LOST puts Daniel Dae Kim on the map

Daniel Dae Kim who portrays Jin on LOST is used to seeing himself on TV, but no part has given him as much attention as his role in LOST. First hated by most, Jin has grown to become one of the most popular characters on LOST. Screaming fans are becoming a regular part of Daniel’s life.

“In New York or Los Angeles, it can be a bit overwhelming”

Over at Montgomery Advertiser, Daniel talks about acting and his role as Jin.

“When I’m looking for a job during my hiatus from ‘Lost,’ I still have to try to change people’s minds about roles in films. People tell me, ‘This part wasn’t written for an Asian person,’ or ‘We’re just not going that way.’ Sometimes I get asked whether I even speak English!”

Most recently, Daniel could be seen in a small part in the Academy Award winning movie “Crash“, about how several characters of different racial background are affected by the different ideas of racial stereotypes society has created.

And just like in the movie, stereotypes play a big part in the casting of actors for TV shows and movies.

“I’ve found Jin to be the exception to the rule. His story is integral to the plot of ‘Lost,’ and is the most fleshed out character I’ve ever played on TV. The thing I like most is that he’s the opposite of what he seemed when the show first started. At first, he seemed to be a one dimensional, conservative, unfeeling Asian, but now you see that he’s much more.”

Read the entire interview

Watch a trailer for “Crash”. It is a great movie, even if Daniel Dae Kim only has a very small part.

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  1. Cecilia says:

    I’m not a HUGE fan of Daniel Dae personally (well, nothing against him, either)… but I like what he has done for minority roles in movies and TV.

  2. Violet says:

    but he’s soooooo dreamy…

    haha kidding. really!

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