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Fragment Code & Apollo Candy Updates

Possible Spoilers More HansoExposed fragment glyphs! As always, this post will be updated for all codes found during this week, check back here. Oh, and by the way, have you checked out the Glyphomatic yet? If you haven’t, I highly … Continue reading

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Playing the Lost music

Michael Giacchino might not be a name you immediately connect to Lost, but you have heard of him, or rather, you have heard his music. Mr.Giacchino is the composer behind Lost’s haunting but beautiful soundtrack. With soundtracks like Mission:Impossible 3 … Continue reading

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Terry O'Quinn talks about Locke

The latest in a series of interviews over at is an interview with the man who portrays everyone’s favorite castaway, John Locke. IGN DVD: What is the one thing you wish you could have found in the hatch besides … Continue reading

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Jorge Garcia loves being an action figure

IGN has published an interview with Jorge Garcia, Lost’s Hurley: IGN: In comparison to Season One, how would you characterize or differentiate your experience working on Season Two? Garcia: Well, there’s something cool about an being an actor when you’re … Continue reading

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In the mind of Michael Emerson

We have all been impressed by his portrayal of the creepy “Henry Gale” on Lost, but what are Michael Emerson’s thoughts on playing one of the mysterious “Others”? IGN has the answers: IGN: It seems like everybody on the show … Continue reading

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Alan Dale talks about his role as Charles Widmore

In an interview with IGN, Alan Dale, the actor who played the mysterious Charles Widmore in the Lost season 2 finale answers some questions about his “guest appearance” and his possible future in Lost. IGN TV: You also appeared on … Continue reading

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Henry Ian Cusick talks about Desmond

Although he didn’t win the Emmy for best guest actor in a drama series award which he was nominated for, Henry Ian Cusick who portrays Desmond on Lost is very happy with his life. In an interview with USAToday, Cusick … Continue reading

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