When the hatch suddenly takes on a life of its own, Locke is forced to enlist the help of an unlikely ally. Meanwhile, Ana Lucia, Sayid and Charlie go off into the jungle to find out the truth about Henry.

This most interesting LOST episode started off in the hatch, where we had left off last time with Henry’s off color comment about the ambush, though he says now “just kidding!” This doesn’t fly too well with Jack & Locke, and tensions go from bad to worse. Come on guys, where are your senses of humor.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the island… lo and behold! Ana Lucia, Charlie and Sayid make the discovery we’ve all been waiting for… a grave, and above their heads, a hot air balloon!

We cut to something weird going down in the hatch. Jack’s left, and Locke has thrown Henry back in the dungeon, and he plays some sort of music… then the loudspeakers start to crackle. He fiddles with one of them, and it says something about a “lockdown” briefly, and then some sort of verbal countdown, cutting in and out of static. Suddenly, hatch doors come down, and *everything* seals. Locke throws a tool under the door to keep it from closing fully.

Meanwhile, we cut to Jack, who decides this, of all times, is a good one to finally let his hair down and have some fun. Not so much fun, as a pissing contest between alpha males. It’s an opportunity to wipe the grin off Sawyer’s face in front of the others, by winning at poker (where the stakes are first papayas/mangos, and then the right to raid his medication stockpile).

Back at the hatch, Locke finds that he has to ask for Henry’s help in order to pry the doors open. In exchange, Locke makes him a promise that he’ll try and defend him if the others try to kill him. They get it open a crack, with some items for leverage… but they employ the not-so-bright plan of using a collapsable toolbox to hold up the door. Locke tries to slide under, and all I can say is — I’m glad he didn’t go in headfirst. OUCH! So much for his run of non-paralysis on the island…

We have a lot of Locke-centric flashbacks in this episode. And a new connection–Nadia is one of his former clients (he is a home inspector, and checks her house for mold). We see him happily with Helen, but as usual, good things don’t last. Anthony Cooper (his father, who scammed him out of a kidney) has “died”… but that turns out to be his biggest scam to date. He has faked his death, and enlists Locke’s help to pull a retirement scam (for a healthy cut off the pilfered profits). Unfortunately, his dad seems to have some seedy mafia-looking associates, who have an inkling that Mr. Cooper is alive and well. They invade Locke’s home and threaten Helen, who gets a pack of lies from her beloved. When she discovers the mess he’s made, Locke decides this is “good timing” to pop The Question. Worst proposal ever! Denied…OUCH again.

Once again, back to the hatch. In a discovery which may keep LOST nerds like me busy for weeks, a very special screencap: Locke is trapped, blacklights replace ordinary fluorescents, and suddenly we are able to see a design on the wall. It appears to be a map of some sort, with equations and writing all over the sides, several CV-(roman numeral) symbols labeling structures with corridors, and labeled “I AM HERE” over the swan symbol. *NEW* SW’s Modified Map–Colors inversed, and phrases translated, including Latin & equations.

The timer is about to go off, and Locke has to depend on Henry to crawl through the vent to punch in the numbers. Henry, after proving his klutziness by knocking himself out, does as he’s asked. He appears loyal, since he returns to help Locke get out from under the crushing door… but what exactly did he do when the camera wasn’t on him? And how would anyone remember those numbers that fast?

Jack & Kate, off on a flirty stroll (after Jack proved his manliness through poker), discover a parachute and a food drop in the jungle. They also stumble on the other 3, back from their balloon-hunting trip. In the final scenes of the show, a new twist — there was a balloon and a grave, but the guy buried in the grave was a black man named Henry Gale (driver’s license proved this). So, who is this guy in the hatch??

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81 Responses to Lockdown

  1. john says:

    ZOMG! when will we get a screencap of that flourecant map?!?!

  2. gannett says:

    wow… what an episode. i have a feeling i wont be getting much sleep tonight.

  3. carol adler says:

    i am so sad at how slow this show has gotten
    i guess its the 2nd season curse
    i miss the exciting lost

  4. bob says:

    i missed the episode. anyone know where i can download it?

  5. Cam says:

    Awsome Ep.!!!!!!!!!!!! Cant wait for next week!!!!!!!!Henry is gonna get it now!!! HA HA HA hA HA! 🙂

  6. Bill says:

    I agree that the first thirty minutes were very slow but the last half really went by quickly and had quite a bit in it. I am really interested to see how “Henry” spins his identity crisis.

  7. Bill says:


    I Tunes for $1.99

  8. Bryan says:

    So there were supposed to be five things that happen tonight:
    1) Hatch goes into lockdown mode
    2) Locke finds black light map
    3) Kids find balloon and Henry Gale
    4) Jack wins meds back?
    5) Supplies land?

    Five major events may be a stretch. Four is kind of weak, and one and five are events, but so what? Neither really tell us anything we didn’t already know other than the Darma project is active. The last even make the whole premise kind of silly. If there is a way for the dharma people to communicate with the outside, why not just have someone rescue the survivors from the get go? Would have saved them an awful lot of trouble…

  9. scott says:

    did desmond draw the map? i think so. my reason: there is supposed to be two people putting in the numbers in the hatch, so then why on the map would it say “i am here” unless is one of the partners was dead, like desmond’s partner. if the survivors find desmond…

  10. David says:

    Wasnt the map on the blast doors that came down? Meaning that they must have come down before while Desmond or whoever was there. Just an unhelpful guess among so many unanswered questions. My prediction, Micheal infiltrated the Others somehow and initiated the lockdown.

  11. DrunkenBeetle says:

    OK hotshots, heres one for ya:

    At the beginning of the episode, when Locke meets his father at the bar, he threatens him, saying that if he never sees Locke again after he takes the money, Helen is dead.

    Forward to when Locke meets his daddy and gives him the monies, his father starts a light hearted conversation, asking who the girl was at the funeral.

    Whats the clue in this enigmatic speech? LOST WRITERS ARE INCONSISTENT LOLZORROFLMAOCOPTER

  12. Number 6 says:

    The blast doors come down to prevent the keepers from being outdoors during the drop. Just in case. Desmond had no control of the doors.

  13. V says:

    I dont think his father says helen is dead. he said “i’d understand”

  14. Number 6 says:

    On the Map:

    “Cogito Ergo Doleo” – I think therefore I am depressed


    “Possible CVII – Inactive since Accedent”

  15. SmileyMe says:

    Wow, what a great episode! How do they keep throwing these twists in like this? I would have run out of ideas two shows in! Can’t wait to find out how they deal with ‘Henry’.

  16. Number 6 says:

    On the Map:

    “CVI Hightly unlikely”


    “Alleged location of Aborted #7”


    “Activity unsuitable for D.I.H.G.”


    “D.I.H.G. Teams”

  17. Cecilia says:

    New additions–Added SW’s new modified map. We have been working on this with the fuselage people and lost.cubit.net and other sites, and translated the Latin and some of the smaller writing as well.

    Will add more comments tomorrow.

  18. Karen LH says:

    If Locke was able to send “Henry” through the vent after he got pinned under the blast door, why didn’t they just crawl through the vent in the first place?

  19. Shaude says:

    Good point Karen…my quesion is, who is the real Henry Gale? So we feel confident the “fake” one is not Henry Gale and in actuallity an “other” who’s been trying to get information on the Losties. But could the real Henry have been someone trying to stop the Dharma project. Perhaps rode down on the supply balloon and was then killed when he was found? But then, why mark the grave if they wanted him dead? Too many questions, not enough answers.

  20. Karen LH says:

    In Locke’s flashback, was the car that was being driven by the two “bad guys” who were watching Locke at the funeral, the same as the car that was being driven by Locke’s father a little later when it is revealed that he had faked his own death? If so, why would Locke’s father be driving the same car if he is hiding from the other two men?

  21. Brandy says:

    Does anyone know what Sawyer said about Tallahassee last night we missed it because someone was talking…

  22. Darren says:

    He said that he got VD in Tallassee because all the girls there are slews.

  23. Brandy says:

    HAHA…Thanks! Darren!

  24. matt says:

    It was not the two “bad guys” driving the silver window tinted car, it was Locke’s father looking to see if Locke came to the funeral.

  25. matt says:

    now just a quick thought. maybe the food came because it was time for a new pair of “workers” to take over the hatch, and this food would keep them until the next pair of “workers” came. This leads into the more powerful question, “Where are these new workers?” and if they are not coming this could possibly mean that the Dharma Initative is no longer active.

  26. matt says:

    then you must ask, if the Dharma Initative is no longer active then why are we still pushing the button?

  27. Cecilia says:

    Posted a new map which is much clearer, and from the original producer’s version. Latin phrases translated as well.

  28. Andreas says:

    Matt, if Dharma was inactive, the why would the food still land on the island, presuming that Dharma are the ones delivering the Dharma-branded food.

    I really liked the episode, we got very interesting new clues and the twist at the end was nice, even if I didn’t expect Henry to actually be called “Henry Gale”.

    I’m sorry that I’m not able to post much at the moment, too busy with school projects. Cecilia is doing a great job though!

  29. Cecilia says:

    I apologize, btw, if this episode synopsis entry was a little longer than Andreas’ usual posts. I couldn’t stop writing once I started, this was such an interesting episode! 😀

    Good luck on your school work, Andi.

  30. Stacey says:

    When the numbers were punched in, it looked like the amount of time they had decreased. Unless, the numbers were always 107. It was about 139 or something around there.

  31. Craft says:

    I may be mistaken, but did Locke list all of the numbers to Gale? I thought he skipped 23, but Gale listed all 6 numbers anyway. Let me know if I’m wrong on this.

  32. Dave-O says:

    Just one small detail about the food drop….how come no one heard a plane? Did it just materialize above the island?

  33. Joel says:

    What if the real Henry Gale, the black man that Sayid said was buried in the grave, was supposed to have been Desmond’s replacement (“Are you him?”). He never made it to the hatch, but had the same type of parachute/balloon that was used for the food drop?

  34. Brian says:

    Do the Wizard of Oz references (Dorothy’s last name was “Gale” and the Wizard both arrived in and fled from Oz in a balloon) mean anything, or are they just “tips of the hat?”

    Clues or mere tribute?

  35. Karen says:

    Good point Dave-O!!!! There’s no way a plane could fly overhead and no one would notice. As for the food drop, I think that’s for the “others” who are all just orchestrating this whole scenario of the plane crash. Remember the stage makeup in the locker? I think the island is a huge staged experiment in human nature with our favorite crash survivors as the “rats”.

  36. Karen says:

    WOW- was that woman at the house inspection really Sayid’s Nadia? I never made that connection!

  37. Lesley says:

    Did ou notice two phrases appeared last night that were used before? Helen said “Are you him?” (Desmond) and the bad guy said “Well, there you go” (Locke last week)Also, Henry might be gay and used his “wife’s” name in memory. He did not share the fact his wife was a man as… you know how society is. (“Friend of Dorothy” is a code word for a gay person, right??)

    Maybe the hatch needs to lockdown in order to alert the residents that food has arrived? What kind of aircraft makes no noise (a balloon???)

    Great recap and comments, looking forward to everyone’s theories over the next week!

  38. Logan says:

    During the flashback’s, when Locke’s dad talks about a “retirement con” it made me think that he could be the conman that ruined sawyer’s life. Any Thoughts?

  39. Cecilia says:

    OK, finally, a spare moment to respond to comments. 🙂 Personally, I didn’t think this episode moved slow at all… I thought it gave the audience just what it wanted! Backstory, action scenes, and of course, a very special treat for microanalyzers to digest for weeks–the map.

    scott: I dont know if Desmond drew the map either; at this point, I think it’s certainly a possibility, but left open ended. There was some discussion over whether or not if was planted there by DI “insiders”, because it could be read by blacklights only. But then, there was another very clever comment I heard that perhaps the lights are UV… which are used for sterilizing labs, and have a blacklight effect (and with paranoia about “the sickness”/quarantine, this isn’t far fetched at all). From the Latin translations, it does not sound like an “insider” who drew it. It sounded like someone who wants out.

    Number 6: I have heard that idea (about the hatch doors & food drop), and think it sounds plausible also. And please check the newest hatch map links, which have been updated. They have all those translations, and much, much more… in fact, they have almost everything translated on that page.

    Karen: I thought the explanation they were going for there was that Henry just tried the one vent, he didn’t know about the other until Locke told him.

    matt: All good questions you asked. I wonder about DI activity as well… because though there are still food drops, maybe whoever does the “food drops” is not an insider within DHARMA, but more of a contractor who has no idea what is going on. As long as the button gets pushed, they send the food. I don’t think the “DI is dead” theory is dead yet. 😀

    Stacey & Craft: I’m going to rewatch this episode on my DVR tonight. I’ll get back to you on the clock countdown & numbers if I see anything, but I don’t think there were inconsistancies. I think it was just that it was TV, and they didn’t show the time passing.

    Dave-O: I think it’s probably a suspensio of disbelief issue personally… I was thinking the same thing, but then “who carries a pregnancy test on a plane”… and many other issues. 🙂 I think if it were a small biplane very high up, well, maybe.

    Brian: They confirmed on the podcast that the Henry Gale name was from the WoOz, but they didn’t talk about the significance, if any.

    Karen again ;): Definitely Nadia. I had actually gotten tipped off by this in a spoiler forum 2 weeks ago. Many people scour through the promos of new episodes before they are aired, and they show credits of different actresses… this was the one that played her.

    Lesley: Good ear… I thought the same thing also. Over on LOST-TV, we have a thread called “Same line, different character”… and this has happened *numerous* times on the show. Most notable are the “see you in the next life” lines… which I discuss in the Karma post. I think the mirroring of phrases between characters show the interconnectiveness of lives in the world; that no one exists in a vaccuum.

    Logan: The idea that Anthony Cooper is “the real Sawyer” has been discussed for a long time… I think as far back as the middle of Season 1. I also support it and think it’s very possible.

  40. Logan says:

    I’m also confused about Locke’s legs. Can he feel pain in them or not, because last night he looked like he was in some serious agony when that door dropped that power-bomb on him, whereas shrapnel sticking out of his leg doesn’t phase him.

  41. Dave-O says:

    Cecilia- if it were a “very small biplane” it would have to have a very BIG engine to carry such a large pallet for foodstuff.
    Me? I’m waiting for the aliens to make an appearance 😉

  42. SmileyMe says:

    I think the makers of the show would have some serious trouble making an alien apperance not look cheesy! But hey… you never know with this show, they managed to get the monster not to look cheesy. 😛

  43. Karen LH says:

    “Karen: I thought the explanation they were going for there was that Henry just tried the one vent, he didn’t know about the other until Locke told him.”

    I actually meant: why didn’t Locke go through the vent. If he had, he could have left Henry locked up in the armory. I’m guessing that the reason is going to be either that he forgot that it was there, or that the writers did.

    I wonder if “Here Be Dragons” refers to the monster, rather than to terra incognita.

    Also, I wonder what “sursum corda” is supposed to refer to. It’s from the Mass: “Lift up your hearts… We lift them up to the Lord… Let us give thanks to the Lord our God… It is right to give him thanks and praise.” I wonder if the meaning on the map is supposed to have something to do with that context, or if the words are supposed to be taken in a more strictly literal sense. If the former, it might mean something like “Thank heavens!” — something good is at that spot on the map.

  44. Andreas says:

    What are your thoughts on the significance of Oceanic Airlines planes flying over Locke’s head in the flashback? (I think I saw the Oceanic logo on them.. am I right?).

    I’m beginning to think that Oceanic is simply the writers way of including a airline without any branding/trademark hassle. Sort of like the 555 of movie phone numbers.

  45. Karen LH says:

    The three square roots on the map — of 16, 64, and 225 — are the first three numbers — 4, 8, 15.

  46. Karen LH says:

    Is the center of the map, where the big question mark is, due north of the Swan hatch? Is that where Michael was headed? (He was headed due north in a straight line.)

  47. Nanuke says:

    I’ll just toss out my idea on the food drop. A C-130 can glide for a while with its props off, and can carry a lot of food. They cut power about ten miles out to sea, at about 30k feet…they start the supply run…they know the island very well, and probable have night vision. Like in football it’s a timing play…drop…they would cross the island in less then 3 minutes…out to sea, and they restart the props. That way they wouldn’t disturb the animals on the island.

  48. Nanuke says:

    The Map: I think that R.V.S. stands for Remote Viewing Station

  49. Scott, no Steve says:

    could the airdrop have been for the others?

  50. Brendan says:

    I’m in the military and a C-130, C-17, or C-5 can fly extremely high, open the back door and drop stuff (usually special forces types and their equipment) from altitudes that would be out of audible range. It is called a HALO jump (High Altitude Low Opening). When people do the jump, they use oxygen over 10,000 feet.

  51. Lesley says:

    I have always thought that the island was somehow associated with the military. Control people/life, control the world. (Ana Lucia did find an army knife.) What puzzles me is that the project appears to have been abandoned at some point yet DHARMA looks to somehow still be involved. Unless the DHARMA portion is in some manner automatic…or it “went bad”

    Did the “Others” take over DHARMA or are they using the facilities they found after having been drawn there? Hanso has money and so do Locke’s father, Sun’s father, the translator’s father, and Hurley. Hurley…wouldn’t be ironic if Hurley’s companies were the ones controlling the forces behind the island’s bad deed? –Yin and Yang!

    Thanks for a GREAT blog. You guys do all the digging and we get to mull over all these things in-between episodes. Looking forward to more.

  52. Justin says:

    If everyone noticed the food drop had what seemed to be a beacon on the top of the drop. could possibly been dropped at a great high and the ‘electromagnetic force’ on the island have help with the direction of the drop…maybe like a homing device for the drop!!

  53. Cecilia says:

    Thanks Dave-O… I was thinking after I wrote that the same thing about a biplane… you got me there. And me, I’m waiting for the Harlem Globetrotters to show up (a la Gilligan’s Island) 😉

    But thanks to Nanuke & Brenden for their insight into how this could be pulled off. I didn’t know HALO drops were from that high up! I guess it would make sense from a military-strategic point of view… very good point.

    Karen, I’m not sure about the vents… or some inconsistencies with the timer that have been pointed out… I’m going to rewatch it this weekend with my cousin and see if we catch anything new. And does anyone really know where exactly Michael is headed? I figure he is just randomly bumbling through the forest, screaming WALLLTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT in his usual frantic way. 😉

    Same thing with the OA reference, Andreas… I just don’t know. I wonder that also… maybe it’s just “product placement” and spooky background stuff they will never explain (much like the character connections or the source of the numbers… wonder if that will really be revealed to us in a satisfactory way… they say it won’t on the podcasts, disappointing).

    Lesley: Definitely a lot of military references (knife Ana-Lucia found in the arrow bunker, stuff found in the medical bunker, etc).

    BTW, love your name, Scott, no Steve 😀

  54. Karen LH says:

    And does anyone really know where exactly Michael is headed? I figure he is just randomly bumbling through the forest, screaming WALLLTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT in his usual frantic way.

    Cecilia: No. He’s not. In “The Hunting Party”, Locke said that Michael was headed north in a straight line. I think that whoever he was talking to on the computer told him where to go.

  55. Nanuke says:

    This island kind of reminds me of the Village from the TV show The Prisoner. I keep expecting someone to knock over a rock, and find a camera…like they are all being watched. Like in The Prisoner, this place has its very own security monster. Lets just call this thing Cerberus, and like Rover, this thing is never really explained, and has a way of finding it’s pray…almost like an animal. Rover was sent by number 2 to stop anyone from leaving the Village, and it looks like maybe Cerberus is ether being sent to keep people from certain parts of the island, or it’s running amuck, and will attack anything that moves.

    Ok now the map…this thing is most defiantly been written on by at least 4 people…I see at least 4 distinct writing forms, and lets not forget that much of it is in Latin. As for the button, I see at least two reasons for it…one…it’s a control test, and the people who run this little mouse maze, are just collecting data on how far they can push this game….or two…It’s a failsafe, and if it’s not pushed, that would mean that everyone in the bunker is dead, and lets not forget that their was some kind of plague that killed a bunch of these people before…and that the Quarantine signs are on the inside of the doors…(and the hatch) for those going out…not coming in…what if these bunkers are there as a last line of defense against a world pandemic?

    I for one think it’s two, and this show will come to a fiery end the day they don’t push the button.

    More later…Ω

  56. Cecilia says:

    Karen: That’s an interesting idea about the other computer person having told Michael more than was seen “on camera”. It’s all about point of view on this show. Also, I’m sorry but I think I totally misunderstood what you meant about the vent… I understand now, you meant why didn’t Locke go through the vent before he tried to go under the door… you’re totally right on that (I thought you were saying something else, LOL). I realized it when I saw this post on LOST-TV talking about it sarcastically… really funny post btw, highly recommended reading for anyone looking for a laugh. 😀


  57. Estêvão says:

    The food kept in the hatch was “fresh”, so the supplies must be for the people in the hatch pushing the button.

    Now the question is, the writings in the blast door, when were they made?
    The door had to be down long enough to someone write the words, and if so, how did they acess the computer?

    But, what if they here warned every time a lockdown hapenned (the numbers spoken by a woman), that would explain, 1 man
    inside the room and the other in the outside.

    Maybe the lockdown was to prevent them to ever looking for what was droping the supplies, and vice versa.

  58. Kristan says:

    I’m kind of wondering if the blast doors don’t come down before a food drop because the food is not dropped (ergo why no one heard a plane). That indeed there is a controlling force on the island, perhaps running an experiment, and the food was already there. Perhaps the blast doors come down so that the DI people, or whomever, cannot discover the nature of the island.

    But anyway, someone mentioned did we notice that the flight going over Locke’s head was an Oceanic flight? I don’t think that it’s the writers’ version of the 555 phone number – did you notice that the safe deposit box number was 1516? (I don’t have these taped – what was the number on Kate’s box?) I think that the circuitous “coincidences” – like Syaid’s woman, etc- are obviously meant to symbolize something. I wonder if it plays on the religious subtext – I mean really, how many of these random six-degrees of separation incidents could happen in life? I wonder if this is like a dream where the reoccurring themes speak to a suspension of the real – in other words, I wonder if they are really dead? What if this is limbo?

  59. Scott, no Steve says:

    this may be a bit off topic, but did anyone else watch the canadian trailer and here the weird clicking noise?

    if not, you can watch it here, http://www.dharmasecrets.com/forum/index.php?topic=2333.0

  60. Stacey says:

    Cecilia: On the clock time when it resets, at first it would reset to about 136 minutes… not sure of exact time. This time, they producers made sure to show the time which was 107 minutes. the time decreased. Coincidence???

  61. Cecilia says:

    Kristan: The connections between characters theme is recurrent on the show and has occured numerous times… Kate’s dad meeting Sayid in Iraq, Hurley being on the TV when Jin invaded the house in Korea, Sawyer meeting Kate’s mom in a diner, Jack failing to save Shannon’s dad in the ER, and so on. I think this is just a continuation of that theme. You can see some of my thoughts on this subject in “Instant Karma”, a few posts down:


    I believe it’s to show the interconnected nature of fate and human lives in general. The writers have already ruled out the purgatory/they’re all dead theories:


    Stacey: Are you sure of this? I may be wrong, but I always thought the clock was reset to 108 (to correspond to the sum of The Numbers). I may have missed some previous reset. Was it shown in another episode like this… can someone else confirm or deny please? 🙂

  62. SmileyMe says:

    I’m pretty sure it’s always 108 minutes. Whenever they are explaining the button pushing they always say something about ‘every 108 minutes’. Locke said that even in this episode to ‘Henry’.

  63. Brian says:

    Stacey: If you go back and look carefully, when Locke enters the computer room and looks at the clock it is just flipping over from 108 to 107… it’s half-way throught the flip when the camera picks it up.

    I don’t recall anything, anywhere, about the clock ever being set to naything except 108 minutes (the sum of The Numbers).

  64. Dan says:

    guys check this out. entertainment weekly has a great diagram of the hatch door map along with some cool key points. However one thing went over looked. The circled big points on the map all represent various hatches. The Swan (our hatch) says i am here. There’s another above the swan with a symbol i couldn’t make out. we see the staff, the one from maternity leave above that. On the right they both have question marks so that means the map maker didn’t know about The Arrow (the tailies hatch). However the overlooked thing is this…the name of the hatch at the top of the map, almost completely cut off by the top of the screen, is called…Aaron. How interesting.

  65. LauraMacF says:

    On the vents, I think that the person originally asking this question is wondering why Locke bothered to try to get under the blast doors in the first place if he could have used the vents. I think the vents connect the room he is in to the computer room, but do not connect to the main entrance/exit hall to the hatch. I think Locke was busy with the blast doors because he was trying to ensure a way in and out of the hatch, not necessarily to get to the computer.

  66. Cecilia says:

    Thanks guys for confirmation on the clock always being 108 (that we know of). If someone finds conflicting information and knows the exact episode and approximate time into the show of a discrepency, please post and I’ll try to grab the screencap.

    Dan, yes, I’ve seen EW’s analysis, this was the magazine/media source I was refering to where the producer had originally leaked the info. Just be careful with that version of the translated map, there are a few minor errors (for example, it called Caduceus station Cerberus station; if you look at the original high res, you can note that this is misread; not too many major mistakes, but I think Sledge’s still does a better updated job).

  67. mikey says:

    Cecilia; the clock changes in the next episode. in the previews it showed it at 216.

  68. Scott, no Steve says:

    [quote comment=”1019″]Cecilia; the clock changes in the next episode. in the previews it showed it at 216.[/quote]
    it shows it at 2 minutes, 16 seconds

  69. robert says:

    have you notest that if you add 4 8 15 16 23 42 all up you get 108(00) that appeers on the count down timer thing in the hatch when it restarts at 108 00

  70. robert says:

    but yes i have seen the clock

  71. mikey says:

    scott, no steve- if it was two minutes 16 seconds wouldn’t the sixteen be in the white area, not the black? im almost 100% sure that it was in the black area like 108 was.

  72. jim says:

    A thought on the map/Swan. Maybe I am missing something.

    On the site http://tviv.org/Lost/Dharma_Initiative there is a screencap of the first frame of the training film found in the hatch. It says “The Dharma Initiative 3 of 6 Orientation” overtop the Swan logo. The map also has the notation “3 of 6” written near the hatch. Can anyone tell me if the film itself refers to the Swan as a 3rd of 6, indicating it is one of six hatches?

    If the film doesn’t mention this, could the 3rd of 6 mean this is the third of six films about the Swan, entitled “Orientation”? Meaning there are five more films out there. An alternative meaning is that the Swan hatch itself is called “Orientation” and the other five have different names?

    Just some thoughts.

  73. jim says:

    Back with some more map thoughts. The English handwriting is consistent throughout, except for the “I am here.” There are a wide range of dates on the map, from 12.07.81 up to 01.06.03. This could suggest that the mapmaker created this map over a long period of time, almost 25 years. When Locke sees the map, it is quite clear that some of the writing is bright and some of it is faded, which could indicate the faded writing is older than the brighter. The formulas for instance are all faded.

    If it was not made over a long period of time, then the mapmaker had a second source for the dates. While we’re on that subject, some dates are exact, such as 12.07.81 while some are “suspected”, 10.28.84. Either way, as dates they are EXACT. The suspected shutdown date IS 10.28.84, not 10.84 or sometime in Oct 1984 or fall of 1984. Was the mapmaker in the area on 10.28.84? Were they there a week before while this was active and then there again a week later when it was shutdown, leading to the conclusion of a suspected shutdown date of 10.28.84? Of course we can’t answer these questions but it seems peculiar that the mapmaker would use a specific date, unless they had verified it from another source.

    Of course, what if these aren’t dates or some are and some are not? Other possibilites would coordinates, as we see on the map in the form of the x,y,z axis; they could also be time measurements: hr.min.sec. Those are the two that I could come up with but are there more uses for these three number combos?

    Speaking of time, where are all the watches? Only Michael’s is mentioned and it is broke. A plane load of people and no watches or wind-up travel clocks? What about in the hatch? If these are dates, how did the mapmaker keep track of dates and time? If the map was made while two people occupied the hatch, one could be off exploring while the other stayed behind to push the button. If it was made by one person, how could they be sure they returned in time? If you were asleep, then the alarm would probably wake you up, but if you were a half mile away above-ground, how would you know it was time to turn back?

    Thanks for reading.

  74. jim says:

    Sorry, I don’t know how to edit my post. In second paragraph, what I mean to say is one date is indicated as fact while the other is “suspected”. The actual dates are both exact.

  75. Hooked-on Lost says:

    This show remindes me of a move I saw called Identy- If you have not seen the move, rent it:

    What if every choice we ever make was already made for us? What if there really were no coincidences in life and our destinies were already predetermined?

    Ten strangers with secrets are brought together in a savage rainstorm: A limo driver (John Cusack), an ‘80s TV star (Rebecca DeMornay), a cop (Ray Liotta) who is transporting a killer (Jake Busey), a call girl (Amanda Peet), a pair of newlyweds (Clea DuVall and William Lee Scott) and a family in crisis (John C. McGinley, Leila Kenzle, Bret Loehr), all take shelter at a desolate motel run by a nervous night manager (John Hawkes). Relief in finding shelter is quickly replaced with fear as the ten travelers begin to die, one by one. They soon realize that, if they are to survive, they’ll have to uncover the secret that has brought them all together.

  76. jim says:

    Hooked – I think you are on to something there and have felt similiar. I can’t support the idea that the plane crash was designed with any facts from the show (which doesn’t mean that they aren’t in there somewhere) but I feel it was, and that is part of the DI experiment, not outside it.

    So the particular people that survive are there as part of the experiment. Can many people from multiple backrounds, cultures and experience come together to triumph over a common enemy? I mean, they don’t talk to each other at all and still know very little about each other after all that time.

    Your tie-in to ‘Identity’ may be on to something, though there are a lot of other possible examples with similiar themes. I would like to think that the producers/writers will bring their own twist in, but it is also reasonable to expect that like great artists and musicians, they don’t operate in a vacuum without having influences.

    I tend to think of our Losties as “having the power to go home all along,” they just have to figure it out. I am expecting that the idea of the controlled, pre-planned crash will be revealed to them in the closer of this season.

  77. Nick says:

    [quote comment=”700″]OK hotshots, heres one for ya:

    At the beginning of the episode, when Locke meets his father at the bar, he threatens him, saying that if he never sees Locke again after he takes the money, Helen is dead.

    Forward to when Locke meets his daddy and gives him the monies, his father starts a light hearted conversation, asking who the girl was at the funeral.

    Whats the clue in this enigmatic speech? LOST WRITERS ARE INCONSISTENT LOLZORROFLMAOCOPTER[/quote]

    Try watching the episode again and paying closer attention to what Locke’s dad says. He doesn’t say “Helen is dead,” he says “I understand”.
    Get your facts straight next time before you make a comment as strong as this.

  78. Nick says:

    [quote comment=”722″]I may be mistaken, but did Locke list all of the numbers to Gale? I thought he skipped 23, but Gale listed all 6 numbers anyway. Let me know if I’m wrong on this.[/quote]

    Locke did say 23

  79. Andreas says:

    Nick, I think I’ll be the judge of what people can say or not on this site. I’ve heard several people who thought Locke’s dad said “Helen is dead”, and eventhough I agree that what he said was “I’ll understand”, it did sound like he was threatening Helen the first time I heard it.

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  81. David D. says:


    Transpose the numbers 4 8 15 16 23 42 to the letters on a phone keypad:

    4 8 1 5 1 6 2 3 4 2

    After the last 1 (which has no letters), you get 6=N 2=A 3=D 4=I 2=A. That spells NADIA, people! Don’t you see? It’s so simple.

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