Josh Holloway IGN Interview

Josh Holloway who portrays Sawyer on Lost was interviewed by IGN a while back. He talks about the difference between working on season one and two of Lost and discusses the season two DVD:

IGN: Does it surprise you that the show has taken on a life of its own, producing conspiracy theories and hypotheses by fans?

Holloway: No. I’m happy that they do. Thank God. I’m just settling and I don’t want to go anywhere. I’m loving what’s going on with the show and we live here now and we’re settled in. I’m fishing a lot and I have a boat. So I love it and I hope the fans love the second season DVD. I find that a lot of fans have been waiting for it because they’re like, ‘I got Lost mid-season so I quit watching it.’ I’m like, ‘Come on.’ They’re like, ‘Yeah. So I’m waiting for the DVD.’ So there are so many fans out there waiting for the DVD.

Read the interview at IGN

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2 Responses to Josh Holloway IGN Interview

  1. Mole´ says:

    My wife & I had to rent the S2 DVDs from Blockbuster because we came into LOST late. S2 had just ended and the local channel was about to start re-running them. So we rented S1, watched them all, then started following S2 in re-runs.
    So we have been -stuck- until the S2 DVDs came out.
    (And I suspect that is *why* they stopped showing them! To boost sales on the DVDs.)

  2. Andreas says:

    That sucks Mole. Stopping to show a series is really unfair, but I suppose they had their reasons (you might be right in your assumption).

    Enjoy the Season 2 DVDs, you have a lot of great episodes to watch!

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