The New Map (Direct From Original Producer's Version) & Latin Translations

Possible Spoilers

There is a magazine that got a hold of the LOST producer’s original version of the backlight hatch wall that was revealed in the LOST episode Lockdown. From that clearer version, people have managed to translate nearly all the equations and phrases on the wall map. There is a copy of the mag floating around online, but Sledgeweb has a pretty good version that actually corrects and adds to that. I am going to display his for now (see bottom of this post for unwritten-over larger version):

SWLS Investigations Version of Blast Door Map

There are many translations on this map which can be of interest, including lower right corner “Stated goal: Accelerated De-Territorial of Ursus Maritimus through gene therapy and extreme climate change” (Ursus maritimus = Latin scientific species name of the polar bear; climate change and gene therapy research??). And upper left corner: “Cerberus station believed to have been abandoned due to AH/MDG incident of 1985 or possible catastrophic malfunction of Cerberus System” (Cerberus = 3 headed hound that protected Hades, killed by Hercules and lulled to sleep by Orpheus with music; is Cerberus the name of the island security system = “The Monster”/”Smokie”?? And do the lyrics to La Mer have any significance in defeating it?)

Latin phrases translated:

Sursum corda (X 3): “Lift up your hearts.”

Aegrescit medendo: “The remedy is worse than the disease.”

Malum consilium quod mutari non protest: “It’s a bad plan that can’t be changed.”

Cogito ergo doleo: “I think, therefore I am depressed.”

Ut sit magna, tamen certe lenta ira deorum est: “The wrath of the gods may be great, but it certainly is slow.”

Nil actum reputa si quid superest agendum: “Don’t consider that anything has been done if anything is left to be done.”

Credo nos in fluctu eodem esse: “I think we’re on the same wavelength.”

Mus uni non fidit antro: “A mouse does not rely on just one hole.”

Liberte te ex inferis: “Save yourself from Hell.”

Hic sunt dracones: “There are dragons here.” (writing above CVIII)

EDIT: Newest edition, 3/30/06 1000 EST- Clearest and cleanest map I’ve seen to date (without overwriting) seen HERE. VERY high res and inversed / color curves adjusted for clarity. Unfortunately cuts off some of the sides. Warning: Large file.

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  1. anon says:

    What about the equations? The ones inside the bagua and in the upper right look like maxwell’s equations (which relate electricity and magnetism)…

    Also it may do to separate the writing by handwriting to look for consistent themes, there may have been more than one map maker.

  2. Cecilia says:

    I agree, anon; though much of the English and Latin have been translated, there’s still more to be made with the equations. My head’s still spinning with ideas, but the project I’m working on currently is trying to overlay Rousseau’s map on this one, since it appears there are recognizable landmarks such as a river and topographical marks for mountains.

    I also agree that the different handwriting is of interest. It would appear to be the work of more than one person.

  3. xDest says:

    Hic Sunt Dracones:
    It is said to be that old maps of mariners, when reaching the end of the known world, had the sentence ‘hic sunt dracones’ written on it. Though, this is really just a myth because there is only one that has this sentence on it: The Lenox globe from early 16th century.
    What that means for lost? I have not the slightest idea but i will keep guessing 🙂

  4. Cecilia says:

    xDest: These are excellent points; I was thinking this also… this is an old maritimer’s phrase, and often seen on ancient maps. I have no idea what half it means either, and I’m just working to digest the enormous amount they’ve thrown at us this episode. 😉

    I think all the Latin is actually a manipulation of some “popular” phrase. For example, I work in medicine, and the phrase Aegrescit medendo (“The cure is worse than the disease.”) is the basis for the idea of “do no harm” that we take in our Hippocratic oaths as physicians. Makes a lot of sense in our story, where the people we know have gotten the so-called “vaccine” (Desmond & Aaron) appear to be the only ones who also have weird symptoms…. now what kind of treatment would make your symptoms worse, unless it was not a cure to begin with?

  5. SmileyMe says:

    Maybe the doors have come down on more than one occation with different button pushers at the time that they came down. The first bit, with the map and the Latin in handwriting, was done by one of the hatch-watchers, and the part in English in printing was done by another person at a different time (maybe Desmond). The ‘vaccine’ could be a disease that the Dharma people are testing to see if they could take out the world with (they are trying to make a perfect person or race).

  6. Christine says:

    Does anyone know where I can see a screenshot of Henry Gale’s license/ID? Thanks.

  7. Cecilia says:

    Christine: Here you go (from SW’s site):×17/galeLicense.jpg

  8. Dave-O says:

    What is the date next to Henry’s signature? 8/11/06?

  9. SmileyMe says:

    Looks more like 66 to me, maybe 64.

  10. the staff says:

    wow, what about “the staff”, instalation on the map? looks like it would be the med facility. claire hiked a long way. and it mentions the black rock. But when it says P.R.D: every 6-8 months Fatalitys:5. P.R.D looks alot like personell replacment drop to me. Hence the fatalitys. Could adam and Eve from the caves be 2 of those fatalitys? and what abbout “no conection to islandwire e.e.p.(possobly EER) network”

  11. Lena says:

    The link to the producer’s original version of the backlight hatch wall is coming up as “ Bandwidth Exceeded.” Does that mean I just try again later?

  12. wyno says:

    in the middle of the map this word autze is there, this is what
    google lead me to (his first patent), makes alot of sense when considering
    the clock , entering the numbers….. what a crazy show, there must be an
    autistic guy writing this thing

  13. Cecilia says:

    Lena: Thanks for the heads up. Poor guy who uploaded it originally must have been having a really rough time. 🙂 I am now linking Sledgeweb’s version, which has even better translations (corrects a few minor mistakes the magazine made, and has a little bit more). I gave him a heads up first, but I know his server handles a lot anyway.

    And yes, The Staff appears to be the Caduceus (medical) station Claire was taken to. There are notes about it on the side.

    I have a new suspicion that the dotted line hatches are either yet to be built (under construction) or UNDERWATER. It makes sense because one is called The Pearl… also, because of the DHARMA shark (probably a marine research station).

  14. Nanuke says:

    8 sides to the DHARMA logo, but only 7 stations…where’s the 8th

  15. SmileyMe says:

    Notice that one of the writings said ‘activity minimal during lockdown and restocking procedures’ that could mean they are connected.

  16. jim says:

    All the comments are very interesting. You all make me think way too much. I’d like to add, after studying the map, I am not completely convinced that “Arrow” up at the top is the word arrow. Could this be “Arron”? a corruption of the name Aaron. look closely. Also note the square roots, which are the first three numbers of the sequence. The full sequence would be 16, 64, 225, 256, 529, 1764 = 2854.

  17. Mona says:

    We have not heard anything about Clairs story. Who she is or where Aarons real father is. Anyone have any thoughts on how he might come into the story?

  18. svanessa says:

    If Henry could climb out thru the air duct why couldn’t Locke?

  19. Mona says:

    Locke was stuck under the door!

  20. Scott, no Steve says:

    the others are not dharma researchers!!! at about 10:30 on the map it says “caucadus abandoned in 1985”, but we saw the others in it!!!

  21. Karen LH says:

    svanessa: “If Henry could climb out thru the air duct why couldn’t Locke?”

    Mona: “Locke was stuck under the door!”


    The question is: Why didn’t Locke climb out through the air duct instead of trying to slide under the door? Since the vent in question was in the pantry, rather than in the armory, he could have left Henry safely buttoned up in the armory, crawled out, tended to the button, and then gone off for help.

  22. jim says:

    Any ideas which of the other dharmas is the one the tail section found? It didn’t seem completed, which may support Cecilia’s theory above. I am starting to think Henry is not an Other, but may be an escaped occupant of the Swan. I don’t think he made the map, but I think he knew it was there. He couldn’t figure it out himself, so he showed it to a captive audience that he trusted. Mentally, he does seem to share many of the same characteristics as Desmond. And he knew those numbers. He may have been testing Locke to see what else Locke knew.

  23. Lesley says:

    I agree with Jim, it does not seem like Henry is an Other. I also think he expected to be found out eventually since when he made his deal with Locke, he asked for Locke’s support “no matter what happens”. Perhaps he was hanging around near Swan in the hopes of snatching some of the food drop. Seems there is something he wants or needs from the Sawn bunker(vaccine?) but does not want the group to know. Maybe he and Henry Gale were unbelieving of the need for a vaccine until Henry got sick.

    It also appears that Henry Gale real and fake are yet another pair black and white (remember Locke’s backgammon game?)

    I believe that the Tailies found the Arrow bunker.

  24. Lesley says:

    Maybe Henry drew the bunker map and needed a second look. Is the writing similar to the map he drew for Ana Lucia?

  25. Cecilia says:

    jim, I’m pretty sure it says Arrow, from looking at the biggest version of the map. It’s also the known name of the northern station that the Tailees stumbled upon, so it’d be in the right place.

    I did a superimposed map job of our new map onto Rousseau’s, if anyone would like to see.

    The geographical landmarks don’t fit perfectly, but I believe one or both maps are very off scale (which would make sense, since both the map makers are likely a little paranoid and nutty, and plotting points from the ground).

    Also, I superimposed a bagua (DI symbol from the I Ching) on it. What I did was take the Later Heaven version and turn it by 180 degrees (since the bottom edge traditionally notates North in feng shui, which is opposite from how cartographers make their map).

    I haven’t checked any “handwriting analysis” yet, though it might be interesting to look at. 🙂 I’m sure someone’s done it. I just suspected that the mapmaker is either a character we haven’t met yet, or someone who’s handwriting is unknown, like Desmond.

    Much like Henry’s innocence or guilt, I think the real answer is still up in the air.

  26. Mark says:

    Anyone notice the numbers in the episode? The safe deposit box was number 1516, the house number on Henry’s DL is 815. I think somehow the numbers (4,8,15,16,23,42) are tied to each of the people, and I’m looking for ways the numbers fit with the rest of the people. I seem to recall some other numbers too, but can’t remember off the top of my head.(License plate maybe?)

    Also, I do believe at somepoint they will discover a hatch within the hatch to the underground conduit. (Maybe an extenstion of where they originally entered the hatch at the beginning of the season.) The map says the conduits were cutoff when the “incident” happened, but I imagine they’ll find a way around that. Go back to the ship and grab some more dynamite or something.

    As far as the “fake” Henry goes, I would like to think that he has some genuine reason for disguising himself, but I have doubts. This whole island is kind of like a test of the mind being conducted by this scientific research org. Dharma. Henry has been doing mind games all along with John and Jack and very strong minded too. Shaid (sp?) tortured him and couldn’t get the truth out of him as we now know. So, I think that this Henry guy probably has a doctorate in psychology or something and is one of the ones that’s crafted this island and is working for Dharma. Either that or he was “sent” to the island because of his knowledge in psychology to serve a unique purpose like everyone else. My 2 cents on Henry.

  27. the staff says:

    1. One of the intalations is “the flame”, perhaps thats were the pillar of smoke was.
    2. the map says things like “aleged location of the flame”, and things in a sort of guessing way.
    3. this could mean that the darma initiative was not the first people on the island, and were looking for the products of people from an erlear time. OR, it could mean that someone, (prrobably because of the I am Here), or someones are looking for the darma initiative instalations, and the map is the master copy for some sort of arceology dig, explaining all the things that the little notes seem unsure of, and explaining the ?, this could explain also the “i am here” meaning it is a reference point for spreading out. the blacklights could be to hide it from prying eyes, which would explain its incredably inexesable location.(on a almost always retracted securety door)

  28. the staff says:

    by the way, if anyone cares to look, the jornals from the lost home page have writing that looks very similar to that on the map, (all e’s are caps, an well i cant realy describe it, but IT ALL FRIKIN LOOKS THE SAME. sorry, just cant find words for how to describe, go look for your self:

  29. John says:

    That one particular entry into the journal keeps mentioning “Henry” as “my brother” who exactly is the person writing this? seems like another layer of complexity being added outside the show for us geeks that disect every bit of the show… im intrigued! Anyone have any ideas on this?

  30. the staff says:

    maby hurly, he said stuff about not being in “the loop”, and he’s not typicly told stuff, or maby its kate she wanted to go to the hatch

  31. bekroproject says:

    I think it is Mr. Eko. He was initially denied to meet with the prisoner but eventually he managed to do so.
    I think the use of the phrase “my brother” is metaphorical.

  32. john says:

    I’ve just made a huge breakthru i think! Check it out, let me know if you all have any ideas or think im just crazy

  33. Lesley says:

    Cecilia – Thanks for all the map work! It is going o be fun sorting through everything this weekend.

  34. Jeffery says:

    Henry Gale’s license/ID his address is 815 walnut rigdge road, and the zip code is 55391 which = 23 so there is 8 15 and 23 all there is left is 4 15 42. Just a thought

  35. Chris says:

    Our “fake” Henry Gale in the hatch, was on the balloon with the now dead real Henry Gale. They must have been close, close enough that the fake one calls the real one “brother”. He is the writer of the diaries.

    The real Henry may have died from the disease, or the Others killed him, and took our fake Henry. He at some point took the name of his fallen friend out of respect. Henry escaped from the Others and doesn’t want to reveal everything to our lost friends, but definately doesn’t want to go back to the Other. He knows there plans/secrets.

  36. mike says:

    I think maybe that the bottom-right station symbol may be a bad drawing of a beetle. Also the upper right station symbol can be a fly, insect reasearch maybe?

  37. jonah says:

    i dont know if this makes sense but henry gale is dorthy’s uncle in the wizard of OZ. a coincidence to the hot air balloon? just somthing to think about.

  38. Jonno says:

    Liberte te ex inferis: “Save yourself from Hell.”

    Who remembers this from SF flic ‘Event Horizon’. You know that ship that went to hell and back 😉

  39. john says:

    I too made that connection with Event Horizon, i doubt it has any real connection to this show.

  40. Selina says:

    8 sides to the DHARMA logo, but only 7 stations…where’s the 8th

    One is scratched out…perhaps due to the “incident”…although, the film clearing states “3 of 6″…so I suspect there are only 6 hatches…with the one in the middle being the main station…while all the others are named…that one doesn’t seem to be…hummmmm…7 is considered the “perfect” number…

  41. SmileyMe says:

    Hmmm, I just noticed that the center station is labled with a question mark, and one of the upcomming eppisodes is called ‘?’. Maybe we’ll be seeing something of that in the future…

  42. Scott, no Steve says:

    did anyone else notice at about 4 o clock on the map it says “Sightings coincide with emergency shutdown of intranet services, periods of heightened security”? sightings? heightened security = lockdown?

  43. frenchy_florims says:

    hi !

    I’ve just seen last week show, I really thought the Henri Gale story was amazing. You know the writters manage to make us believe he’s actually a nice guy, but at the end it turns out he’s clearly a mean “other”.

    My own theory is that fake-Henri was part of the next team, and that the real Henri was his colleague in the balloon. How hell could he have known Henri Gale … except by killing him if he’s an other (whoah Sayid’s not gonna be sweet). Yet, he won’t speak soon, unless Jack accepts Sayid gives him a hand !
    As for the map, tkank you for translating it and showing its details, some sentences are really fascinating (e.g. the dragons !). I wonder whether Locke is gonne speak about it ?

    You know Locke already saw the hierogliphs previously, and he didn’t give a sh.. ! It seems like he’s afraid to tell the losties strange things he saw because they may already think he’s a bite insane …
    Anyway, I think there is more to expect from Henri than the map to understand what’s next. On a French site, somebody translated hierogliphs from ancient egyptian and said it meant “transporting” : interesting, isn’t it ?

    I confess I am happy fake Henri is a bad guy because he really pissed me off !!

  44. Cecilia says:

    Mark: I noticed the numbers, but at this point, am no longer focusing on recording where I see them, because I think they are left there for the deliberate but vague “oh neato” factor. Damon & Carlton have been ambiguous lately about just what role the numbers really play beyond the idea that some of the characters (like Hurley) believe in a sort of mystic numerology surrounding them.

    staff: My personal feeling is that “The Flame”–where it indicates it as a name of a station…. is probably the energy source on the island.

    On the diary “My brother Henry” mentions… I think this is also not going to be anything we find out soon. If “my brother” truly does denote a literal brother, my highest suspicions fall on Libby, Bernard (he physically resembles Henry a little) or one of the redshirts we’ve yet to be introduced to. The producers have yet to really reveal what role the webmaze material will play in the outcome of the story.

    john: I’m intrigued by your diagram, yet a bit confused too. How did you determine which astrological signs to draw lines from? I can see where Hermes staff might tie in to the planet Mercury, but I’m not a big astrology person and don’t get how you decided which other signs to draw from and to.

    As far as “Save yourself from Hell”, I could see this as a more general phrase that applies to multiple movies and stories… I’ve seen Event Horizon, but there are lots of sci fi shows/movies that have this sort of reference. One of the earliest and most well known would probably be Dante’s Inferno.

    Selena I was wondering about the 7 (vs. 8) relation also. I think the 3/6 reference is to the fact that there are 6 stations that are NOT crossed out (one at 11 o’clock appears obliterated… seems to correspond to the notes on the left side about “the 1985 incident”, having to do with Cerberus malfunction).

    frenchy: Hehe, I dont’ think anyone loves him that much… but I don’t know if there is no question of his guilt, either. I could still see there potentially be some “loophole” reason why he might lie but not necessarily be an Other. After all, people lie for all sorts of reasons (and many of our own lostaways have as well to conceal things about their past). “Henry’s” lie, however, doesn’t bode well for him; nor does his kind of conniving sarcastic attitude he takes all the time. It will be interesting to see how the writers resolve his identity.

  45. SmileyMe says:

    On the map it also says ‘known final resting place of magnus hanso/ black rock’. That ship was old… does this mean that hanso has been around for that long?

  46. Scrod says:

    The Diary and Theories about ‘Henry’
    Even with the census, it is still possible that there are others that have infiltrated the survivors. Could be a brother, either actual or spiritual. ‘Henry’ did not tell the truth, even when tortured by Sayid (who was a professinal torturer!). So I am guessing there are still more people embedded in the group that were not on the plane. And ‘Henry’ obviously has a secret that is very important to keep regarding his identity. We don’t know why he was out and about the island alone – it may have been planned that he would be captured by Rousseau (he was already prepared with an alibi). Certainly the others are resourceful enough that they could have dispensed of or captured Rousseau any time they wanted to (they went through the trouble to get in a boat and chase down the raft to get Walt, leaving the other 3 occupants for dead) – they don’t want to.

  47. Scott, no Steve says:

    [quote comment=”839″]
    staff: My personal feeling is that “The Flame”–where it indicates it as a name of a station…. is probably the energy source on the island.

    As far as “Save yourself from Hell”,

    having to do with Cerberus malfunction).

    could all these refrences to hell be a sign that the others are bad and want good people because, well they are like that or they want other bad people?

    also, it didn’t seem like ethan lied about his name and origin( hence mr friendly calling him ethan and rom, royal ontairo muesum) why would gale lie?

  48. Scott, no Steve says:

    for clarifaction above, i am assuming that the others are in the flame, even though i still think they are not with dharma(on map next to staff, staff abandoned in 85)

  49. Deckard26354 says:

    I haven’t seen anybody mention a connection between Bernard, who was looking for a “pearl” for his wife Rose in The Whole Truth episode, and the blast door map notation “The Pearl”. Is this a coincidence? I think not.

    There have been no flashbacks of Rose or Bernard. Bernard did not know it was Rose’s birthday.

    Something to think about.

  50. Tomas says:

    I’ll preface this with an apology…I’m long winded 🙂

    There are a growing number of “crosses” coming up in the flashbacks – Kate’s dad in Iraq, Said’s girl having her house inspected by Locke – and most importantly, the biggest “cross” in EVERY single flashback — the numbers. All these “crosses” are openly admitted by Carlton and Damon in the official podcasts, and are referred to excitedly by them.

    The idea of perspective should be likewise be noted. Every episode contains a particular character’s memory/perspective. Films like Memento and Fight Club have examined the relative nature of memory and perspective – and considering the structure of every Lost episode – that is, 50% memory, 50% “now” – it somewhat matches up to films like those in this manner. The entire series began with Jack’s eyeball, a camera composition from his POV, and flashback of his life (his memory, his cognitive reality).

    This is a 3 part dynamic:
    1. Jack as participant, acting in a “now” survival reality as doctor and leader in plane crash scenario on an island.
    2. Jack as a perspective, observing scenarios around him, specifically, “the island” itself – hatches, monsters, shipwrecks, others, etc.
    3. Jack as subjective reminiscence, recalling his dad, his wife, his “life”, the past.

    This model can cover other relationships with the series. Writer, Actor, Viewer. The island (or whatever the island represents – could be anything, anyone who) writes their stories, the viewers could be the others (or some new unknown group), and the actors could be the survivors of the “crash”. I furthermore believe that like all dynamic models, all three nodes are interchangeable, and like the holy trinity are one. There are a growing collection of graphic alegorical/collective spiritual maps at this point, like the idea of a holy trinity itself.

    To bring it all together (pun intended), all these crosses in memory are becoming more frequent. The numbers have been there the whole time in memories, but now it’s actual people like Kate’s dad, and Said’s girl popping up. Maternity Leave introduced memory of the island for the first time, specifically from the one “survivor” who gave birth to a new life on the island. Notably, Claire’s memory of the Staff bunker was decidedly different from what they found physically. The nursery was gone, the OR was in shambles, and the fridge was both knocked over and empty (though previously filled with vials labelled with the numbers).

    Is it possible their memories are being written by one source in the triad, and viewed by another? This would imply that their memories aren’t entirely reliable, and in fact their very identities.

    Before anyone tries to propose their own ideas of why this happened, it should be noted that the writers have openly spoken about how they love leaving the impetus for events up to the viewers – like the idea that Walt is psychic, something they have never directly said or shown proof of. HOW the Staff bunker got trashed/abandoned between Claire’s incarceration there and the expedition to find it, may only be relevant in that it exists only in OUR minds, as the viewers.

    Related things that seem relevant in the new map: Possible “viewing” stations. That will play a serious part in who indeed is doing any viewing. In film theory this would be referred to as gaze. The map was “written” by someone unknown at this point, and unless they can reactivate the UV or black lights, it may have to be reproduced from Locke’s on-island memory. The stakes have been raised yet again…

  51. jim says:

    I have been away for a few days. Definately one of the best forums out there. Here are a few ideas I’m throwing out: A. a minimum of three sets of handwriting on the map: 1.the printed English by a person who seems very knowledgeable; 2.the cursive Latin, which seems like someone with a more artistic bent; 3.the person who wrote “I am here.” The “I” in that phrase is written different from everywhere else on the map. The other English writer always uses a straight slash for the “I”, without the lines at the top and bottom. He/she only uses the “I” with top and bottom when writing roman numerals, as in CVII. The numbers in the formulas are written the same way as the English printing as well. B. I take the map writing to be written over a period of time, perhaps years. For instance, The Swan is drawn with heavy lines, like Arrow, Staff and Flame; versus the unnamed stations that are drawn with dotted lines. So the note that says “Alleged location of the Flame” could have been written before the writer confirmed the location. After the Flame was found, it was marked with the symbol and outlined. The “alleged…” note is perhaps no longer relavant. So why not erase it? Maybe they couldn’t or better yet, if they were making the map for themselves, there is no need to. C. I’ve said on other sites but am interested on your thoughts here: can anyone offer one piece of info/evidence from the show that the real Henry Gale and the balloon ae related in any way? The only thing that relates them is the story and map of a known liar and even he uses his wife as the person in the grave. I’m not saying they couldn’t be related, but the grave could have been there for 5 years and the balloon arrived 5 months ago. We only have fake Henry’s story, and how much is that worth. About the only thing we can say is that fake Henry either had something to do with real Henry’s death or his burial or knew him before and knew where he was buried.

  52. cscottie says:

    Time to play the theological numbers game.

    5=the number of man
    6=the number of the devil
    7=the number of god

    5 appears on a tattoo on Jack’s upper left arm in the pilot (the tattoo also includes a multi-level pyramidical shape above, a portion of a compass rose below and 4 chinese symbols, of which 3 are visible enough to possibly decipher). I always thought that it looked unusual, but took another look at it after the map episode. I am not as familiar with the I Ching, but I already took out my Mah Jongg set to rule out any number symbols. It’s possible that they may be winds, left to right: W, S, and E, leaving the unreadable N. He’s got to have more of a connection…I mean, the man is nearly plastic wrapped with a contents label! Perhaps someone with a handy copy of the I Ching, experience with Cantonese and Chinese culture, plus the DVD of the original episode could lend me a hand. Perhaps there’s a Chinese “Lost” board out there.

    6 appears in the number of below ground hatches, which again has references to hell all over it.

    7 is the mystery. When the Dharma teams are finished building hell, they’ll start on heaven. Well…I’m still working on this one.

    Or, maybe this is the writer’s nod to The Pixies and a convenient way to make me crazy at the same time. If “La Mer” gets replaced by “Where Is My Mind” or “Gone to Heaven”, I’ll spit daggers and stop posting. The writers would never give anything away; especially if they’re f***ing with us.

  53. Cipher says:

    I think I have a theory as to who wrote the messages. I think that whoever is writing these messages is not speaking of the fake Henry Gale, but the REAL Henry Gale. They obviously have not been allowed to see him, so they have no idea what he looks like, and if he is giving the name Henry Gale, then the person writing the messages must be related to the REAL Henry Gale. My guess is that it is Rose. The next episode is about Rose, that should shed some light on this. But, to squash all of your conspiracy theories, there is not an “Other” hiding out in the group. At least, not any of the named characters we have met.

  54. Cipher says:

    Here is the link from an above post, if you have no idea what I am talking about:

  55. Cecilia says:

    SmileyMe- The ship is old, but I took it to mean that someone could be buried in or near the wreckage, after it was shipwrecked – Magnus means “great” in Latin. Of course, it’s also possible that Magnus Hanso is just an old ancestor Hanso, since Magnus is a Scandanavian name, given to several kings.

    Scott, no Steve- Yeah, I don’t think I’ll be one to answer any of those questions anytime soon. 🙂 It’s of course possible that Henry serves a different function from Ethan, though both may work for The Others (may be spies for different types of info, requiring different types of lies). Also, I was considering, maybe Henry is more of a “hostage” who doesn’t work directly with the others, but is being forced to spy for them. This, I think is less likely, but something I have in the back of my mind.

    Deckerd: On the pearl/Bernard, hey, that’s a great connection, and the first I’ve heard of it. Quite possibly! And look for the next one, S.O.S. This appears to have some elements of Rose/Bernard, and may possibly even have backstory by them (we can hope). I know I’m certainly looking forward to it.

    Tomas – You bring up many great points, and ones I have discussed in the past also (not on this blog, though). I think you would really enjoy this discussion on LOST-TV. It is about the “unreliable narrator” idea in flashbacks. In it, we do talk about Memento, Fight Club, The Usual Suspects, and many other movies that use that device. There are books that do it also, and The Third Policeman (from LOST’s many references) could be considered one of them. Memory is indeed fallible, and we in the audience often forget that we are held captive by the point of view of the narrator… one of the “oldest tricks in the book”.

    jim- You raise a good point on the relation of realHenry to the balloon. Nothing is certain in this show.

    cscottie- I’m Chinese American, and I’ve got some familiarity with both the I Ching & the bagua (see my Binary Code post from way back)… but I’m still unsure what exactly you’re trying for with the numbers. The thing with numerology is, there are a million and one ways of interpreting various numbers, including according to geomancy of the bagua (Later Heaven version). If you could be more specific, maybe I could give it a shot. But for now, I’m inclined to believe the writers chose numbers because they are something we all tie various superstitions and will see different allusions and significances to in our everyday lives.

    Cipher- Yeah, I’m not really sure how the ABC diary and other webmaze material ties in yet. It’s difficult because it is considered “outside”, and therefore must not be necessarily intrinisic to understanding of the show… but I would be willing to bet could give some clues. I have read the diary, and I don’t know what to make of it for now.

  56. Cecilia says:

    You know, Jonno, I am reconsidering “Save yourself from hell” now. I hadn’t realized it was written in Latin in the story Event Horizon (I saw the movie only, didn’t read the book… was that the difference?) When someone pointed that part out, I instantly became convinced it was more than just a coincidence. Also some say Event Horizon was like The Philadelphia Experiment set in space… and there are definite parallels with our story there.

  57. Baylor says:

    I just wanted to clarify something. This site as well as several others have interpreted the message on the left-hand side which mentions a station that “may have been abandoned” as being about “Cerberus Station.” The name of the station, upon closer examination, is not “Cerberus,” but “Cauduceus,” which is just a fancy name for the emblem of the staff with a snake twisted around it. As in, “The Staff.”

    So, the significant thing here is not that there is a station called “Cerberus” (there isn’t), but that Claire was apparently taken to a station that was supposedly abandoned!

  58. Bucky says:

    I think you’re wasting your time trying to over analyze things that are going on in Lost. It seems to me like they’re just making stuff up and then continuing on with a meaningless plot. They’re never going to address any of these issues so dont waste your time. I’m directing all my lost reading to this little beauty;

    These guys have the right idea! Move on, get into another show, or sit back and laugh, they will NEVER answer your questions!

  59. jimseas says:

    This may be out there somewhere but I haven’t come across it on any of the maps that I’ve seen. If it is, then please forgive (and fill me in if there were any interpretations!!).

    I’ve come across some things that I haven’t seen on any of the overlay maps:

    1. the small question mark below the big one in the center. It is written the same and would seem to be in the same hand as the big one.

    2. there seems to be a notation “1-2” above the line between the Arrow and the Flame.

    3. there seems to be a “5” above the line between the Arrow and the Staff. It is to the right of the “X” at the end of the crossed out hatch.

    4. there seems to be a “7” on the line between the Arrow and the center, on top of the elevation.

    5. there seems to be a “2” on the line between the Flame and the center, very close to the dotted circle in the center.

    6. there seems to be a “12”, possiby followed by a degrees sign within the Staff hatch, to the right of the cauduceus symbol.

    7. there seems to be a “20”, possibly followed by a degrees sign just outside the upper right of the Swan hatch.

    No idea what all this means. I found it curious that most of the map overlays had the words but not the equations on them, so I just started looking for other things that weren’t on the overlays. Some of the above could be a stab in the dark. Others, like the first two, are fairly obvious by looking at the map. The writing is very small so I can’t be sure that I am seeing them correctly.

    This may also play into the equations thread. I can’t apply a meaning to them but maybe others will see something that I don’t, so in the interest of these things not falling along the wayside, there you go.

  60. Scott, no Steve says:

    bucky, if you dont like lost, why are you looking at this blog?

  61. TCsGotSoul says:

    CVIII is roman for 108.

  62. LockeItUp says:

    Interesting egg hunt. Go to Yahoo Maps and type in the zip code that was on Henry Gale’s DL and you will go to a suburb of Minneapolis. Just below the center of town there is a park and the name of that park…Purgatory Park.

  63. Cipher says:

    I have a new theory on the Henry Gale messages. Ignore my thinking it was Rose. That was stupid. I think that the writers have been screwing with us. The person who wrote those messages hasn’t even been around the survivors in the past month to write them. I believe it is going to prove to be Michael who was writing the messages, and that these messages were a sort of teaser for the next few episodes. This explains why Lock would try to hide the prisoner from Michael. They don’t want Michael to beat the snot out of him. Also, it explains why he still trusts Charlie when most people don’t right now. Michael left before Charlie had his current issues. Plus, Charlie would want Michael’s help building the church because he’s an architect. I think these messages have just been forshadowing to upcoming episodes. I dunno. Just a thought.

  64. HenrysBrother says:

    Jim, regarding the link between the real Henry Gale and the balloon: it seems to be corroborated by Henry’s note on the dollar bill. “Jennifer, well you were right. Crossing the Pacific isn’t easy. I owe you a beer. I’m hiking to one of the beaches to start a signal fire…” This doesn’t mention the balloon explicitly, but he must have come by air (otherwise he would have started on a beach and wouldn’t need to hike there.) I guess it’s possible that he was an amateur pilot and his plane hasn’t been found yet, but it seems much more plausible that he really did come in the balloon.

  65. InnerNerd says:

    I don’t know if folks are still reading this particular thread, but hasn’t anyone considered that the diary is being written by someone with a history of mental illness… Libby? Doesn’t anyone besides me remember seeing Libby in the last shot at the insane asylum with Hurley in the episode about Dave?

    In the last scene of that episode, the camera pans around the rec room after showing Hurley put his arm around an imaginary Dave for a polaroid, revealing a dazed and disheveled Libby staring blankly across the room. So Libby’s a nutcase, and she thinks her brother (who may be some kind of psychotic fabrication) is fake Henry Gale.

    Surely someone has mentioned this on a later post and I just haven’t come across it?

  66. Jonathan Flannery says:

    I have just been rewatching the excellent 60’s series ‘The Prisoner’ and it occurred to me that apart from the obvious parallels that can be drawn (oscar the ‘security system’/smokies,stranded on an island unable to leave,international conspiracy,etc.),there was an overwhelming sense of disatisfaction at the end,nothing was really explained and you never found out exactly who or what ‘number one’ was.Lets hope that when the survivors story has run its course(many years hence hopefully)-every single question will be answered (and thats a lot of answers we’ll be owed!)

  67. Boone says:

    [quote comment=”737″]Does anyone know where I can see a screenshot of Henry Gale’s license/ID? Thanks.[/quote]
    [quote comment=”1912″]I don’t know if folks are still reading this particular thread, but hasn’t anyone considered that the diary is being written by someone with a history of mental illness… Libby? Doesn’t anyone besides me remember seeing Libby in the last shot at the insane asylum with Hurley in the episode about Dave?

    In the last scene of that episode, the camera pans around the rec room after showing Hurley put his arm around an imaginary Dave for a polaroid, revealing a dazed and disheveled Libby staring blankly across the room. So Libby’s a nutcase, and she thinks her brother (who may be some kind of psychotic fabrication) is fake Henry Gale.

    Surely someone has mentioned this on a later post and I just haven’t come across it?[/quote]
    [quote comment=”1912″]I don’t know if folks are still reading this particular thread, but hasn’t anyone considered that the diary is being written by someone with a history of mental illness… Libby? Doesn’t anyone besides me remember seeing Libby in the last shot at the insane asylum with Hurley in the episode about Dave?

    In the last scene of that episode, the camera pans around the rec room after showing Hurley put his arm around an imaginary Dave for a polaroid, revealing a dazed and disheveled Libby staring blankly across the room. So Libby’s a nutcase, and she thinks her brother (who may be some kind of psychotic fabrication) is fake Henry Gale.

    Surely someone has mentioned this on a later post and I just haven’t come across it?[/quote]
    [quote comment=”1474″]Jim, regarding the link between the real Henry Gale and the balloon: it seems to be corroborated by Henry’s note on the dollar bill. “Jennifer, well you were right. Crossing the Pacific isn’t easy. I owe you a beer. I’m hiking to one of the beaches to start a signal fire…” This doesn’t mention the balloon explicitly, but he must have come by air (otherwise he would have started on a beach and wouldn’t need to hike there.) I guess it’s possible that he was an amateur pilot and his plane hasn’t been found yet, but it seems much more plausible that he really did come in the balloon.[/quote]

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