- both from wiz of oz…. just like the mineral that is green that his nonmetallic company mined for

    now desmond- before he ran out of the hatch he took some food and a book with him
    i cant recall the name of the book but it was about how people lived in an unground place and they did something magical to stop the world from blowing up

    alrite… all i got to say… to get in touch im me…

  31. Rookie101 says:

    o ya adding on to the earlier things said–

    there r 6 stations not 5
    1. unidentified
    2. unidentified
    3. swan
    4. arrow
    5. the 1 that had to deal wit the shark, if u didnt no it had a dharma insignea on it
    6. – Spoiler removed by editor –

  32. Bonez says:

    Yo anyone notice the numbers on the tv that sayid watched……. it said DIA- could mean Dhrama intelligence agency and there was i thinl 48-108-24 which are some of the bad numbers Coincidence? i think not

  33. Rookie101 says:

    once again forgot to say before– the number 108 is wut the numbers u punch into the comp add up to.. its a sacred number in the dharma religion.

    4 8 15 16 23 43


    ok so wuts up wit Zeke??

    Zeke also has something to do with the name Henry Gale.. Zeke u may also no has the cowardly Lion in the wizard of Oz.. Sawyer is probably calling him Zeke for that but he may just think he is a coward

  34. Pandora says:

    I’ve got to rewatch this episode, but someone else pointed out that there’s a balloon poster on the wall. I’ve heard different versions, but that he rattled off the dimensions either from “The Spirit of the USA” which went cross country, or from another source such as one of Jules Vernes’ stories.

  35. Rookie101 says:

    Pandora how far in did u see the thing wit the pic of baloon on wall?

    i got it on tvo so it wood be interesting to see it

  36. kayle says:

    The photo on the wall is not of a hot air balloon. It is an image of two trees in a field. The moment is when Henry gail is on the floor with John and Sayid, it looks like like a framed balloon, but if you wait another minute you can see that it is trees when Jack comes in and asks, “what the hell is going on in here?”

  37. Tony Scudder says:

    I think I just worked out what the counter has to do with our cast. When it reached zero, we heard a humming building, right? Okay, now say this is an electro-magnetic-pulse-whatever. Why has the counter reached zero? Either no-one wants to press it, or there IS no-one to press it, right? So, for some reason which I don’t know the answer to, the machine/island/counter/whatever needs to bring someone TO IT. So the electro-magnetic pulse goes off, and brings down anything within range – ie the Oceanic Flight 815!!!! And how long has this been going on? Perhaps the ‘Others’ were a previous flight? Danielle and her dead pals (though I believe they didn’t die and are actually ‘the others’) could have been brought to the island the same way?
    Of course, why this happens I don’t know. Why does someone need to be on the island? Is it the Dharma/Hanson’s idea that mankind will destroy itself and they are trying to make sure that a small pocket of humanity will always survive on this special island? What you reckon?

  38. Ponzi says:

    What about the fact that Locke taps on specific keys it seems afther the hieroglyphs appear and then enters execute to witness the clock being reset. To me it seems that Locke understood the message given by the symbols.

  39. wut rookie said b4 wit the six stations i think that the others were once in a station but they didn’t do somethin like the button. also wit the shark i think they might have an animal testing agency there. I think they have a hospital there its the sixth station rookie mentioned and its there incase nything goes wrong or something.

  40. with what i said before i didnt finish my thought about the others not pushing a button. maybe they had to pull a lever or something and they forgot to so a sickness came out. this explains why desmond asked about anyone getting sick and the hospital they have on the island (station six). i think that this symbol is a snake for two reasons. 1-all of the other stations have symbols. 2- Hospitals and things to do w/ health have the snake symbol on them.

  41. does anybody think that the cloud of smoke has something to do with the hatches? and did the polar bear have the same sign on it as the shark did? are the shark and polar bear related?

  42. Cecilia says:

    (BTW, I am Pandora who posted before. I might as well post under my real name now, though I use Pandora online a lot. I was the one Andreas let put up the most recent entry on Feb 22 about a Binary Code theory)

    kayle, thanks for clearing that up about the balloon poster thing. Just goes to show, a lot of people will start seeing things once they know that there’s things to be “caught”. I have it Tivo’d also but forgot to rewatch that section.

    Now, how about the newest rumor going around, that Henry has a swan shaved into the back of his head? I saw the pic and wasn’t terribly impressed. It does not appear in other freeze frames of his head (and the idea sounds a little kookie… like no one would notice this??) Here is the pic:

    I also wonder if it is some kid who photoshopped the freezeframe to mess with everyone and start a rumor (in which case, I’m guilty of perpetuating it)… but was wondering if anyone noticed anything while they were actually watching the show.

  43. Cecilia says:

    Tony, yeah… that’s quite a question and an interesting interpretation. To me, there are just SO many different things that end up stranded on the island, it’s bizarre–747s, small twin engine planes, a slave boat, a scientific vessel, hot air balloons (???? yeah right)… next, the Harlem Globetrotters and astronauts will show up, and Sayiid will be building coconut radios. 🙂

    I think the place has a Bermuda Triangle effect, which goes into the idea of electromagnetism being important again (some researchers put out this as a theory of why it happens in the real Bermuda Triangle… if that truly is a phenomenon).

  44. Angry Lost Fan says:

    Being English i feel I speek on behalf of our country…

    SHUT UP!!!


    we havent even started the second series yet, BY THE WAY!!

    So stop posting your shite.

    Sorry for the naughty language but i just read something that has spoilt my life. I feel there is no point in carrying on.

    Yours, ashamed of America (and also some parts of Canada)

    Angry (Dreamless) English Fan

    Its all gone…..

  45. Andreas says:

    Dear Mr.Angry Lost Fan

    First of all, there is a warning about “spoilers if you have not seen One of Them” at the top of this entry. I don’t think I have to say that the same goes for the comments about the episode.

    I don’t see why we should shut up to not ruin it for you. No-one forces you to visit this site, and the site IS focused on the American season of Lost.

  46. Cecilia says:

    LOL, someone’s got a bit of a chip on their shoulder. Sorry if it spoils things for you, but what else would you expect for people to post about in response to Andreas’ writings about the episode… if we are to not discuss the content of the episode?

  47. N says:

    I am one of the writers on the show “Lost”. It feels great to see the support all of you show. You are on to something great. keep watching.

  48. Andreas says:

    N, if you really are a Lost writer please send me a mail and verify it. Until you do, I will assume that you are not.

    info at

  49. did anyone notice flight 815 has two numbers in the code? 4 8

  50. Rookie101 says:

    An area called the “Devil’s Sea” by Japanese and Filipino seamen, located off the east coast of Japan, also exhibits the same magnetic characteristics. It is also known for its mysterious disappearances.

    the bermuda triangle ticked this in my head… i rememberd reading something and i found the info….

    flight 815 was it not near australia and going to california? and is that not near Japan? or was it going from california to australia? either way japan is right there……

    something to think about

  51. Andreas says:

    Interesting ideas Rookie. I’m going to investigate Devil’s Sea.

  52. Rookie101 says:

    Cecilia, when u said before about the swan pic on the back of the guys neck, its a fake i just watched LOST over again and the N guy is a fake also cuase he spelt “LOST” wrong……
    just clearing things up

  53. Rookie101 says:

    lol just look at the top of the page

    Unlike some LOST “fansite” writers, I found One of Them to be a very interesting episode….. and so on

  54. Andreas says:

    Rookie, please try not to double-post.

  55. Rookie101 says: .. a lil more info on devil sea, also devil triangle but i think thats same as burmuda but the devil sea is by japan… similar effects

    yo people who are really into this blog and wanna talk about next weeks episode make sure for the march 1st episode log in.. keep your names the same so its easier to identify…

  56. Cecilia says:

    Rookie, nice that you found the name for it. I think I had recalled seeing some documentary exploring those phenomena and they were talking about Bermuda being just one spot of many where there was a nonrandom number of ship/plane wrecks (outliers). They were positing that certain areas of the world have geomagnetic fault lines, much like the physical fault lines that cause earthquakes (but not necessarily in the same places).

    Personally, it’s just another idea to be thrown in the ring. 🙂 I personally still think the answer is not a natural phenomenon that’s being capitalized on by the DHARMA scientists, rather an artificial one entirely manufactured by them.

  57. Cecilia says:

    I just thought of another interesting connection to the Bermuda Triangle type ideas (or maybe it’s just my wheels spinning :))

    I have a blog entry further up (Binary Code Theory) that talks about the origins of the DHARMA Initiative symbol in the bagua, a Buddhist symbol (read it if you want to know further about the meaning).

    But another thought. Related to the Ba-gua is another symbol known as the “dharma wheel” which may predate it, and both come from the I-Ching. This is what it looks like:

    It bears an eery resemblance to a ship’s steering wheel, or a compass rose, doesn’t it? And what do we see every week in the opening credits… LOST in big letters, as though more than just stranded, but really lost in space (and time?). Anyway… another random thought of mine, this one not very well established.

  58. maybe its me says:

    the bermuda triangle and devil’s triangle are both geological areas where a compass won’t point to true north, perhaps this has something to do with the large electromagnetics on the island. just a thought.

  59. These are two pictures of what might be two new station symbols (thing on shark)

    (thing on a letter.

  60. monkey man says:

    No! I missed the part with the Shark! What episode was that in?
    I cant believe I missed something. cheers guys.

  61. I think it was the second episode. sawyer and michael were on pieces of the raft and there was a shark in the water. it had a symbol on it. Sawyer shot it with the pistol.

  62. imLOST817 says:

    why would someone create a world-destroying button anyway? also, i think that the wisard of oz is his cover story if he is captured.

  63. Kevin Harrison says:

    The hieroglyphics after the countdown read “switch off” in ancient Egyptian ( don’t forget, the egyptians read phonetically. The first three symbols are : Soft S sound, Soft U sound, then ICH… SOO SWITCH… The falcon is pronounces “ah” like father, and the last symbol is an inverted crude version of the “horned viper” symbol seen in ancient egyptian hieroglyphics which is the equivalent of “ph” or “f” sound… So phonetically it reads “switch off.”

  64. Andreas says:

    [quote comment=”804″]The hieroglyphics after the countdown read “switch off” in ancient Egyptian ( don’t forget, the egyptians read phonetically. The first three symbols are : Soft S sound, Soft U sound, then ICH… SOO SWITCH… The falcon is pronounces “ah” like father, and the last symbol is an inverted crude version of the “horned viper” symbol seen in ancient egyptian hieroglyphics which is the equivalent of “ph” or “f” sound… So phonetically it reads “switch off.”[/quote]

    Very interesting if true. Thanks for the insight Kevin!

  65. dagaga says:

    What was his name?? Do you remember? In which episode??

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