The List

I’ve heard a lot of speculation that the List made by Miss Klugh at the end was of the “Good” ones out of the group. This is not a bad guess, I think, given that other lists the Others had made in previous episodes did seem to be of the “Good” people (at least as far as they were concerned)… Goodwin, for example, tells Ana-Lucia that Nathan was left off (the first list that was found, after Ana killed the Other woman on the beach) for that reason in “The Other 48 Days”: “He was not a good person”. In “Maternity Leave”, Tom (“Mr. Friendly”) chastizes Ethan for not completing another list before kidnapping Claire, though he doesn’t specifically say what this list is for, this time.

Miss Klugh’s third list, as we know, includes:

Jack Shephard
Kate Austen
Hugo Reyes
James Ford

If this is a list of the “Good ones”, then why isn’t Locke on it, though? From Fake Henry’s own words in “Two for the Road” (after Locke asks why he didn’t just kill him when he was trapped under the blast door, and he had the chance):

“Because you’re one of the good ones, John.”

So why would they leave off Locke? Or is there another purpose for this List?

Why would they go through the trouble of kidnapping Hurley, when they would just set him free as the “messenger boy”? And if those are the survivors they wanted, why not just have kidnapped them when Tom had them at gunpoint and disarmed, in the scene at “the line” in “The Hunting Party”?

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  1. JB says:

    I don’t know why they included those particular names on the list, but I’m pretty confident they didn’t know they wanted them til after “The Hunting Party”. Perhaps after Walt turned out to be a “problem”?

    We often assume that the Others have and have always had a grand, unwavering, unified plan they attempt to exact to perfection. The finale showed us, like most contingents of people, even what we presume to be their “ultimate plans” do change…

  2. me says:

    you can’t beleive henry…he told locke that he never pushed the button which can’t be true. all he ever does is lie. so in maybe one respect, the whole “we’re good and your bad” thing is all backwards. but then again…the more i think about the lost crew…the more i think they’re really not good people at all. given all their backgrounds. well i guess we’ll see…….

  3. Brian says:

    They probably told Hurley to go back because they were afraid he would eat all of their food.

    Just kidding, but do you think they sent Hurley back because they thought he would be a good messenger person? It looks like almost everyone on the island likes Hurley so it makes sense. This would avoid the rest of the losties sending a search party.

    As for why they chose Kate, Jack, and Sawyer…
    They are basically what you would call the leaders of their group so maybe they are trying to make some agreement, or something along the lines of a treaty. But why wouldn’t they want Sayid to come? Or is he considered to be a leader? Anyway, it doesn’t appear they just want to execute them, because they wouldn’t of used tranq guns on them in the first place, so that leads me to believe its some kind of agreement they want made.

  4. nsps says:

    In “S.O.S,” Jack tells Kate that he picked her to go with him because he knew that The Others didn’t want her, so the writers were clearly trying to remind us of what happened before the list appeared. My best guess is that The Others weren’t able to create a list before they had Kate.

    “I only asked you because they don’t want you. They grabbed you, had you at gun point, they could have kept you but they didn’t. Then again, they didn’t really want me either.”

    “Damaged Goods, both of us.”

    If you speculate that Libby is connected to Widmore/Dharma and that she gave Desmond the yacht as part of a con (but she was on the plane), it’s possible that she wanted Hurley to come, and now that she’s dead, Hurley was turned into a messenger. Just a guess, of course.

    In response to Brian’s comment: I don’t know if I’d call Jack, Kate and Sawyer the “leaders.” Sawyer is an outsider, and could only be considered a leader in reference to supplies. I would consider Locke (and, as you mentioned, Sayid), more important to the leadership on the island.

    I agree that Henry was simply trying to manipulate Locke. I still wonder why he isn’t a “good person,” though. Clearly there is some sort of criteria used for the list.

  5. KillerR says:

    What ive been wondering about are the questions that miss klugh and micheal’s ex’s lawyer (practically the same)asked micheal. what’s the signifigance?

  6. ilumzar says:

    ok so here are my thoughts:

    a reason why they choose jack is: he is THE leader, there are no more. Without Jack returning to the group, the Losties will know they´ve lost the war. he considered to be the most influencial character, accepted by everyone and was in good physics. so the others demoralized the losties by grabbing the strongest.
    BUT THE MOST LOGICAL NEXT: they want to offer him a job, or at least they definately need him to FIX somebody (maybe HIM), cause the most remarkable sentence by his former wife: “you will always need something you can FIX” – it think that was a clear hint by the producers. as far as we know, the others have medical supplies and stuff somewhere.

    a reason why the want to have kate: she is trained, she is tough, she knows how to shoot and to kill. the others need her to DO a job for her. whether its to infiltrate someone, or something (cause she´s also small) or to steal something from any place i can´t imagine right now. but the others can be quite sure that they GET WHAT THEY NEED, cause when Kate is something in perfection: an escape ARTIST.

    a reason why they want sawyer: Because they need him to CON SOMEONE! which they can´t do alone because the person who must be conned KNOWS all the OTHERS. for this reason it can only be sawyer, with a fresh face and good acting qualities. maybe they want to have him somwhere outside the island (which can also go for kate).

    an overall reason for those three: they have nothing more to loose: kate lost her family; her mother betrayed her. jack lost his dad, his wife left him. sawyer never had someone. so i´m not quite sure if that matters, but…you´ll never know:)

    i guess they would wanted to have locke for something usefull, but his leg is still a bit injured and hes not in good state (regardless of what happened in the hatch in the final.

    they didn´t wanted sayid, cause he´s the most dangerous of the losties, they fear him.

    …what u think?

  7. jossie says:

    Hi guys,

    I was seeing season 1 again and I noticed that Jack’s father had white sneakers when he presented himself to him, and hearing the commentaries they said to place close attention to the sneakers that he was wearing and they look like the sneakers hanging from the tree when the show first started. I don’t think they bury you with shoes on especially white sneakers with an Armani suit. Jack’s father was the only dead person on the plane so I’m thinking that the island perform a miracle on him like it did to Locke walking, Sun getting pregnant and Rose being cured from cancer. I believe that the letter found by Persiphone saying how the doctor kept trying to contact Hanso re. his blood work and no one can be reached or calls back it leads me to believe that Hanso might also be on the island and that that’s the only thing that keeps him alive and that’s why he signed himself out of the hospital. I also believe that Hanso is the person whom Henry was referring to when he told Jack that Mr. Friendly was no one compare to his leader. as of the list am not sure what to make about it. what about that giant green eagle calling out hurley name, do you think this show is about GOD VS SCIENCE. the whispers they hear in the jungel the images they see,or sharing the same dreams. maybe lets see in season three.

  8. Cecilia says:

    NSPS, Brian, JB… you guys make interesting points, and I agree with some of your speculation, I think… as the blast door would put it “we’re on the same wavelength”.

    jossie: I’m not sure where you got this whole sneaker comment idea, though. From the S1 DVD commentary on D7, they say that the sneaker was not meant to be significant to the show or belonging to anyone in particular; it was just there to show the general tragedy of the situation (symbolic measure). I’ve also never heard of a rule where you can’t get buried in regular dress shoes, and should be buried in white sneakers, sorry. 🙂

  9. jossie says:

    cecilia: if u see season1 disc 2 episode5 the white ribbit put the commentarie. the writer wanted to focus on the white sneakes,but the dirctor said ther was no time for it. and if you want to get bury with white shoes or your bunny slippers by all means it your funeral. I could be wrong and jack’s dad is dead,and what he saw was a ghost that lead him to the cave for the water they needed. one more thing about the list do you think they wanted sawyer cuse he smokes and they want to see if they can fix dose lungs, he also suffer from migrain. use him as a guneapig.

  10. Lesley says:

    I agree with ilumzar, other than Hurley, the people on the list have nothing more to lose. However, Not-Henry was never in on the plan and even told everyone he did not agree but that they (the Others) would live up to their word. I am guessing that the Others had discussed everyone at some point and how each new arrival fit in with their plans. I assume that they are militant liberators and/or leftover victims of the 1980 Hanso/Dharma thing. We know they are cunning and ruthless. I think we can say that Kate and Sawyer can also be described similarly. Jack is a doctor and I am guessing that his ability to con Sawyer will also lead to us discovering he has the same attributes and (doubleheader) he is a doctor to boot – they seem to like doctors. All three seem to struggle with a concern for the general well being of their group (good and bad qualities – how about that!) nd that should serve a “save the world” cause quite nicely. Hurley hmmmmm, I like the idea that he was for Libby but I think the Others see that the Lostaways all like him so perhaps he is the new kinder-gentler leader of the Losties (or they know he is cursed –jk). The Others are scared of Sayid and Locke can be so easily manipulated…..They did not take the 3 of them before because Not-Henry was still in charge and they had a different plan before he was caught. I think the Others act based on current need.

    I am still puzzled as to why the Others were so cold-blooded as to have left Charlie dangling in a tree and found it necessary to take Aaron from Claire so brutally. Something does not quite fit……

  11. Brian says:

    First off, I don’t think that Jack is seeing his father’s ghost. I think its the same as Kate’s black horse and Hurley’s imaginary friend. What are these hallucinations? Some people belive it’s the smoke monster turning into these things, which i guess seems possible. I’m beginnign to believe anything is in this show.

    I agree that Jack is the main leader of the losties, but i definately don’t think he is the only leader. Kate, especially, and Sayid and Locke all have leadership qualities, but in different ways. It seemed towards the end of Season 2 that alot of people were getting fed up with Jack and not so eager to do what he says. NSPS: you’re right Sawyer really isn’t that much of a leader, he mostly keeps to himself. I shouldn’t of said that earlier.

    Someone said that The Others are ruthless and it does seem that way, but we don’t know a whole lot about them. Maybe it just seems that they are ruthless, but really aren’t bad. Henry Gale did say that “they (the others) were the GOOD people.” Maybe that’s more significant than we know. Does Henry just believe that what he is doing is good (but it’s really not) or do we just not understand that they are doing what’s best? But it is still unclear whether or not they held their promise about letting Walt and Michael go. It seems to me there was something akward about Walt and Michael leaving. Michael not returning to the show makes me even more confused.

    If the others turn out to not be so bad, it wouldn’t be the first time we have seen that kind of a twist in this show. They tried to get us to hate Anna-Lucia at first and then later we find out the reason she acts the way she does and have sympathy for her.

    About Jack’s dad’s white shoes…..
    I didn’t even notice he was wearing white shoes, but that’s interesting. Do you think he was wearing that outift when he died, with the suit and the shoes? I definately don’t think he was wearing that on the plane because surely the coroner removed his clothes. Maybe Jack has a memory of his dad wearing a suit and white shoes and that’s why his “hallucination” of his father is like that? Hopefully we find out more in Jack’s next flash back. The show likes to make contrasts between black and white ever since Locke talked about the backgammon pieces in one of the first episodes. So these shoes might be significant in that aspect, but I’m not sure how.

    And Jossie, I think you might be right about Hanso being who Henry answers too. I didn’t think about it before, but it sure makes sense.

    And last, I do think that ONE of the main ideas of the show is God vs. Science, among many others.

  12. samsandrasan says:

    I don’t think being ‘good’ has anything to do with their actions on the island. I think it goes further back to who they are and where they come from. I believe the organization was already part of who these people were before they ever came to the island. Whether they were products of the organizations projects or offspring of people inside the organization. I also don’t believe the numbers are magical or cursed. I believe the numbers were in the lives of the characters before coming to the island because they were part of the organization knowingly or unknowingly. I mean they were in Hurley’s head because of his time in the hospital and maybe everyone in that hospital were subjects of a project but, I think the numbers ‘are just numbers’. Maybe a project identification number.

  13. M.A. says:

    all I know is that I just found this site and I am really excited to chat lost up with you guys! did you all notice that they U.S. officer from the first season that made sayid torture his friend is the same dude that saved the french dude? yeah look into that.

  14. ilumzar says:

    i guess we recognized that calvin is the same guy that interrogated with sayid 13 years ago…but..does anyone agree on that “ability” thing that i wrote few post up that page? jack: surgeon – kate: escape artist – saywer: con artist! i really guess that its these abilities what made em appear on the list.

  15. jossie says:

    Check this out in the last part of season one when hurly and jack went to the black rock that giant bird was there and i think he was calling his name. then the monster came after them. maybe warning them trying to help him. this is why i think that god is using them to stop hanso.

  16. Michelle says:

    I think that they didn’t take them in The Hunting Party because they don’t want Locke, regardless of what Henry told him. (Henry definitely knew which buttons to push with Locke, so he knew telling him that he was wanted would help his case when the time came.)

    Maybe the place where they met Zeke (and the place where Michael reappeared) actually is close to their headquarters and they didn’t want Locke snooping around trying to rescue Jack, Kate, and Sawyer. Hurley, as we saw, isn’t adept at finding his way in the jungle, so once he gets back to the beach, he won’t be able to find any of the places that they went (the dock or the pile of cannisters).

  17. Hammer says:

    [quote comment=”4040″]i guess we recognized that calvin is the same guy that interrogated with sayid 13 years ago…but..does anyone agree on that “ability” thing that i wrote few post up that page? jack: surgeon – kate: escape artist – saywer: con artist! i really guess that its these abilities what made em appear on the list.[/quote]

    I think you’re onto something. I think Sayid was also left off the list for plot reasons…he is the one that makes sense to try to get his mates free. Locke is in “limbo” and the rest of the characters as of yet haven’t shown the “ability” to lead a rescue effort. The others wouldn’t bring him into camp then let him go to warn the rest…that’s why Hurley was picked.

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