Lost Season 2 DVD available for pre-order

Lost Season 2
The second season of Lost is finally available for pre-order. The seven disc DVD-collection will be released on October 3, 2006 and will supposedly contain the following extra material:

Lost Connections – Viewers can navigate between the crossed paths of the characters, and follow the connections to the mysterious numbers. Includes compelling motion graphics, never before seen footage, insight from the show creators, and plants seeds to upcoming connections in the new TV season.

Lost: On Location – This featurette provides an in-depth look at the making of 10 episodes of Lost. See a close look at the life on the set of TV’s most exciting thriller

The Lost Flashbacks – These original, never before seen flashbacks from the show provide exciting new insight into the back stories of the survivors.

Secrets of The Hatch – Get an inside look at the mysterious location.

Lost Bloopers

Deleted Scenes

Fire And Water: Anatomy of An Episode – Follows the creation of a “Lost” episode from script to finish.

Audio Commentaries

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  1. poorman says:

    I heard somewhere that the Second Season DVD was going to be released Sept. 5, which would give us just enough time to get caught up again before the third season started up again. Does anyone know when the third season is going to start?

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