Spot the Missed Clue

In a recent Lost Podcast, Damon and Carlton spoke of a critical clue which has been frequently missed by many fans, on viewing the Pilot episode. They did not say what this was.

Having just rewatched the Pilot for the umpteenth time on Tivo, here are a few of my ideas:

1. There’s Something About Rose

The night after they hear the “monster” sounds, a group is talking out of focus, in back of Jack.

Charlie: So it didn’t sound like an animal, did it?

Man offstage: Not exactly.

Rose: That sound that it made, I keep thinking there is something that is really familiar about it.

Woman offstage: Where are you from?

Rose: The Bronx.

(Offstage, not clear–Something about it not sounding like monkeys, a distraction takes them off the subject)

Rose is different from the others. She was found technically dead, from cardiac arrest, when Jack first finds her on the beach, but is revived through CPR (a rare thing in real life, but this is TV, so I’ll give them that). She is also *sure* that Bernard is still alive in future episodes. She and Bernard are also two of the few named characters on the show that we don’t yet have backstories/flashbacks about. Does a vital clue lie in her memory that could lead us to the identity of what’s been plaguing the lostaways?

2. Kate: The Wild Card?

We don’t see her as one of the initial characters on the beach, as Jack scans the crash site. Later on, we find her secret: that she was the one the marshall was escorting back in handcuffs. She clearly says to Jack “I was awake through the whole thing, it was horrible”. In her flashback, we see she is the last to get the O2 mask on securely. The marshall is conked on the head by the falling suitcase, and Kate tries to reach for the masks, but is unable to, and must first fumble with the keys to the cuffs and free her hands. She then tries to help the unconscious marshall, and knocks her own mask off again. When she finally gets hers on, we can clearly see her eyes are wide open and terrified, but we can’t see if others are still awake. Does she remember something the others don’t about the 815 incident?

3. The Ole’ Shell Game

There’s some issues with seating arrangements on the plane. Jack is supposed to have sat in first class (where no survivors were later found), but gave up his seat to “some 600 yr old lady who says she’s never flown before”… “I’m sure it’s an act”, he says. Charlie was in the back bathroom, snorting drugs, and is chased by the stewardesses into a seat farther front in the plane. Later on (in another episode?), we find that Shannon & Boone were also booted out of their first class seats. Was it fate? Were they ‘supposed’ to have played the roles that they do on the island?

4. Black & White

Locke sitting on the beach playing backgammon. Walt comes up, and Locke talks about this being one of the oldest games known to Man, and explains that “one side is light, one side is dark” (dual theme again), implying he must choose… very Matrix-esque. Then he says “I have a secret”, and goes off camera.

5. You Are What You Eat

Claire was worried since the 815 went down that her baby has died; she has not felt it move. Jin offers her some uni (sea urchin) he has collected from the beach. She reluctantly eats it, and suddenly, she feels the baby kick. If there’s something intrinsically strange about the island, could it affect the members through consumption of things that grow there? Just a thought, though this is more of a stretch as a clue, I think.

Those are a few of my favorite ideas. Do you think you can spot the missed clue? Do you think this was just a publicity stunt to get people to rewatch the recently reaired Pilot? There’s already been a lot of mass speculation as to what this one clue could be, in a 2 hour show. I suggest that if you try this, do this from a taped version or a DVD, don’t do it from memory; as the show teaches us, memory can play tricks on us.

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  1. I was wondering about the monster because ive only see this season and the last episode of the first symbol.
    1. did the “monster” get killed yet?
    2. Did anybody see it
    3. did it have a symbol on it like the shark?

  2. dritchie says:

    What about the black smoke-esque figure flying into the turbine before it blows up? There are some grabs around somewhere…

  3. Andreas says:

    spoonless joe:
    The only “monster” we have seen so far is the black cloud which examined Mr.Eko in The 23rd Psalm, if I’m not mistaken. In season 1, polar bears attacked the losties, but they are probably not the monsters which made trees fall and made strange sounds in the jungle.

    As for who has seen the smoke, at least Mr.Eko, Charlie, Locke and Kate have seen it from what I remember. Pretty much everyone has heard it.

    To my knowledge, no symbol has been spotted on the black cloud.

    Regarding what Rose thought the monster sounded like, I have read that it might remind her of the Bronx railway. The Bronx railway uses an electrified third-rail to give power to the train – some believe this could have a connection to the electromagnetism we know is present on the island.

    I believe that the scene where Locke tells Walt about backgammon is extremely important to the story. As I see it, the scene lets us know that there is a light side and a dark side, Walt and Locke representing each, even if they don’t know it yet. It’s all about balance between yin and yang.

    One thing you didn’t mention Cecilia, is the bottle Jack has in his pocket when he wakes up on the island after the crash. We know that he got the bottle on the plane, but if Jack really fell from the plane and ended up in a bamboo-forest, would the bottle not break? This has started several theories about the crash never actually taking place but instead being staged to look like a plane crash.

    Every good storyteller knows that every scene and pretty much every thing included in a tv series or movie is there to drive the story forward, if it does nothing for the story, it’s cut out. That means that the bottle has a purpose. The question is if the purpose was to make the viewers minds start theorizing straight away, to have something which could help introduce Kate or if the bottle was a hint to what had really happened.

  4. Cecilia says:

    Excellent point about the little bottle, Andi. I was thinking at the time, they were focusing on it because it was later used as an antiseptic for Kate suturing his wound, but it could have two uses. To me, this is part of the grander mystery of why they are alive at all… we all saw that “crash” site! In the real world, there’s no logical way to explain how people could walk away from that.

    Additionally, Jack was found in the woods, far from the wreckage (and possibly Kate was found somewhere far away, also, where her handcuffs were). If he was really “thrown”, with that degree of force, I find it unlikely he would have survived with just a laceration to his back. More likely “carried” or “floated” by something else??

    Good points on the train sounds, I’ve heard those also… and having lived close to the Bronx (in Queens) at one point, I thought that briefly, myself. It did seem to have an eery mechanical and nonorganic quality to it, I couldn’t quite place. Someone else suggested static.

    drichie: I’ve seen the speculation about the “shadows” that get sucked into the engines (in slow-mo, both on my TV, and in the animated clips going around the internet), and I’m just not fully convinced that these are not not-so-well-drawn debris or CGI artifacts. They did not bother me on reviewing this scene several times, and did not seem to take on directed movement which was separate from the other forces related to the blowing of the engine. So I’m not convinced myself, but anything’s possible.

  5. Jeffry says:

    I always assumed that Locke’s “secret” was that he was previously unable to walk; I thought his friendship with Walt would provoke him to reveal that one. But I could certainly be wrong!

  6. Matt says:

    I think the missed clue is the Dharma symbol being on the side of the plane. There was a picture posted of it from Tabula Rasa, and some debate of whether it was actually a dharma symbol or just a mark made from the side things that hold the stairs onto the plane that allows the passengers to get inside. The shape of it does match the Dharma symbol exact though…

    It can be seen here on the right of Walt.

  7. Cecilia says:

    Jeff–I think it was revealed in a future episode that that was in fact his secret. The “black & white” idea is more emphasizing the significance of the game as a metaphor for life.

    Matt–I don’t include that here, because Tabula Rosa is a different episode. The clue relates directly to something which can be found within the Pilot. I’ve also seen this debate before, personally, I don’t find it convincing. As I talk about further down in “Binary Code”, the bagua is a very specific symbol where the dashes surrounding the center are placed in very special arrangement, and are all codes for different concept. The one shown on the side of the plane is superficially similar, but does not include these very important elements; and are well-explained by the emergency exit idea.

  8. Stephen says:

    What are people’s thoughts on the ‘incident’ that purportedly took place on the island?
    Has anyone yet to realise the lottery numbers add up to 108 – or has the penny just dropped on me?
    My theory so far? They’re all part of the grand Dharma experiment !

  9. Declan says:

    I have two i ideas to wat the hell is going on.

    My first idea- at the start wen the plane crashed, its didnt show it crashing into the sea,instead in crash into the island itself, well surely a plane wud blow up and i vry much doubt that 48 ppl wud survive,so theres obviously somthing going on, in my opinion i think all the survivors hav been brought to the island by one of the other survivors from the fuselage to be tested by the Dharma initiative to see how they wud react with aliens, altho we havnt yet seen the aliens OOOOO!! AND AOTHER THING TO ADD TO THAT I THINK BERNARD AND ROSE HAVE A BIG CATCH TO THE WHOLE STORY, well that cud b a lot of crap which it prob is. But my 2nd idea is much more believable – they r nowhere near the pacific, infact the island is of the map, it cant even be seen by satellite in space, and its all a set up by the government to c how they wud react with “the others” and the species of the island, every1 is infected with a disease which is not making them change 1 bit, not only hurley hasnt lost ne ait ,surely every1 wud b hairy mofos my now after 48+ days and no1 will know until it is too late and survival wnt even be a question!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. eoghan says:

    in the air port the gate number for the plane is 23 does anyone think that this has something to do with the crash?

  11. Cecilia says:

    Stephen: Sorry, but I think it’s just new to you. 🙂 On some of the forums I’ve been on, some newbie comes in every other day to post about this, thinking it’s a relevation. There is a lot more significance to 108 than just as a sum, google this number and “buddhism” or “I Ching” (also what spawned the idea behind the DHARMA Initiative symbol–see my Binary Code Theory further down this blog).

    eoghan: There are no airport scenes in the Pilot. This scene comes further down the line, and it is the gate. However, it’s not the “significant clue” the producers are pointing to (if it is significant–I believe many of these number placements are intentional but mostly a red herring type of plot device for the audience).

  12. Andreas- i accedentally typed monster instead of machine. maybe its a giant polar bear cause when charlie was high and sawyer shot the polar bear he said it was only the little version. also i think the pilots went to the island purposely but were supposed to land somewhere else. i think that they were supposed to get into the hatch where dharma is running this whole opperation. He killed himself by letting the machine see him so he wouldnt get tortured and say everything that he knows. I think that the big machine will have something to do with future episodes if it wasn’t killed in the first season

  13. Cecilia says:

    I’m not sure about “giant killer polar bear” ideas personally, as I think this becoming the classic mad-scientist-creates-monster flick would be rather predictable, and I don’t see the show going in that direction. I personally would find it far more interesting that they are doing experiments on polar bears for other reasons (and diabolical things to humans as a result)–my own thoughts are that because they live at the North Pole, they have to deal with circadian shifts better at the solstices, when it is all dark or all light for long periods of time, something that causes humans that man shifts near the poles great problems (relating back to performance exhaustian, sleep, and dreams).

    Andi, I had one more thought on this memory of Rose’s since we spoke. I don’t know if it’s more outlandish or less than our idea of EM-powered trains (subways going through the Bronx being the tie-in). But there is also the Bronx Zoo, a world-famous and large zoological garden (where, ahem, there are enclosed polar bears, incidentally). Again, it’s a long shot and probably nothing. Just thought I’d mention it.

  14. Matt says:

    The markings on the plane are from Tabula Rasa, but I’ve often wondered if the marking can be seen in The Pilot too. I will admit that I’m too lazy to check, but since it’s on the side of the plane I guess we could probably see it somewhere.

  15. Andreas says:

    I agree with Cecilia. When Charlie said that the dead polar bear was a tiny version of the monster, I don’t think he was referring to the monster actually being a polar bear but just a much larger scary thing. I don’t think Charlie ever saw the monster in the pilot episodes.

    Regarding the marking on the plane, I thought Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse said that it was not a Dharma symbol on the podcast a while ago, but I might be wrong. It wouldn’t surprise me if the plane was brought to the island (or placed there) by the Dharma Initiative or the Hanso Foundation, but maybe it’s a bit too obvious to put a large logo on the bottom of a plane.

    Cecilia – The connection to the Bronx Zoo is interesting, but personally I never found the noise in the jungle to sound like an animal. Could it be that the only reason that Rose says that it reminds her of The Bronx, is that it would lead fans to believe that the monster was some kind of genetically manipulated animal? A large part of Lost is the theorizing, so naturally there will be false leads.

  16. Cecilia says:

    Charlie was just joking when talking about a “large version”. He never saw the monster clearly as far as we know, he was in the back end of the plane most of the time, and then running with the others.

    Andi, I agree, it wasn’t very animal-sounding (as they say themselves) or organic-sounding, for that matter. The thing with the Bronx, honestly, may be a blind alley altogether, a plot device to make them distract Rose long enough so that she couldn’t follow her train of thought to fruition.

  17. Tom T says:

    I didn’t catch the podcast, but could it be one of the ‘blink and you miss’ clues?

    The big one I can think of is the black cloud (i.e. monster) that flies over the engine as it explodes, and can be seen flying around while everyone’s panicing on the beach.

    I say this because I never would have caught it if I hadn’t listened to podcasts, read forums and blogs. If I was just a ‘normal’ viewer, even when I got the DVD, I doubt I’d have noticed the quick balck flashes, even when watching it for a second time. Don’t forget there are plenty of people out there who talk about Lost but don’t go online and read the forums.

    And given the monster is only revealed as being black smoke towards the end of the season, people without tivo/dvd box set wouldn’t be able to go over the entire series scouring it for clouds of black smoke…..

    Just a thought. What does anyone reckon?

  18. Cecilia says:


    They did not go into detail about the nature of the clue.

    On “Old Smokey” as many of us call him, this idea that he appeared anywhere in the pilot *was* refuted on the podcast (not this last one, but an earlier one). As I said further up in these replies, I’ve also watched it and been unconvinced that this was anything more than a computer glitch / bad CGI effects; it’s not something that sticks out until someone points it out. Both of them said that this is not to be focused on.

  19. matt says:

    first of all, boone and shannon were in first class, because when charlie runs through the 1st class section of the plane to go to the b-room he cuts through the row with boone and shannon. Rousseau says that the “monster” is a security system nad thats there is no such thing as monsters. Plus, the whole rose i dea is good, I was just telling my friend the other day that they should have a flahback about her and bernard, because it might open something up.

    and for the whole black and white thing. well theres that thing with the backgamman, and in one of claire’s dreams before she was kidnapped, there was locke portraying the fortune teller she had gone to prior to the crash with one black eye and one white eye.

  20. Cecilia says:


    Boone & Shannon were sitting in the first row of coach, that is what Charlie was cutting through (and that’s where he ended up as well). There is an episode further into the season where Shannon cries to Boone about the airline employee and how she bitched him out about bumping them from first class, but she felt bad afterwards “because he probably saved our lives”.

  21. Joni says:

    Have you noticed that Jack and Rose are sitting in 23rd row on the plane before the turbulence. I don’t think that anyone else from that row survived.

  22. Tom says:

    Cheers Cecilia – sorry I must have missed the top few comments due a lack of control over a wheel-mouse past midnight 🙂

    I am liking the idea that Rose (and Bernard) are someway connected, and the lack of flashbacks so far is intriguing….

  23. Cecilia says:

    Tom, It’s alright, and if it hadn’t been for their podcast remarks, I would have still left it open as one of the options also.

    I want to emphasize that these are just my own thoughts and don’t even necessarily reflect those of Andreas’ on what is most important, though we agree on many things. Please don’t take my lack of consideration for inclusion of ideas in my “top 5” to mean I think they totally lack significance. It is a mysterious show where none of us except the privileged few on the TPTB team know all the answers.

  24. Cecilia says:


    I think it’s an interesting idea, like the Gate and many other reappearances of “the numbers”, but again, I don’t know if it’s something so earth-shattering that the producers and writers would point to as being THE vital missing clue. Again, we don’t know if the appearance of numbers throughout the series is intentional misdirection, a wink of fun at the audience, or part of a more diabolical, structured maze which feeds us clues one by one.

  25. Cecilia says:

    Oh, and one more thing, Joni, I forgot to mention. Someone else took a look at this, trying to place “redshirts” (the ‘background’ players we see on LOST, who usually don’t have speaking roles or important parts in the plot of the story) in their proper plane seats (believe it or not, there are people more nuts about this than Andreas & I). 🙂 What they found is that almost none of the redshirts we see later on on the island can be found on the plane. I personally don’t place any heavy significance on this idea (like they were placed there by some DHARMA conspiracy or anything)… it’s most likely just for casting convenience reasons, I doubt JJ or any of the other TPTB team would have thought we’d delve in that deep.

  26. matt says:

    oh you’re right for some reason i got it stuck in my head that boone and shannon were in first class; my bad

  27. Lost Obsessed says:

    The thing that stuck out for me is when Kate asked Jack his name for the first time. Jack took a long pause and really seemed to have to think about it, like he was fishing for a memory…but who’s?

    In addition, I noticed the non-broken bottle as well. More than that, how was Jack impaled on the bamboo? Forget just breaking a bottle.

  28. john says:

    With what eoghan said about the flight leaving from Gate 23, there is much more to that because they’re boarding Flight 8,15
    at Gate 23, and the plane has 42 rows, which Ana-Lucia said when she met Jack at the airport. (4 8 15 16 23 42). That just leaves 4 and 16. Tell me if u know anything

  29. Christine says:

    John – Good eyes and ears. I’d be really interested to know where the 4 and 16 fit in. Anybody?

  30. matt says:

    it doesnt matter; the numbers are throughout every single episode

  31. Woodman says:

    Well if the black smoke around the engine was bad CGI, then that same bad CGI resufaced when Hurley’s new house caught afire in his backstory. You can see the same smoke coming out of the top of the house after Hugo’s mom turns her ankle.

  32. nate says:

    When I watched the first episode again and they were showing the crash, Kate was awake the whole time. If you listen close the plane breaking apart during the crash sounds a lot like the monster security system. Maybe thats were Rose had heard the noise before.

  33. Southish says:

    I’ve been reading through the blogs and noticed that people are mentioning the Polar Bear but no one has associated this with the image of a Polar Bear shown in the comic that Walt was reading. Is this an indication that Walt has the ability to manipulate images he has seen or imagined into the real world? In addition to the Polar Bear in the comic it also shows a bunker containing super beings/hero’s, is this possible a reference to experiments being conducted on the island? (Sorry if someone has already made reference to this).

  34. Joni says:

    One thing that bothers me is the pilot and what he said.

    “Six hours in. Our radio went out, no one could see us. We turned back to land in Fiji, by the time we hit turbulence we were thousand miles off course”

    If we follow the great circle path from SYD to LAX, like aircraft crossing oceans usually do, we find Fiji after flying a little less than 4 hours. (Fiji situates on the shortest path from Sydney to Los Angeles). How can an aircraft be thousand miles off course if it just turned back to the same direction it came from? Or they are just really LOST.

  35. Bradysbunch says:

    I read that there was a major clue using the fifth word of each main characters first line. Does anyone know what they are?

  36. Cecilia says:

    I tend to agree with matt on the numbers. It’s very tough to overinterpret as specific puzzle clues aside from a general “it’s creepy, they are everywhere” sort of kick. They are also on the vials in the new episode “Maternity Leave”, just as they were in the one Desmond took.

    Wood: It’s not so much the quality of the effects that makes me dismiss them. It’s more the fact that Damon & Carlton say that Old Smokey does not appear in the Pilot.

    nate: Interesting take, too (and I’ve heard this brought up, too). May not be specific to Rose.

    Soutish: I noticed this after someone said “Well, the polar bear appears before Walt even reads the comic”, went back and saw this in the pilot as well (it’s just not as striking a scene as the one where Michael later burns the comic). The one problem with the “Walt making manifestations all out of his head” theory (which I really thought once was the only answer)…. is that it doesn’t really explain the polar bears in the DI orientation video, when they talk about zoology experiments.

    Joni: That’s an interesting take on things. I didn’t sit down and actually calculate anything on a map, but I do also remember thinking that a thousand miles seems far. I just assumed the pilot did not know and was just exaggerating.

  37. John says:

    If i remember correctly weren’t there 16 survivors amoung the tailees… and 4 of them were kidnapped the first night? not to mention the 42 survivors from the front end of the plane.

    or was it 23 tailees… i dont rmember

  38. Tom says:

    After going back through Andrew Smith’s Ultimate Theory i think that the missing clue is that in the first seconds of the piolt episode, thats not a dialation of Jacks eye but the black smoke retreating into the canopy after placing Jack there. To read more about this Theory heres the link.

  39. Maybe the black cloud gave everyone a fake memory, tore apart the plane, and placed everyone in the right places. And why would the handcuffs land 100 to 200 yards away from the plane?

  40. john says:

    The thing about the pupil dialation is absurd. There’s nothing in those screen caps that lead me to believe anything other than a normal pupil dialation is happening there. I’ve studied the reflections in the eye and see nothing out of the ordinary.

  41. Nicki says:

    Mabey Desmond is Jack’s exwife’s boyfriend thatleft her after she go in the crash because when Jack told him they weren’t together anymore Desmond seemed happy.

  42. Jean-Marc says:


    Now I’ve only seen the pilot 3 times myself, and the last time was awhile back. But the one series of things that intrigued me and I couldn’t help thinking was a clue was the whole strange nature of Vincent the dog, yet folks don’t mention him much.

    The fact that he survived the crash and was found again with Lockes help was wierd enough. But there’s Im sure a few scenes where the dog is shown to be spying on them. The one that first struck me is when the surivors head off to find the plane wreckage. I swear there’s a shot where you see them from the distance and Vincent is shown to be checking them out, and shows the dog’s face.

    I’d love if someone has easy access to the pilot to check out for such a moment, and others that may appear.

    I think there was another weird Vincent moment recently when he lept out and startled Sun at her garden shortly before she’s kidnapped by the supposed ‘other’ (The Long Con?)

    It even rains all a sudden too doesn’t it? Is whoever possibly spying via Vincent and controlling the weird weather of the island trying to protect Sun?

    Anyhow, hope I don’t sound too crazy, Just the only thing I felt was certainly weird that no one I know has mentioend.

  43. Maria says:

    Hehehe You may be onto something – ONE NEVER KNOWS DOES ONE?

  44. shane says:

    ya, I think there were 23 survivors at the other crash site.

    Another interesting point is that the other tried to take 4 survivors the first ngith but eko killed 2 others so they only got away with 3, then the next time they took 9. Maybe they were going to take 8 but needed the 1 extra they didn’t get last time?


  45. Andreas says:

    Jean-Marc, I agree with your ideas, there is something strange about Vincent.
    It could be possible that he dog is remote controlled, just like the shark may be. Several experiments have been made in real life where it has been more or less proven that an animal (and humans) can be controlled by stimulating the correct parts of the brain.

    The also read about the US working on a project with remote-controlled sharks as late as last week, so the possibilities do exist.

  46. Bees says:

    I’ve been following this blog for a while and like some of the theories about the “critical clue”, but I really think we ought to dismiss the ones that are not readily apparent. While there are, in fact, a number of clues in the various episodes that you do really need to be paying close attention to catch, I’m pretty confident that the “critical clue” to which Damon and Carlton were referring would not be something you need to take a screen cap of and then enhance and then maybe squint a little and then kind of imagine you can see something (i.e. the black smoke reflected in Jack’s eye).

    After seeing the pilot for the second time, my wife questioned the nature of Jack’s injuries (or lack thereof) considering he appeared to have been thrown a few hundred yards from the fuselage into a dense thicket of bamboo. Yes, he had a pretty good gash on his back, but no broken bones? And, as was mentioned by others here, the vodka bottle remained intact.

    This led us to further question why was he so far from the fuselage. He awoke lying on his back, ran for about 10 seconds through the jungle to find the beach and saw nothing until going around a large bush, where he then saw the crash site about a hundred yards down the beach. Could he really have been thrown that far in the crash? And if so, wouldn’t he have been more seriously injured? And why was he the only one thrown so far?

    Furthermore, it seemed all the passengers were on the beach. Wouldn’t at least some of them still be in the fuselage?

    I don’t know if these observations are clues, maybe just questions. But I think the “critical clue” may have more to do with where people “woke up” than what they did after they woke up. Anyway, believe it if you need it… just some thoughts from another fan.

  47. Homerlaw says:

    uh guys quick one maybe this is some mad breeding experamint. like making animals for breeders.i recall yellow tape. also whats with the animals. there are not many other animals. no crows. but an invisable bewast.

  48. Andreas says:

    Homerlaw, a breeding experiment of some form almost certainly plays a part in the story. One of the Hanso Foundation’s active projects (from, an official site) is “The Hanso Juxtapositional Eugenics Development Institute”.

    Eugenics is when you try to improve human attributes through social intervention, ie. selecting which individuals should procreate. Hitler and the nazis experimented with eugenics in attempts to create a “super soldier”.

  49. LauraMacF says:

    Okay, after rewatching the pilot episodes I’ve got a couple of thoughts. First, I think Nate is onto something with the “monster” sounds possibly reminding Rose of the noise from the plane crash. Don’t know where that would take us, but it definitely occurred to me on watching again–maybe the monster sounds and actions is like a re-enacting the crash, or some sort of residual effect or “memory”. Second, forgive me if I’m rehashing something that has been explained or explored to death on this blog or in all the forums–I’m rather new to all this–but isn’t it odd that in the Charlie flashbacks he is in the front section of the plane at the time of the crash (after having gotten a fix in the bathroom), but he ends up on the beach with everyone else from the middle section of the plane post-crash. To make sure we don’t miss that point he returns later to get his stash from the toilet when they go for the transceiver. How did that happen? Could this be the oft-overlooked clue or am I missing something?

  50. Linda Lu says:

    I have the first season on DVD and have watched the whole thing several times looking for clues. You are right about the Charlie thing. I wondered that myself. And there is also something with light and dark. Locke explaines the game of bacgammon to Walt and shows the game pieces, light and dark. When Jack and Kate find the caves and the bodies, Jack pulls a pouch out with 2 stones in. Light and dark.And there are three couples that are light and dark, four if you include Walt and his white dog. There is probubly more I missed on this. Did anybody else notice the emphasis put on the light and dark?

  51. The Will says:

    Did anyone notice from last nights episode, when they dug up the agents body he was almost fully decomposed. How long had they been there for a month or so? And did anyone notice who the two dead passangers were in the water?

  52. LauraMacF says:

    I’m turning into a clue junkie, thanks to this post. I’ve searched around on other forums to see what others think of charlie being in first class. I’ve found that folks are wondering about this, but many people are dismissing the idea and asserting that he crawled further back in the plane. I just rewatched his flashback in the episode 2 of the pilot–did I mention I’m becoming a freak over this issue? So, I watched the whole thing, pausing and taking freakin’ notes (what is happening to me???) I am completely and utterly convinced he was in first class at the time of the crash. I examined the different upholstery on the different chairs in the differnt sections (umm, I’m a dork. . .). The chair he buckled himself into has wider armrests and a different stripe pattern on the upholstery than the chairs in the other sections, including the seats in the business class section that Boone and Shannon were sitting in–which by the way is actually in the same forward section of the plane as first class, so where exactly did the front split off from the middle part of the plane? Does anyone know with certainty what sections were included with the Losties wreckage? Was there a reference in any episode?

  53. LG says:

    Has anyone even listened to the podcast that is referenced in this post by the Author??
    It doesn’t say one word about a missing clue in the pilot episode.

  54. The Cube says:

    I listen to that podcast you linked. No mention of a hidden clue. Then I listened to the two podcasts before that. Still no mention.

    What gives? Were you lying, mistaken, or something else?

  55. LauraMacF says:

    I’ve never listened to a podcast myself. Probably it was a brief mention, just tantalizing enough to get him thinking–it’s not like he was quoting them word for word. I am addicted to this idea there is an often-overlooked clue nonetheless. However, I believe I will end my lost-clue-detective career right now, though, and I sheepishly withdraw my “Charlie was in First Class at the time of the crash!!” theory. I watched the flashback scene again and realize he made it back to business class after all–is obvious he had passed back through the curtain dividing the two sections right before sitting down. Ah well, I’m sure I’ll continue to find plenty to obsess about now that I’ve gotten hooked.

  56. The Cube says:

    I listened to the podcasts, and my interest is strong because I believe I’ve found that clue.

    But I’m not going to say it here until I get the answer of who said there is a missing clue and where.

    Then I’ll talk about my clue.

  57. Andreas says:

    I haven’t personally had time to listen to the podcast, but I will get in touch with Cecilia, who wrote this post and I’m sure she can clear things up.

  58. Andreas says:

    I’ve talked to Cecilia and she told me that it was not in the last two podcasts.

    Unfortunatley, she does not have access to a high speed internet connection at the moment and can’t download podcasts, but she will try to find a more specific reference as soon as possible.

    I will listen to some of the less recent podcasts tomorrow and see if I can find the reference to a missed clue. If anyone else knows in which podcast it was mentioned or if you know exactly what Damon and Carlton said, please let me know.

  59. Richard says:

    Maybe the clue is that Boone uses an old mobile phone (or cell phone as you yanks call them) in the Pilot, yet he’s an incredibly wealthy person…?

  60. The Cube says:

    The mobile phone is probably a phone that Boone found in the wreckage.

    If you think that the phone is possibly a clue to something big, I want to hear how this can be. Please indulge me.

  61. Cecilia says:

    Hey guys! Sorry, I was away without good internet access over the weekend. In response to a few of the requests for more detailed reference of where the idea of a “missed clue” came from, it was not in the last 2 podcasts, it was in an older one (and I believe also in the DVD commentary as well). There’s a few threads discussing the clue also on the LOST-TV and numbers forums, and I’ll work on tracking down if anyone has anything more specific there. To tell the truth, all this “clue finding” has gotten me a bit confused with where I’ve seen references lately, since I’ve been listening to podcasts, reading interviews of TPTB members, and watching the DVDs lately.

    And more on where Charlie was sitting–I do believe he made it back behind the curtain. The position of Shannon/Boone (seen in the background as he crosses to another aisle rudely) is a little bit strange, however, because it appears they are in first class (and they shouldn’t be, given what Shannon said about the dead man who didn’t allow them to sit in first class). That’s the one part that’s got me scratching my head a bit, but I’ll think about it some more…

  62. Richard says:

    I thought that Boone and Shannon were in Business Class, which was a little way behind First Class…?

  63. lg says:

    I’ve listened to all the podcasts and there is NO mention of us missing any kind of clue in season 1.
    Here’s a link to all the podcasts.. and they’re streaming, so no downloading.

  64. Lesley says:

    I cannot believe this blog has me looking for clues in my spare(?) time, but I noticed two things from the pilot. The first is the tattoo on Jack’s arm when Kate is sewing him up. “5” presumably related to counting to five and experiencing the fear. Kate later counts to 5 when she is frightened. Five is not one of the numbers but seems to help them out, so that is odd. Second, wasn’t Cindy in the front of the plane after chasing Charlie to the bathroom when the plan was going down? And if so, how did she end up with the tailies?

  65. Angelo says:

    Vincent is the key! As some other people have already stated he is possibly the single most overlooked lostie on the island. In the pilot episode he sits in a bush and “spys” out the group trying to get a signal in the hills. Furthermore the writers of the show have already admitted a liking to Stephen King works, particularly The Stand. Does anyone else remember the dog Kojak (or Big Steve as the dog thought of himself)? Kojak was a very important character in this book as I believe that Vincent is a very crucial part of LOST. Only time will tell though.

  66. hap says:

    I don’t keep up with this site, but I will now. Here are some things I would like to contribute; sorry if i’m repeating:

    Didn’t Walt have a comic book with a polar bear? And then the polar bear comes to life? And in the flashback involving Walt, he gets upset that his parents are separating (or something) and a bird “coincidentally” flies into the window? And then the stepdad tells Michael that Walt is kinda weird? This has bugged me for a long time.

    Also, in the episode where Ecko sees the black cloud, if you slo-mo the cloud, you see images from Ecko’s life — flashbacks and such. To me, it seemed very much like a judgment type of thing, that Ecko was being judged by the cloud and he “passed.”

  67. Andreas says:

    hap, you are right about both things.

    I believe that Walt has some form of psychokinetic powers enabling him to change the world around him. He is however not aware of his powers and has no real control over them (yet).

    As for the cloud, I too felt that it was “judging” Eko in some way. The first time Locke encountered “the monster”, nothing happened to him, the second time he was attacked and dragged through the jungle by it. If I’m not mistaken, the writers have said that the different reactions can have been caused by Locke’s different levels of faith/belief.

  68. john says:

    um this is weird. I posted three paragraphs yesterday (25th) but when I looked at it today it was gone… Is that like Lost or what?

    Part of post removed by admin, please don’t post spoilers.

    And when the heck are Walt and Michael going to come back?!

  69. john says:

    Forgot to add that I think Rose is going to have a flashback in the upcoming episode S.O.S. That could give us some vital info on ummm…. something important..

  70. Andreas says:

    John, the comment you posted yesterday was deleted since it contained spoilers related to future episodes (read the guidelines above the comment box, we do not permit spoilers). I sent you a mail about it but the mail bounced.

    I’m sorry for any inconvenience.

  71. rinone says:

    Hey guys , i’ve been reading this blog from time to time , and i have a question . In Pilot , how did Jack end-up in the jungle when he woke-up ? i mean everybody were at the beach , did he fall from the plane to the jungle ?

  72. rinone says:

    In pilot , how did jack end up in the jungle when everybody else ere at the beach ???

  73. Scott, no Steve says:

    i know that this was ended a long time ago, but i was rewatching the pilot and i noticed some things.

    [note, on the ABC boards i am isscottdead, i am not copying]

    1.kate said she saw smoke inland. they say it was the cockpit, but it could be the others.

    2.wouldn’t the french chick have heard the plane crash?

    3.there is a theroy that smokey pushed in turbine man. it was debunked, but i thought i heard the monster cry right before he is killed. also, does the monster sound different when he kills the pilot?

    4.Sawyer is seen smoking. how can he just go cold turkey?

    5.there doesn’t seem to be bodies. anywhere.

    6.when the pilot is ripped from the plane, he is torn to shreds. when it takes locke, it drags him. why didn’t it just rip him apart?

  74. Andreas says:

    [quote comment=”1385″]
    4.Sawyer is seen smoking. how can he just go cold turkey?

    5.there doesn’t seem to be bodies. anywhere.

    6.when the pilot is ripped from the plane, he is torn to shreds. when it takes locke, it drags him. why didn’t it just rip him apart?[/quote]

    4. I would say that the reason that Sawyer stopped smoking is simply that the people in charge of the show where probably still a bit unsure about the character when producing the first episode and later decided that Sawyer shouldn’t smoke. That’s my guess, but maybe you are on to something…

    5. This could also be a decision by the execs to make sure that the show was appealing to the largest possible target group. If torn-apart bodies where lying on the ground, some people might switch channel. It could however be more “proof” that the crash was staged by Dharma.

    6. Maybe changed ideas on how the monster should act, or maybe it wasn’t the same monster? Another possibility is that the monster reacts differently to different persons or even that it acts differently depending on a persons faith in the island. This has been discussed before, remember Locke’s two very different encounters with the monster.

  75. Job says:

    I still don’t have any ideas about which clue we supposedly missed in the Pilot. I just want to go on record as saying that the inclusion of a sinister character named Ms. Klugh is a clever and imo hilarious way to get a message across to the fans. Just in time for the summer hiatus, too.


  76. Willy says:

    I have this episode downloaded to my ipod for many reasons, ive watched it many times and ur first clue was exactly what i was thinking, i heard that conversation the 3rd time i watched it. I knew that there was a clue there, when i heard “it sounded familliar” i was stunned and wanted to know who said it. I definately think #1 is it.

    The first class thing, i think there was alittle final destination thing going on there. The producers said they were gonna kill off Jack, but then decided not to after the plane scene filmed. Boone, and Shannon already died and Charlie is being attacked by fate every day, if it werent for Desmond.

  77. samsandrasan says:

    I’ve just come across this thread. The one thing that still bothers me about the pilot is Jack being face up in the woods. How would you survive being thrown into trees? It doesn’t make any sense to me and that he was so far from anyone else. It leaves something about him unanswered but I don’t know what. I was surprised no one talked about it until I found this thread.

  78. ForeverLost says:

    [quote comment=”46450″]I’ve just come across this thread. The one thing that still bothers me about the pilot is Jack being face up in the woods. How would you survive being thrown into trees? It doesn’t make any sense to me and that he was so far from anyone else. It leaves something about him unanswered but I don’t know what. I was surprised no one talked about it until I found this thread.[/quote]

    Didn’t Desmond wake up in the jungle in much the same way?

  79. Hammer says:

    [quote comment=”46365″]I have this episode downloaded to my ipod for many reasons, ive watched it many times and ur first clue was exactly what i was thinking, i heard that conversation the 3rd time i watched it. I knew that there was a clue there, when i heard “it sounded familliar” i was stunned and wanted to know who said it. I definately think #1 is it.

    The first class thing, i think there was alittle final destination thing going on there. The producers said they were gonna kill off Jack, but then decided not to after the plane scene filmed. Boone, and Shannon already died and Charlie is being attacked by fate every day, if it werent for Desmond.[/quote]

    Willy – I might be wrong, but I thought a long time ago it was mentioned that Rose thought it sounded like the subway.

    I’m leaning towards #4. Adam and Eve had stones that I think were black and white and Locke seems to think the island has a lot to do with black and white…he still knows that secret…

  80. L0st says:

    I don’t know if this was mentioned already, but watch the scene where Hurley and Jack are trying to help Claire on the beach. One of the Jet engines explodes – if you watch closely, you’ll see that “smokey” causes it to explode. “smokey” comes right of the sky and into the engine causing it to explode.

  81. samsandrasan says:

    [quote comment=”46529″][quote comment=”46450″]I’ve just come across this thread. The one thing that still bothers me about the pilot is Jack being face up in the woods. How would you survive being thrown into trees? It doesn’t make any sense to me and that he was so far from anyone else. It leaves something about him unanswered but I don’t know what. I was surprised no one talked about it until I found this thread.[/quote]

    Didn’t Desmond wake up in the jungle in much the same way?[/quote]

    Let me rephrase: How do you survive being thrown into the trees from an airplane falling out of the sky?

  82. ForeverLost says:

    My point being, how did Desmond survive the hatch implosion/explosion. Unless there is some kind of time ripple, neither would have survived. It’s almost like they were “placed” there.

  83. Rita says:

    I remember Rose talking to Jack about Bernard and saying he (Bernard) is an angel. That has always struck me as very odd.

  84. Lost expert says:

    I just heard the podcast from April 16th and the producers deny ever saying thisw. We have answered all the questions raised from the pilot.

  85. Brent says:

    I was in Hilo Hawaii this week. I was at Hilo Hatties. a tourist store. I was looking for stuff for relatives.. you know.. anyway I walked outside and stopped dead in My tracks I heard the smoke monsters tickity tick sound. not a sound LIKE it.. but THAT sound. I turned quick and saw someone outside selling flowers and hats and such and using an old portable credit card reader with the printer attached as it ticked away.. like I said it didnt sound * like it* it sounded exactly like..

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