Fragment Code Updates

Possible Spoilers

Just updating with new codes and where they are found so far. As of 13:17 EST, there are 11 known found out of 12 total released fragments. It appears that the pattern is that they are mostly given to “insider” bloggers (official ABC puppet blogs of Speaker, Lost Ninja, and Other Girl), as with as one on Rachel’s own page and one in Entertainment Weekly’s article (they have had insider exclusives for LOST in the past, and have an ongoing relationship with TPTB; considered “partly insider”).

5) 748L < — Rachel Blake’s blog

EDIT 7/24:

6) FVH7N < — Speaker’s blog (hidden)
7) 88CH < — Lost Ninja’s blog
8) 1EY8AZCZNA2 < — Lost Ninja’s blog
9) VDADOS7YRE0 < — Lost Ninja’s blog

EDIT 7/25:

10) 3GTVI0M11 < — Entertainment Weekly Article
11) IG3X < — from UK LOST podcast

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11 Responses to Fragment Code Updates

  1. froggirl says:

    So any clue as to how to find the others? I typed glyph into sublymonal and it gave me the definition of glyph from wikipedia.

  2. Hugo Reyes says:

    Speakers Got MORE!

  3. Misty says:

    Hey, there is someone who has all 10 codes. I just looked. The video is up

  4. Cecilia says:

    Now up to 11… updating.

  5. froggirl says:

    There are some new pictures on Manny’s flickr site

    3 different statues. Could be they aren’t important. Just thought I’d mention.

  6. Misty says:

    How does one watch these things?

  7. Cecilia says:


    Check my walkthrough, last page, towards the bottom. I give instructions on how to view and arrange the fragments (with images to help). In short, you have to drag them over, and then click on the boxes in the upper right corner.

  8. Misty says:

    That link does not work 😦

  9. Tara Jayne says:

    I need the 28th code for the sequence.
    If anyone has it i really need it.
    if you have it please e-mail me at…
    thank you

  10. Tara Jayne says:


    CODE #28 IS



  11. life insurance ratings says:

    Keep it up (like I do :-)) Great site – loved the bit about yourselves.

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