Jorge Garcia talks about friends and video games

If there is one character on LOST everyone likes, it is Jorge Garcia’s Hurley.

“The thing that Jorge brought to Hurley is something we could never have written,” Lost executive producer Damon Lindelof says. “He’s the everyman. He’s funny without trying to be funny. On an island full of people with dark secrets, Jorge just brought a sense of fun and lightness that created real balance not just in the cast, but in the show. More importantly, he’s such a genuinely sweet guy that it oozes into his performance and has the effect of everyone rooting for him.”

Jorge was recently interviewed by The Trades. In the interview, Jorge talks about his close friendship with the other LOST actors, and what he thinks a LOST video game should be like if one was ever made.

“You’d really have to be able to make it like one of those big sandbox format video games, where you can go off and go to a lot of different areas. I think the best way to do the game, too, would be after you solve it at the end, if they let you restart the game as an Other.”

Read the entire interview at The Trades but be advised, it contains a minor spoiler related to a future episode.

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