AOL Lost Interviews

The boys and girls over at AOL Television sent us a mail telling us that they have posted a bunch of video interviews with the Lost cast and crew on their site.

You need to install a Digital Rights Management plugin to view the videos. Since I strongly oppose DRM and won’t install the plugin I haven’t been able to check the interviews for spoilers, so view the videos at your own risk. Besides the DRM they seem to be pretty nice interviews so if you don’t mind installing the plugin, have fun!

Here are the videos:
Matthew Fox, Josh Holloway, Terry O’Quinn, Michael Emerson, Carlton Cuse, JJ Abrams, Sawyer Vignette, Kate Vignette

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  1. todd sanders says:

    i guess on a macintosh the DRM is already there because i could see everything without the plug-in. the vignettes are definitely from tomorrow’s show

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