Rachel Blake Iceland Post 02 & ROT Update / Mandrake Wig

Possible Spoilers

Webmazers, Rachel has a new post up on her blog, which discusses her thoughts on Gary Troup and also on the heiroglyphics.

Additionally, the ROT guys at http://www.retrieversoftruth.com (the backsite message board) have a new post–specifically Fiberoptician does. Apparently, he says that we have a 4 word clue already (we have figured this out in past clues to be “Welcome your [new video?]”), and 2 new ones are coming today. The new word clues should be added after the http://www.richerdeeperbroader.com URL in order to unlock some secret part of the site.

The ROT guys over AIM (now confirmed in game) have also been directing towards the in-game blog of “Mandrake Wig” (first mentioned in the Dr. Bole letter):

He is an interesting character, and if you read his first blog post, “Responsibility taken”, there’s a curious story about him missing a plane “that didn’t make it, didn’t arrive, NEVER arrived”, and how he had mixed feelings about this: “Did I escape death or miss out on the adventure of a lifetime? Or both?” This was a plane that was flying from Australia to Los Angeles. Is Mandrake just a made up character by the Verizon guys? And whether he is or not, was he supposed to be on Oceanic Flight 815?

The answers to the questions posed on his site in the second post are:
1.The Split (Source=IMDB)
2.THIS Island Earth (not THE island Earth) (Source=IMDB)
3.Next (Source=HERE)
5.To Tell The Truth (Kitty Carlisle appeared on EVERY episode according to IMDB)

(Thanks to jlmlostarg for those)

EDIT 6/29: Mandrake Wig has a new post for today that points people to his Flickr album:
Seems very likely that word clues will come from there. The favorite meal is a picture of Korean BBQ, the dogs are Golden Retrievers, the sea turtles appear to be Leatherbacks, the ship is of the Vapor de la Carrera (docked in Buenos Aires), the taxi is a Rolls, the airline is Australian Airlines/Qantas, and the author of the tango song “Caminito” whose bust is in a square in Buenos Aires is Gabino Coria Peñaloza. Not sure how to put these clues together yet, anyone have any ideas?

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