Javier Grillo-Marxuach leaves LOST

Javier Grillo-Marxuach, prominent writer and supervising producer on LOST, and probably the crew member most involved with the online LOST community, writes on his site that his work on LOST is done and that he is leaving the island.

…two years ago – almost to the day – i was hired on a start-up television series called “lost.” the gig was supposed to be two months at staff writer pay to work with a small think-tank in developing the long term arcs of a show that had not only not been picked up to series – the pilot had not been written!

four months later, i sat in the audience at the san diego comic-con, watching “lost” with an audience of three-thousand – stunned by how quickly it had gone from a glimmer in jj abrams and damon lindelof’s eye to one of the best television pilots i have ever seen… and, ultimately, a popular-culture phenomenon.

two incredibly exhausting and eventful years, seven scripts, forty-eight episodes, a shelf-load of awards, several convention appearances, many great friendships, hundreds of messages in “the fuselage,” and one hanging hobbit later, the time has come for me to leave the island.

Don’t worry, Javi wasn’t fired, but felt it was time to work on other projects, maybe even his own show. The second volume of Javier’s action comic The Middleman was also recently released so I’m sure Javi has many interesting ideas planned for the future.

Good luck “making your own kind of music” Javi!

Read Javi’s entire post about leaving LOST on his site.

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