Fragment Code & Apollo Candy Updates

Possible Spoilers

More HansoExposed fragment glyphs! As always, this post will be updated for all codes found during this week, check back here.

Oh, and by the way, have you checked out the Glyphomatic yet? If you haven’t, I highly recommend it… loads and organizes your video clips without having to go through the nonsense of the unbearably slow HansoExposed site.

54) IRZ7 < — The Fuselage Diary
55) NARVIK < — ad
56) OUDW < — Lost Ninja July 31 post ad for “Snakes on a Plane”
57) 307L97BDB9 < — Rachel Blake Blog when “57” is clicked in the links section
58) 5XW3O < — real life glyph found in Australia after clue by Lost Ninja
59) BAX5OUX8T < — found at Channel 4 Entertainment under “newest show”
60) PKDBAH7J < — in pieces, from both Lost Ninja’s blog & Speaker’s blog

EDIT 9/1: An update for this weekend, though somewhat last minute… two additional Apollo giveaway spots have been added by Speaker, in response to poor organization at other events. Note that Chicago and Santa Monica Drive-In dates have been removed from the list also.

1) Speaker has said that he himself will be attending Dragon Con (comic book convention), with 7 Golden Oracle bars a day (28 in total) to be given out to fans who approach him with the password, the theme from Reader Mail #3. I took a look at this, with a funny sock puppet music video, and I think that this password will be “boars”. Note that one day admittance is $30.

2) Speaker has said that M. David Benson (founder of Apollo Candy) himself will be handing out bars at Burning Man (a huge annual anti-establishment music event in Nevada). If you know someone who is going, ask them to try and get photos of the man! It’s not exactly the kind of thing I would recommend just going for a free candy bar… tickets are now $350 at the gate.

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13 Responses to Fragment Code & Apollo Candy Updates

  1. VidGamer123 says:

    I love how the LOST Ninja has an “ORLY” Owl Glyph.

    That needs to be on a t-shirt. 😀

  2. Mole´ says:

    Wow, clip 5XW3O is kind of scary.
    Obviously it goes at the end, but I don’t see any clips that lead into it.
    I don’t know about you guys, but I have strings of clips that are all separated by one empty slot. If the remaining clips don’t connect them to each other, I don’t see how we are to position them correctly other than the sometimes confusing content of the clips themselves…

  3. KJ says:

    I have lots of strings of clips as well, but I’m sure the last 11 clips will connect them all together. The Dharma video might be connected in true Hanso fashion, with splices and such—hard to say for sure yet. But the Mittlewerk part will most likely stick together.

    Then again, Rachel’s vids had some weird editing in them too, didn’t they? So I guess there could be some weird gaps there too. But I’m betting—well, hoping, really—after waiting so long to put this thing together, the last few clips will string it all coherently.

  4. VidGamer123 says:

    They CAN’T catch Rachel. She has to escape to post the video clips on the interwebs!


    Hanso is DELIBERATLEY letting the clips show! Ooh, those sneaky bastards!

  5. Cecilia says:

    We’re getting very close, guys! Another week and we will be done with the video, I think, unless they speed things up (I hope they do..)

  6. Misty says:

    I got tired of putting the stupid codes in. I am glad for YouTube 🙂 I will wait for it to go there. I hope to see a link here 🙂

  7. Andreas says:

    Misty, the YouTube user Timdorr is putting the clips together. You can watch the latest version of his video here.

    It should be noted that the video is work in progress and that Timdorr might be putting them together in the wrong order (I’m not sure since I dont follow the code hunt and fragments thing).

    We posted the video on the site some days ago but then decided that it might be better to wait until all the fragments where discovered, but since most other Lost sites are posting the video, we can’t just pretend it doesn’t excist.

    Those who play the Lost experience have seen the fragments and gotten the information, I feel that the rest of us should also be able to take part of this new information since it has been officially released on the internet. However, to make things more understandable for our visitors we will not post it as a stand alone article until all the fragments have been found and put together.

  8. Cecilia says:

    Sorry Misty! I talked with Andreas and decided to take the YouTube link off the blog. The main reason is because it’s still a work in progress, and there’s some debate as to where everything goes. People have been posting YouTube videos in various stages of completion… but that one is a good preview of things to come. I’ll probably post a main article when it’s all done, but it’ll be one more week, I think.

  9. todd sanders says:

    surprised i havent seen any talk on here about the harrisburg rumor or the bruning man thing yet

  10. todd sanders says:

    just getting caught up after being away for several days. too bad about santa monica. looks like it turned out ok in the end, but again i wonder in week 2 why abc still doesnt have its act together

  11. Cecilia says:

    Good idea, todd. I’ve added updates about the new Apollo giveaway updates (Chicago, Santa Monica dates removed, Burning Man & Dragon Con added to the list).

    I haven’t heard back from Kipona-goers yet, last I heard, the festival organizers were threatening Apollo staff with arrests if they showed up? But they didn’t remove it from the list, so I didn’t talk about it. Anyone here any more since then?

  12. downthehatch says:

    Pictures of Burning Man can be found at


    Don’t know why they’d hand out candy bars at Burning Man, as the festival is anti-corporate. Besides chocolate bars in the desert…I can see melted chocolate now and many wrappers tossed away.

  13. todd sanders says:

    havent seen any talk of this yet but should we assume that from fragment 60’s text:

    “When, through your research, you manage to change the numerical value of any one of these factors”

    that the string of numbers on lost are possibly these valenzetti equation factor values?

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