DJ Dan Found in Code

Possible Spoiler

There were no formal updates to today, that could be seen by the general public. But some people were busy behind the scenes. New code was found that was not there previously, that directs to (the URL indicates it is registered in Armenia, to someone named “Jane Austen” in California). This is now a site which is considered an official part of the Lost Experience, because it is hidden within another official site.

DJ Dan’s site is a conspiracy site, which is made to look amateurish, as if made by a conspiracy nut working out of his basement. He runs a podcast, where he blasts potential conspiratorial agents, including, get this, Alvar Hanso and

A few things that jumped out at me:

Tanya is an interesting caller. She reminds DJ Dan that the Red Sox did win the series. Also, this starts up a conversation on cryogenics. He says he believes Alvar Hanso is frozen cryogenically in Phoenix, AZ. He says that right now, is just a virtual figurehead, and actually calls him a “Mr. Cluck“. DJ Dan says he knows that Persephone is working to get information about this.

Pictures of a shark carcass that was found off the Great Barrier reef that had a DHARMA tattoo.

Quite a few interesting ones. Haven’t had a chance to explore in detail yet…

Photos of Alvar Hanso (same ones).

Picture of the Mapinguari!!! (People who used to webmaze last year will find this significant — this is a reference to the old oceanic-air com webmaze of last year, where mapinguari is written on the fake script)

One of the t-shirts has a picture of a finger pushing a button.

Very interesting section. DJ Dan is from Terre Haute, IN (Link to webmaze — Peter Thompson was also from Terre Haute). He is also an Operation Desert Storm vet (Sayid fought for the other side during Desert Storm & worked with radios; and Sam Austen, Kate’s stepdad, also was a Desert Storm vet).

There is a picture of Joop, THF logo, and a similar graph as seen on the Electromagnetism page on the bottom.

There is also a suspicion going around that DJ Dan is Javi. I think this is very likely (from voice clips and photos), regardless of whether or not this site is red herring (which also could be the case).

EDIT: As of 4PM EST of Wed, there’s been another update to THF; Hugh’s bio has been cracked (he’s been having an affair!). Also, links on ERI page to a new site, with a TON of interesting info in the directories. Check

More comments to come later.

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18 Responses to DJ Dan Found in Code

  1. SpinPapi says:

    Who is Javi?

  2. Andreas says:

    [quote comment=”2346″]Who is Javi?[/quote]

    Javier Grillo-Marxuach, a former Lost writer and supervising producer.

  3. sonej says:


  4. Cecilia says:

    Thanks for the link, Andreas. Javier is well-known to some of the more hardcore fans, and so we call him “Javi” endearingly; before leaving LOST, he was very hands-on with fans, and would go on live chats and join forum discussions. Seems like a great guy.

    His official site is:

    Note many similarities of his appearance (to the pic on the front of DJ Dan’s site), voice, red font, forum structure; he is also alumn at USC (mentioned on the DJ Dan site), talks briefly about the Lost Experience in his blog, and in his writing samples, has a piece about “fugue for multiple organs” (is this the link to the MISSING ORGANS clue? It’s a fictional story about organ transplant donors). I’m convinced Javi is probably helping to write part of this webmaze.

  5. jocics says:

    main pic on dj dan! the chinese girl was in a film! think she was in cube 2: hypercube playin a hacker called alex. maybe helpful for you guys. (she was even wearing the same glasses in the film!

  6. dale says:

    some times there is an ad on the top of his site that takes you to the real jeep website, where you see the new JEEP COMPASS with the tagline, let you compass guide you, what the heck is that about!

  7. nick plested says:

    The admin contact for just changed. Now there is a phone number, 818-261-0113. On calling the number I was put through to a voicemail for Kevin Brockman.

    Kevin Brockman is listed as Senior Vice President of Communications for Disney-ABC Television Group.

  8. aplusjimages says:

    What about, it says there is no DJ DAN? Also the pictures are listed in a subfolder labeled “Season3”.

  9. lostAddict says:

    I haven’t seen this anywhere on this website but I don’t believe noone has mentioned it! SERIES 2 EPISODE 2. When Michael and Sawyer are on the raft and the shark swims past it has the Dharma logo on its belly before its tail.

  10. Summer reading: Thomas Mann’s “The Magic Mountain” – the 1924 classic appears to be a protype of “Lost.” Its main character, Hans Castorp (Hanso Corp.) has virtually the same experiences of Outer World/Inner World (samsara/nirvana) in pre-WWI Germany & the Magic Mountain is the equivalence of the Lost island. – Quigley

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