Will Mr.Eko die now?

Zap2it reports that Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje who plays the mysterious Mr.Eko on Lost was arrested and charged with driving without a license and disobeying a police officer the past weekend.

Adewale is the third member of the Lost cast who has been arrested for traffic violations. As I’m sure many of you remember, Michelle Rodriguez and Cynthia Watros who played Ana-Lucia and Libby where both arrested for driving under the influence during the production of last season. A few weeks later both Libby and Ana-Lucia where killed by Michael on the show.

The producers have denied rumors that the two actresses where killed off due to their complications with the law, but many still believe it to be the reason for the characters’ deaths.

Will Mr.Eko be the next one to die on the island?

I hope not since I would really miss the character. But if he gets shot in one of the first episodes, it might be a good idea for the rest of the cast to leave their cars at home…

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19 Responses to Will Mr.Eko die now?

  1. Castaway03 says:

    … If they kill Eko off, I’ll be mad.

  2. Okan says:

    [Quote]it might be a good idea for the rest of the cast to leave their cars at home…[/quote]


    I sure hope they don’t kill him off.

  3. Losr fan says:

    I don’t think He’ll die. That would be relly dissapointing.

  4. Cam says:

    I doubt it thell probly just wont see him for a few episodes. But if they do kill him off it would be a great suprise

  5. wk says:

    There’s a big difference between dui and driving w/o a license. Hopefully, the story can be fully explained, or better yet be left alone. When “regular” people get arrested, they don’t lose their jobs + you don’t read about it on every website out there. Celebrities deserve their privacy just as you and I.

  6. Maurice Tift says:

    We need some LOST fans with perfect driving records to volunteer to drive the actors around Hawaii.

    All LOST actors must stop driving immediately! 🙂

  7. Andreas says:

    To clarify a bit, I don’t really think Mr.Eko will die. Like “wk” I understand the big difference between a DUI and driving with out a license and I don’t belive Adewale will be fired.

    I agree that celebrities deserve their privacy, but I felt that this story was something our readers might be interested in. While it might be a bit unfair to compare this case to what Rodriguez and Watros did, it is relevant that one of the actors was arrested since it could have an effect on the production of Lost.

    With that being said, it would be interesting to know why Adewale was pulled over in the first place. I certainly hope it had nothing to do with him being a black man driving around Waikiki in the middle of the night.

  8. Hammer says:

    Since the can is open…actors (especially up and comers) know that when they become celebs. there is longer any privacy, but yet the thirst for fame and furtune seems worth the risk. Simple solution…get a regular job and get regular privacy.

    I also hope it wasn’t profiling…but I would bet that there was a traffic violation in there somewhere since he has messed up enough to get this liscense suspended.

  9. Cecilia says:

    Being a celebrity comes with both perks and drawbacks. I think it goes without saying that some loss of privacy comes with the territory, and there won’t be any big surprise that it’s published on blogs about Lost. I personally don’t think it’ll affect the production of the series much either, but it’s newsworthy if one of the stars has a runin with the law…

  10. matthew says:

    I agree with almost everyone on this board. Eko is one of the greatest characters on the show. Please Mr.Abrams, Cuse and Lindelof, if you happen to read this post, DON’T KILL MR. EKO!!!!

  11. Johnson says:

    Eko is one of the most fascinating characters on the show. To eliminate his character for something done in his private life which shows no bearing on his personal character nor is detrimental to the show would be foolish. The fact that his bail was set at $500, is highly indicative of it not being a serious offense at all.

  12. Kelly says:

    The Washington Post Express had a humorous headline for the story… “Tonight on Lost: Michael Returns to Island, Shoots Mr. Eko, Leaves Again.”

  13. Nelci says:

    Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje is a fantastic actor and plays Mr. Eko wonderfully!!!
    He’s one of the strongest presences in Lost.
    Will Mr.Eko be the next one to die on the island? Nooooooooooooooooo!!
    Long life to Mr. Eko!!!

  14. Joe says:

    Well, he’s dead. Guess it doesn’t pay to commit a crime and be a cast member on a serialized drama.

  15. bobmorane says:

    yup, they just killed him
    thanks Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje for wasting a wonderful character by doing such a stupid thing as driving without a license.
    To all other actors, think about your fans before doing something stupid, ty.

  16. MK says:

    Oh my God. What a wild crazy guess…

    My purpose in life is very clear now. I must convince LAPD somehow to ticket another Lost character and watch them get killed in the show.

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  18. michael jackson says:

    i think mr eko was the best character to be brought in to the lost cast and the fact they kill him of is inexcusable, its bullsh*t, just glad Desmond lives. i think they should make a mini series on ekos live as he grew to the crash.

  19. michael jackson says:

    why are the best characters dead, eko, charlie, jin, michael. the only good deaths were boone and the 2 thieves in series 3 when they were buried alive. and good i luv jack

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