Anyone know sign language really well?

There was a labyrinthine maze of clues that lead to a video with sign language, please post in the comments if you know any degree of sign language.

Remember the CHOCOLATES clue? I was betting that this would lead to something more than just a glyph… at the time, it was yielding nothing over at, but now if you go over and enter this in, you will get a message that says “call tom k yegato”. If you enter TOMKYEGATO in a number pad on a phone (866-593-4286), you will get a recorded message that says “”Sod off, I’m watching the tube.” This is a clue to go to YouTube; if you go over there and search for “RBlake”, you will find a video by CHARLABEELK (Rachel Blake anagram) called:

“The Chocolate Factory”

We are trying our best to get sign language translators. I have gone so far as to go to forums to ask for help from people who are used to translating (and surprizingly, there was a TLE player there already asking for the same thing). We have some professional translators on the job already giving input, and from all accounts, it’s some very bad signing that is hard to read because of the quality of the video.

Tapdawg has a slowed down version HERE.

Here is one of the better translations I have seen so far, courtesy of firesign3000’s friend Meredith, who does professional translation:

Friend of Rachel. I’m Mel; I sell Apollo Candy. Apollo first attacked Mittelwerk, and are having chemists run tests on (letters, can’t interpret, may be DI 9FFTR731). ___ (spelled word hidden in front of glyph on shirt, might be Hackett) found something important but Mittelwerk can’t allow the results to be given up, he hates competition. There was a big argument. (Hackett?) goes with _p__k? (name?), found a new glyph to give Lost. ___ (illegible sign) time, must save people.

I will edit if we come up with something better.

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