Tailsection Misinformation

Our friends over at The Tailsection recently posted what they claim to be “world exclusive” photos from the set of Lost season 3. Some of these photos if not all of them are photo manipulations. How do I know this? Because I work in Photoshop almost every day and I know a bad photo manipulation when I see one.

This image is the best example of photo manipulation among the “photos” The Tailsection posted. It can be clearly seen that the hand is not part of the original photo. The light doesn’t fall on the bones in the same way that the light is falling on the cliffside above and the entire hand is too bright when it should be covered in shadow. Also note how the fingertips are simply cut off and some are even transparent so that you can see the cliffside behind what should be solid bone.

Furthermore, the reflection in the water is simply a mirrored image of the hand without any ripples on the surface. This does not look natural. I am also very suspicious of the small islands and the two persons standing on them. To sum things up, the entire image looks like a bad composition created to get people’s attention.

The rest of the images are also a mix of manipulations and if I would guess, images found on Google or Wikipedia.
I am seriously doubting that any of the images has anything to do with Lost at all.

Now why would the formerly quite reliable Tailsection post this kind of made up misinformation?

The post was made by the editor of the sensationalist Lost “spoiler” site ThEmIsFiTiShErE. Ever since I first saw that site I have been very suspect of the authenticity of the “exclusive spoilers” they post and I am willing to accuse it’s editor of simply posting made up spoilers and news to drive visitors to his site.

As any good Internet user knows, all information should be viewed with a critical eye.
Please don’t fall for this kind of misinformation.


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  1. Castaway03 says:

    I’ve read some of this guy’s stuff before, and he needs to get his head out of the clouds and stop being so full of himself.

    “When Christine Columpus discovered America in 1912 she must have FELT like I do NOW!!” … Jeez.

  2. Cecilia says:

    Very cool, Andreas! Thank you for doing some of the investigative work on this. It’s funny, because The Tail Section is one of the few forums I don’t follow, and just an hour ago, I was reading ThEmIsFiTiShErE’s profile. I figured he is just someone who enjoys making fanon, but not going so far as to falsify spoilers. Good to know where it’s really at. I agree with Castaway!

  3. Ginger says:

    Funny that they refer to them as “Leaky” photos.
    Is that because they don’t hold water?


  4. Damien says:

    For a long time I have doubted his spoilers and thoughts and this post today has just about sealed it for me…what a waste of time!!!

  5. Cecilia says:

    I really hate sites that overpromote or oversell themselves. I hate to say it, but I feel like TTS is doing that lately. The callers to DJ Dan’s broadcast on Friday that were from TTS all had to put in a plug for the site, which was annoying, since many people from other sites called in and didn’t feel the need to do this.

  6. Cecilia says:

    You know, actually, I think he means them to be a joke. You can see in the comments section:

    anonymous said…
    Good work misfit . . I love the fact that people are still falling for your fun “spoilers” . . . when are they going to get the picture (no pun intended . . .)

    Tuesday, August 15, 2006 2:09:00 PM

    However, i still think it’s kind of a lame thing to do. It’s not like he posts pictures like of Locke with his arm around David Hasselhoff or something, LOL.

  7. Mole´ says:

    Well come on, the guy’s name is “Mike Crotch”.
    Isn’t that one of the oldest phone prank names in the book?
    Does he gets his ‘scoops’ from ‘Jack Mehoff’?
    Bart Simpson has better prank names than that.

  8. Andreas says:

    If the site is meant to be a joke, then that should be stated on the site so as to not confuse and misinform the massive amount of Lost fans who are trying to maintain an interesting discussion about one of the best written shows on television.

    I never wrote about the original site because of what I felt was quite obvious false spoilers (I don’t find the site funny, what’s fun about making up false information?), but from what I understand, The Tailsection is supposed to be a site with real Lost news, because of that I would guess that the majority of their visitors assume that the information they post is correct. Fooling their visitors and the Lost community through word of mouth in this way is simply not something I can respect.

    If anyone really finds these kind of false photos to be funny, please explain to me what’s fun about them.

  9. SpinPapi says:

    The guy’s website IS a joke, and the joke’s on anyone who takes it too seriously. He’s not always spot-on funny, but he has been very funny at times (see some of the so-called spoilers leading up to the season 2 finale about Bernard or the many people in decontamination suits on the beach).

    I love LOST as much as the rest of you, but cmon, can’t anybody take a joke on US? Lighten up and laugh a little, people! Andreas, you who have helped create such a great site here, I would hope don’t actually mean that people should say they’re about to tell a joke before they actually do. How un-funny is that?

  10. Cecilia says:

    Yeah, I have a sense of humor and love a lot of LOST parodies; I love people who make light of the show. But this is just dumb and not funny. There’s a much better spoof of spoilers here:


  11. Andreas says:

    As I understood it, this guy is trying to make people believe that his information is correct.

    If his intentions are for people to just have a laugh, then I’m sorry for accusing him, but I still believe that it should be stated somewhere on his site that the “spoilers” are meant to be a joke. And I still don’t understand why his “jokes” end up on The Tailsection.

    From reading the comments on his blog, it becomes apparent that many of his visitors and thereby probably also many of The Tailsection’s visitors believe that he is serious about the spoilers.

    I simply felt that since I could prove that his photos are falsifications, I wanted to inform the Lost community of it to prevent anyone from believing in his “spoilers” and basing any theories or discussions on them.

    SpinPapi, I don’t mean that people should tell me that they are about to tell a joke before they do, but if I tell a joke in a way which can be interpreted as regular information and the person I’m telling it to doesn’t get that it’s a joke, I would let him or her know that it was a joke to prevent them from using that “information” in another context.

    There is nothing wrong with making fun of Lost, but people shouldn’t do it to make big headlines and achieve more money from their advertising.

  12. Cecilia says:

    Enough people buy his stuff as serious, that I think it is legit to have a post refuting it, even if it is “obvious” to some. I’ve been seeing this stuff being posted as a real spoiler in many forums today (admittedly by slightly gullible people), and it’s getting annoying.

  13. Castaway03 says:

    If it were all meant to be a joke, he wouldn’t be a writer on TTS, because TTS is meant to be serious.

  14. CLAUDE says:

    Well, it’s because the misfit was the one that posted that on the tailsection. Don’t forget that he is also a writer on the website. Don’t blame the site, they usually have the best people there. Blame the writer the misfit for posting it. I don’t mind if he posts it to his blog (nobody looks at it anyway)… he just shouldn’t post it to other’s.

  15. Cecilia says:

    But the site gives him permission to post there by making him a writer, and not moderating his posts, so that they are in between legit spoilers. That ruins TTS\\\’s credibility with me… Misfit doesn\\\’t seem to do much to further fun LOST mythology except promote his own blog.

    It\’d be the same as me writing false stuff to Andreas\’ blog, and then linking my personal site; whenever I write here, I see it as a reflection of lostblog.net, with A. taking partial responsibility for it, since he owns it

  16. Castaway03 says:

    [quote comment=”5438″]But the site gives him permission to post there by making him a writer, and not moderating his posts, so that they are in between legit spoilers. That ruins TTS’s credibility with me.[/quote]

    I agree.

  17. Colin says:

    Funny, I saw these all over forums and I even received a few emails about them. Im surprised Tailsection fell for them. The skeleton screen is an obvious fake and the rest are stock photos.

    Im glad you addressed this in this post.

  18. Andrew says:

    Someone said ” I don’t mind if he posts it to his blog (nobody looks at it anyway)”

    Well he has had over 2 Million visitors in 4 months, and you can see from the number of comments that lots of people are visiting.

    Anyone who takes his site seriously needs to have a humour transplant, I for one love his blog and he was the first to announce Libby and Ana-Lucia would die and Michael would be the killer. Also he was the first site to post the Others camp.

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