A Re-examination of the Monster Attacks

When the Monster attacks, people frequently assume it is a random attack by a beast-like creature on individuals that encroach on its territory. With the info from the blast door map, perhaps it’s possible the attacks are more focused than we thought in Season 1–each one with a purpose? Either the Monster or whoever is controlling it.


First encountered shortly after crashing, when Jack, Kate and Charlie go on an expedition to find the front section of the plane. They find the newly awakened pilot, and shortly thereafter something shadows the windows, and shakes the section. When he dumbly hangs halfway outside the window, he is pulled up. Later, they find his corpse, bloodied and battered, presumably killed by it. No one clearly sees what the Monster looks like.

Maybe it doesn’t want the pilot to communicate something to the survivors? Or maybe it was trying to stop the passing on of the transceiver?


Locke sees the monster up close early on when he tripped and fell backwards, but we do not see it from his perspective. He says “I’ve looked into the eye of this island, and what I saw was beautiful.” He does not go into detail, but in the future no longer wants to run from it.

Was it trying to communicate something to Locke? He did not harm him during this episode. Locke was just out hunting, and this incident caused Kate to drop the antenna, which made it more difficult to triangulate the source of Danielle’s signal. Was the Monster also trying to interrupt the discovery of new info from the source of this signal?


When Locke, Jack and Kate are carrying dynamite back from the Black Rock, they encounter “smoke” which drags Locke far, and tries to drag him into a hole in the ground. Locke begs Jack to let him go, convinced it will not hurt him. Jack does not have the same conviction, and throws dynamite down in the hole, freeing Locke.

Is there something the Monster is specifically guarding in the Dark Territory or by the Black Rock? Knowledge there that would give some secret away? Again, is there something it is trying to get Locke specifically for? Is he a threat, or a medium for communication?


The black smoke entity (possibly the Monster) approaches Mr. Eko and Charlie when they are on their way to find the Beechcraft plane. Charlie is up in a tree and frightened. Mr. Eko does not flinch as he faces it down without fear. The smoke comes close to his face, and in it, there are reflected numerous images from Mr. Eko’s past, including Yemi, religious images from Yemi’s church, a woman, the old man he shot under duress when he was a child, and Mr. Eko walking out of the ocean the first day they crashed. After pausing, it’s the smoke that retreats, not Mr. Eko.

Is there something specifically the Monster is trying to communicate to Eko?

I know many of these topics have been discussed in the past, but I just wanted to collate them together to see if we could find a more detailed pattern. The attacks don’t seem random, they seem to occur for a reason… what that reason is, I guess we can only speculate.

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5 Responses to A Re-examination of the Monster Attacks

  1. Lesley says:

    It has also been mentioned by the creators of the show that during season two after the 23rd Psalm episode, we saw the smoke monster but may not have been aware we were seeing it.
    I have the feeling “smokey” gathers information from those he encounters so I guess it makes sense that he could keep folks from finding information as well. If we have seen smokey not look like smokey perhaps he can produce images or meld into other forms. He sounds more mechanical though so I get the impression he is more likely a highly evolved computer. Didn’t one of the clues in the Experience drop the hint of microscopic computers that gather to look cloud-like? Could be… but how do they kill? Great thoughts Cecilia. Thanks!

  2. LostDamery says:

    What about the episode where boon is having an experience and sees shannon his sister taken by the “Monster” and killed. Just a dream or a mental communication?

    I think the “Monster” may be a multiple entity, part smoke monster that can grab a person and drag them down a hole and part destructive force that tosses tree’s by the roots and kills pilots. Many facets but the same diamond….an island security system tied into the magnetic claoking system and maybe controlled by a higher authority that is keeping the Losties as well as the others and what I suspect is another group of scientist (part of Dharma) on the island.

    Sure it is all speculation but isnt that what this is for?

  3. jonno says:

    so, where does von monster show up after the 23rd psalm? if we’re not aware of it, i guess the islanders sure aren’t as well.

  4. Cecilia says:

    Lesley and LostDamery, I was considering mentioning both of these things (podcast comments and the Boone incident) in the article, what a coincidence. 🙂

    The podcast comments really made me wonder, and I just don’t know what to think anymore. I guess I am leaning towards them meaning that the Monster is like a manifestation of the subconscious mind, which may well explain things like Kate’s horse, Dave, etc. Unsure.

    On Boone, the only reason I left that one out was because I figured people might point out that he was in an altered state of consciousness because Locke drugged him. However Damery, I think in a lot of ways the show is trying to blur these lines anyway… there are so many cases where waking images seem like dreams, and dreams seem real. It’s hard to tell on the island.

    jonno, I don’t think the Monster ever makes an appearance as the cloud after 1×10 (23rd psalm), but just in the mysterious “other form” the writers are hinting at.

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