The pilot that started it all

If you never saw the first episodes of LOST now is your chance.
“Pilot – Parts I & 2” will air Wednesday, Feb. 22 at 9/8c.

It’s a special two-hour broadcast of the pilot that started it all. After Oceanic Flight 815 crash lands, the 48 survivors find themselves on an island of harsh terrain, cruel weather and dark secrets, including a frightful creature that stalks the jungle. Strangers all, even those related by blood, the survivors’ pasts – their ethics, religions, politics and attitudes – threaten to jeopardize the group’s ability to endure.

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2 Responses to The pilot that started it all

  1. Giligan says:

    I missed most of this rerun but I tuned in long enough to catch something I’d missed the first time around. This show is such a puzzle!

    What I noticed was that preceeing the air craft turbulence there was a guy who ran right past Jack as he was talking to Mrs.(can’t remember her name) who’s husband ends up landing in a tree fastened into a seat and is seperated from her with the Tail survivors. The conversation is so focused I had, like Jack, not paid attention to the people running past yelling and all. Shortly as the runners (there are people chasing him too) move off screen a dull thud can be heard and then the plane shakes. The pilots shortly come on requesting seatbelts be buckled and then the whole plane falls apart. My impression was that this runner was directly responsible. …perhaps carrying and detonating a bomb …just a thought. But that’s the fun of the mystery – our imagination is far more powerful now enticed with this puzzle.

  2. Andreas says:

    The woman Jack was talking to is named Rose.

    The man who runs down the aisle in the plane would be Charlie on his way to the toilets. The stewardess got suspcious when Charlie, who needed a fix, seemed nervous about something, that’s why Charlie runs and why the personel chase him.

    Spoiler if you have not seen the season 2 episodes:
    The stewardess who gives Jack a drink and is talking to the nervous Charlie is Cindy, the woman from the tail section survivors who disappeared in the jungle…

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