ROT Chat Update

Possible Spoilers

As some of you webmazers know, the some of the ROT crew have been communicating clues through AIM under the names DSLerator and iobiSeeingYou.

A very small clue today is that iobi gave the clue of “Rob Morrow’s daughter”, who happens to be named Tu Morrow. However, this may well be the same clue as was already previously guessed… with the final word being TOMORROW (see previous). Not likely anything new to anyone following the game closely, but at least we know how they wanted us to guess it. She also gave the hint that we may get the login box name and password through a new clue soon. I will post a full transcript of one conversation in the comments section.

There also appears to be a new hovering UFO in the site, which I have not noticed previous to today; it is not clickable, and flies off soon after the site is opened.

ETA 7/3: There is a new post in the ROT message board, however it doesn’t *seem* too helpful yet (unless the “nein”–German for “no”–points to something other than “Wilkommen” and/or the “brass ring” is a clue to something other than just the figure of speech for winning a prize–as in what you do at a carousel).

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6 Responses to ROT Chat Update

  1. Cecilia says:

    This AIM dialogue transcript comes courtesy of kanepresten at TheTailSection:

    kanepresten: hey. ur from the retrivers of truth blog arent u!
    iobiSeeingYou: you have the password?
    kanepresten: uh… the polar bear password?
    iobiSeeingYou: goooood
    kanepresten: yeah. thats the one.
    iobiSeeingYou: i\\\’ve got a clue
    iobiSeeingYou: rob morrow\\\’s daughter\\\’s name
    kanepresten: i was assuming u would have a clue.. u always do.
    kanepresten: do i know a rob morrow? i know a tom morrow… they talk abt him all the time at the wedway peoplemover. or tomorrowland transit authority… hes always getting paged.
    iobiSeeingYou: good stuff.
    iobiSeeingYou: you are on the right track
    iobiSeeingYou: good luck
    kanepresten: thanks yo…. heh \\\”right track\\\”… cuz the peoplemover is on a track…. heh.
    kanepresten: ok.. so ive been keepin up with ur words.. the ones seem to go together with this one: welcome/your/next/video/needs/your/experiences/check/tomorrow
    whats next??
    kanepresten: do i \\\”check tomorrow\\\”?
    iobiSeeingYou: try it
    iobiSeeingYou: i\\\’ve got DSL working the back end for this
    iobiSeeingYou: let\\\’s see if he is up to speed
    kanepresten: if i plug that in to\\\”everythingisaidabove\\\”… i get a username password box… maybe mr dsl needs to work on gettin us IN there, huh? or maybe i need another clue.. from someone…
    iobiSeeingYou: i think you are right
    kanepresten: but where to look… maybe a friend of urs might help soon?
    iobiSeeingYou: i trust that will happen
    iobiSeeingYou signed off at 2:03:53 PM.

  2. VidGamer123 says:

    Here’s a question: was that an actual chat with a flesh-and-blood person, or was it some sort of pre-programmed bot?

  3. Cecilia says:

    Vid: I’m pretty sure it was a real person, I don’t know that guy, but I’ve heard the same clue from others who are “real” (at least I hope so, I’ve been chatting with them for a while). 🙂

  4. flan says:

    Be seeing you?another wink tipped to ‘The Prisoner’ of which lost is heavily derivative.

  5. xDest says:

    Might be the “Nein” is a clue. Because normally that word wouldn’t be used with an !. You don’t say no that way to state something like “no i haven’t”. In this case it might be a Simpsons reference because Homer’s “D’oh!” translates to ‘Nein!’ in German. This seems to be a bit far fetched though.

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