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DJ Dan Podcast 6/26 & Rachel Blake Coppenhagen Posts 06/07

Possible Spoilers DJ Dan’s newest podcast is now up, click here for link. I’ll be honest, there’s not much new in it of interest aside from that he’s fawning over Rachel now. Rachel Blake’s newest video is a little more … Continue reading

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A way to get Sun on the boat?

I was watching the season finale with my mother this weekend, and as usually happens when you watch LOST again (even if it’s for the umpteenth time) is that you still get new insights. One that stuck out to me … Continue reading

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Rachel Blake Coppenhagen Post 05

Possible Spoilers Rachel has a new entry on her blog, saying that Mel0Drama helped her to link a new video somewhere on (it’s a site where people list things they’d like to do or have done… I actually have … Continue reading

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A Re-examination of the Monster Attacks

When the Monster attacks, people frequently assume it is a random attack by a beast-like creature on individuals that encroach on its territory. With the info from the blast door map, perhaps it’s possible the attacks are more focused than … Continue reading

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Message from wtkFleet35 to Rachel

Possible Spoilers A minor update for the webmazers. There was an update to the compass backsite mailbox today in the Trash folder… I haven’t seen people discuss this a lot: A message from a guy named wtkFleet35 to OpenersHep. … Continue reading

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Temporary Leave

Just letting everyone know that starting this week, Andreas is going to be out of town, and probably not going to have internet access for a while. He will be gone until August, so during these two months, may not … Continue reading

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Rachel Blake Coppenhagen Posts 03/04 & DJ Dan Update

Possible Spoilers Just a heads up that RB has another post now on her blog. Will be back to comment on specifics later, but she seems to be now focusing on Hugh, in addition to her new “clues” about THF’s … Continue reading

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