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DJ Dan Podcast & Rachel Blake Iceland Post 03 / Update

Possible Spoilers DJ Dan’s podcast 6/30 (linked directly HERE) is very interesting for those of you who want to know more info about Valenzetti. He gets a caller who is a mathematical forecaster, who fills in some details–apparently, he thinks … Continue reading

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The Spider Protocol Letter

Possible Spoilers An incredible document has just been discovered in the webmaze. How it was found: The newest newsletter has just been released by the ROT guys. In it, there are all sorts of hints: 1) There is a poem … Continue reading

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Rachel Blake Iceland Post 02 & ROT Update / Mandrake Wig

Possible Spoilers Webmazers, Rachel has a new post up on her blog, which discusses her thoughts on Gary Troup and also on the heiroglyphics. Additionally, the ROT guys at (the backsite message board) have a new post–specifically Fiberoptician does. … Continue reading

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For the people who don't play The Lost Experience

A few posts down, I think Hammer posed a great question in the comments section: By the way, the “Lost Experience” thing that you are working through…do you think that it’s helping you to find out what the island is … Continue reading

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Rachel Blake Iceland Post 01

Possible Spoilers Hello, Lost Experience webmazers! Rachel’s blog main page is now showing us that she made it to Reykjavik, Iceland! It appears that she must be following up on GidgetGirl’s last tipoff about the Vik Institute fire and other … Continue reading

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ROT Updates

Possible Spoilers From TLE webmaze, the ROT backsite has been busy with activity. iobiSeeingYou and DSLerator have indicated that they will have a new clue every day; each one a single word that will build one LARGE clue. In 6/26 … Continue reading

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Same Line, Different Character

Throughout the LOST series (both seasons), there have been certain, peculiar phrases that get repeated or mirrored back to one another. It’s very clear that this is intentional, and may go even beyond showing thematic interconnections between characters. A few … Continue reading

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