The Electromagnetic Radiation Theory

In last weeks Lost episode “Three Minutes” we where once again reminded of the magnetic properties of the Swan station. Eko was walking around, exploring the hatch and suddenly the cross around his neck started to float in the air, sort of like it was dragged towards a magnet.

We’ve seen this before, the key Jack has in a strap around his neck started floating in the exact same way when he was walking around in the hatch in the Lost episode “Everybody Hates Hugo”. To me this clearly points to a fairly large magnet, or at least something with very strong magnetic properties behind the concrete in the hatch.

When Jack and Sayid where exploring that part of the hatch, Sayid believed that there might be a geothermal generator behind the concrete. He also stated:

The last time I heard of concrete being poured over everything in this way was Chernobyl.

Chernobyl was covered in concrete to try to contain the dangerous radiation but how is this related to Lost? Enter electromagnetic radiation and The Hanso Foundation Electromagnetic Research Initiative.

I believe that the Swan station might contain a large electromagnet powered by a thermal generator. Before the losties crashed on the island something happened to the electromagnet, making it release large amounts of ionizing radiation, much like what happened at Chernobyl. This could be what is referred to as “the incident” and would be a very good reason to cover the magnet in concrete.

Ionizing Radiation could also explain what “cured” Rose’s cancer since low levels of ionizing radiation have been claimed to lower the risk of cancer. On the other hand, ionizing radiation could also cause the losties to get cancer through radiation poisoning.

Another idea that just occurred to me is that the “vaccine” Desmond used might have stopped him from being poisoned by the radiation, if this theory turns out to be true.

The initial purpose of the kind of magnet described above could have been to generate a large electromagnetic pulse used to protect the island. A large enough electromagnetic pulse would for example be able to disable the electronics of any approaching vehicle, like flight 815, and make it crash.

I’m guessing that the computer was originally used to fire of an electromagnetic pulse. This occurred after inputing the security code (the numbers) and hitting execute. Now what if the “incident” somehow reversed the process and made the electromagnetic pulse fire if the button wasn’t pushed?

It wouldn’t surprise me if it took 108 minutes for the electromagnet to get charged again after unleashing a pulse, so maybe the countdown was originally an indicator of how many minutes from full charge the magnet was?

Also, in the episodes where they almost didn’t manage to push the button in time, a loud “humming” sound increased in volume the closer to 0 the countdown came. Could that be how a large electromagnet sounds as it charges up to unleash a electromagnetic pulse?

I haven’t had much time to research this as the idea just occurred to me and it contradicts the theory that The Swan is just a big Skinner box so I’m not entirely sure here. I’m also not 100% certain that ionizing radiation works like stated above, but this is the idea I got while researching it. Either way, I’d say that this theory is a possibility. What do you think?

In about 4 hours we will hopefully find out the true nature of The Swan, stay tuned!

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20 Responses to The Electromagnetic Radiation Theory

  1. James says:

    This is an interesting theory, and a good alternative to the ‘virus’ type incident that many theorists have developed. One theory that I had hypothesized quite some time ago over at was a variant of what you have suggested here. Suppose originally that the button was there to ‘start’ a process that was meant to happen, or to automate the process in some way. My theory asked the question of what if that system had been hacked or changed, so now the button does the reverse – it prevents something from happening that otherwise should happen or would happen every 108 minutes. Now I had originally thought about it in terms of a medical, chemical or viral containment, but considering the EMP theory and it’s possible connection with the downing of a plane, it does make more sense.

    Roll on tonight’s finale!

  2. Steve says:

    I’m with you 100% on everything in your theory. I’ve hypothesized for a long time that the magnetic properties of the island played a major role in the crash of Flight 815 and it your button theory is very solid. That could very well explain why the African drug plane crashed on the same island, and why the Black Rock ran aground on the island. A magnet that powerful would surely effect compasses (as we’ve seen on the show) and could very well have led the Black Rock in a false direction.

    I’d love the button to not get pushed…and then have another plane fall from the sky. That would be one hell of a cliffhanger!

  3. Julie says:

    Okay.. so I’m starting to think that the Hanso Foundation just had to many eggs in one basket, so to speak.
    We’re talking electromagnetic….some kind of obvious human behaviorial study…. (as with Walt) possible genetic mapping (creating a better race…etc). I mean… is it possible that ALL the areas explored on their website were tested on this one island?

  4. Tom G says:

    Just watched the finale, looks like your hypothesis was pretty darn close.

  5. Mike Lorrey says:

    I believe the heiroglyphics that display when the countdown has gone past zero have some meaning to the plot. Note the syringe, which correlates with the ‘vaccine’ injections, and the bird, which Jack, Kate, Sawyer, Hurley, and Michael see on their trek to get Walt (and which Hurley thinks said his name), at the same time that Ekko and Locke are having their first tiff while the timer is running out. I don’t recall the other symbols…

    First symbol is a folded cloth
    ‘S’, pronounced as in ‘glaSS’.
    This symbol can also mean ‘she, her (it, its)
    Gardiner S29

    Second Symbol was not flipped to
    After review of the video, it is clear this is not able to be determined. There are a number of symbols going by and not flipped to, and when the timer is reset, lock is in the way of the timer until it actually starts flipping.
    By searching terms, it can be drawn that this symbol was supposed to be a spiral, which is the Gardiner Z7

    Third symbol is a firedrill
    Gardiner U29

    Fourth symbol is a vulture
    ‘A’ with an ‘ah’ sound.
    It can also mean ‘father’.
    Gardiner G1

    Fifth symbol is ‘Z6’ hieroglyph
    Browsing an older version of I found the last symbol in this chart under ‘other symbols’
    it’s Gardiner Z6

    “Z 6 hieratc variant of A13-14 Determinative DIE, ENEMY. Sometimes similar to F20.”
    end quote…

    However, I happen to think that the EM field of the Swan station interacts in the human mind with a biochemical that the survivors are ingesting from the surrounding ecosystem: from pollen or something, which results in a tendency to mild hallucination. Given Persingers research on EM fields affecting the brain (he used it to demonstrate the “Alien Abduction” experience is hallucination, as is every other form of psychopompic experience (religious, etc)), this seems to be an area that the Hanso Foundation is researching.

  6. R George says:

    The electromagnetic theory sounds good as any other especially in view of the Movie “Truman” That would expalain the airplane crash and some of what the others are up to.
    Desmond reates to having traveled 9 days on a due west course, Walt is given such explicit directions on what course to chart to “Escape”.
    Finally the girl has evidently been watching for a marker to locate Desmond for all these years and now with the electromagnetic shield down she is notified that he has been located. Pray for the other Lostics.

  7. 2sweetpete says:

    while clicking my mouse on the announcement message theres a hidden messege from someone under the writing that says “i survived a horrific plane crash and am stranded on an island somewhere northeast of australia and southwest of hawaii in the event that i am never found please forward word of my fate to my parents” dont know if this is old i just found it today

  8. spanky mcgee says:

    Based on the supposed homeopathic effects of magnets, my guess is Locke will not be able to walk next season. The huge level of magnetism on the island is the source of the cure for his paralysis.

  9. LostinLost says:

    Interestingly enough, if you use the scrambled date from the
    hansofoundation’s electromagnetic research initiative, you get octocer 26,1992. If you google that date there is a reference to a time magaizine article that stated”Christine Gorman in the October 26, 1992 issue of Time, stated: “One of the most telling results was that the cancer risk grew in proportion to the strength of the electromagnetic field.” She reported that children with constant exposures to the weakest fields (less than 1 mG) had the lowest incidence of cancer. Those exposed to 2 mG had a threefold increase in risk and those exposed to 3 mG had a fourfold increase in the risk of leukemia.” Maybe unrelated, but wouldn’t it be crazy if the leak theory were real and now they could get cancer?

  10. Snoopy says:


    Your electromagnet and radiation theories are well thought out and now have been proven to be correct mostly. I do believe the injections that Desmond took labeled Rx-1 are to protect a person from the effects of radiation poisoning. I’ll go out on a limb a speculate that the vaccine label Rx-1 may translate to Radiation eXperiment 1. The vaccine was prescribed to be taken once every 120 cycles of the charge/discharge of the magnet in the Swan Station.

    I also believe that the island is a nexus for many experiments that were originally intended to create a utopia, but turned into hell instead. Creators of the Dharma Initiative had good, perhaps naive, intentions that when implemented, got out of hand. My guess is that there were very few places where these controversial experiments could have been conducted without interference from legal authorities. We will see that the all of the strange happenings on the island were created by man.

    My last speculation: Faux Henry Gale and his group are the “good guys” from their perspective. They are idealistic people who were original Dharma Initiative participants and in some cases, the products of their experiments. I believe some survivors of the catastrophic experiments in the 1980’s stayed out of guilt or ego to correct their mistakes. The only problem was that outside financial backers of the projects came to the island and are attempting to exploit the biological, electromagnetic, psychic, etc. byproducts for more nefarious reasons. Over time, I think that it will become apparent thaat there is a battle between the idealistic, utopian Dharma scientists and students and the financial backers from the outside world.

    Just my humble opinion.

  11. matrixman says:

    Also, an electro-magnet of that size would play havoc on magnetic based navigation equipment (compass) etc. I’m not sure if it would affect Gps which most planes are equiped with though. can anyone help with this?

  12. Eric says:

    If you look into scalar electromagnetism it answers a lot of Lost’s questions. It’s thought that EM can be used for mind control (Ecko and Locke’s dreams and Hurley’s visions of Dave). Also EM can be used to cure disease and heal (Rose and Locke) or even spread disease (island sickness and need for shots). Pushing the button releases small amouts of EM which affects everyone. The swan may also be a Tesla Shield which would answer the light in the sky when Desmond turned the key (in development by the soviets since WWII, appears as a giant glowing orb). Tesla shields can only be detected when activated by special scalar EM detecting equipment. This is what the Portugese guys have been doing. They detected it once before when Desmond didn’t push the button and crashed the plane. Widmore must be a Darmha financeer and Penny is going behind her father to find Desmond. Perhaps the island was acually used as a base for secret weapons development and was mostly abandoned after the incident. Do research on scalar EM and Tesla Shields or Tesla Howitzers. Kind of crazy but fits.

  13. lostfreak4815162342 says:

    snoopy– very interesting thought about the utopia experiment turned into hell…

    Did some research and found out that DHARMA is REALLY part of the teachings of Buddhism and Hinduism as the principle or law that orders the universe and the essential nature or function of a thing…

    Might be some group trying to make a utopia based on the DHARMA teachings using EM mind control?

    someone think on this more… I can’t… done thinking for the day.

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  15. joe says:

    why has no-one anywhere used the words “particle accelerator”?

    under the island there is a particle accelerator. Its a giant ring, something like a kilometer in diameter, its magnetised and it’s used to split atoms.
    atoms are shot around this ring and smash into each other releasing atomic energy.
    That is what creates the magnetic events and like desmond said, that’s what brought down the plane in the first place. The Incident.

    I dont ever go on lost forums or anything but after reading an article in a magazine about online lost theories i was shocked no-one else had said this.
    please post back if im just an idiot and everyone already knows that the island is a station for splitting atoms?

  16. bob says:

    lost has nothing to do with chernobyl because many people have died and are still dieing now.

  17. Docanaheim says:

    Dharma Initative is a study in Electromagnetic Pulsing
    and the usage for cloaking experiments. The Dharma logo is a Taoist symbol. The symbols on its periphery coincide with the trigrams of the I Ching each Trigram has it’s correlation to the different aspects of things elemental in the universe. Back in the late 1940’s the US Navy was doing Theoretical experiments concerning the effects of Electromagnetics and their ability to form magnetic fields within magnetic fields. The conjecture of the experiment was to develope a strong enough field so as to cloak and make Navy Ships invisible to the enemy. This was the result of earlier Experiments using Nikola Tesla’s theories on field convergence and electricity. Applied to this instance Dharma was a private sector funded Military watchdogged program which main purpose was the study and usage of the EMP for experimental purposes. To properly understand the effects a program of field study was necessary to understand the effects on things enveloped within the field. Mineral, Plants, Animals all had to be included in the study so as to see the results of EMP radiation emissions on the entire site program as a whole. The Hexagram Figure of the “Hatch” sites are like the spokes of a wheel. Each site focused its electromagnetic pulses into a focused controlled array. When properly focused the emanations developed a field of energy similar to a ” Snow Globe “. As longs as the focus remains constant the field for all intense purposes yields an invisible shielded dome of energy,reflective to radio waves, Nothing in Nothing out!!
    The increasing field maintains opacity to anything
    electrical, magnetic, visual. Visual Opacity came from
    the artificial bending of light by the Pulses emitted
    into the field. Very similar to Radar Jamming fields.
    Lost just so happens to be a story involving all the
    aspects of Military, Civilian, and the private sector.
    The history of each person on the flight seems to interconnect and affect the lives of the others. Some
    running from Life and the Law, others just plain suffering from Life’s thrown curveballs. Back to the
    hatches…… each hatch as I said had a purpose
    in the Program. The plane crash resulted from the
    High Energy Emmissions from the EMP Generator. When the field reached the overload point it disrupted
    everything about it. The plane lost structural integrity from the polarization switching in the
    atmosphere. Lightning, one of the causes was a by-product. The Initiative being a very private
    program can not be found out because of all the
    implications that could arise from Phase shifted Electrical fields. Food for Thought? take a Bite!!


  18. Becky says:

    In order for the island to move there would need to be another island on the opposite side of the earth to make the electromagnet work. Surely this couldn’t be another twist??

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