UK Channel 4 loses bid for Lost to Sky One

According to Variety, UK Channel 4 viewers may feel a bit lost when the third season of Lost starts.

In the United Kingdom, Lost Seasons One and Two were shown on Channel 4, but they where recently outbid by paid-subscription satellite provider Sky One. They bid roughly $1 million dollars per episode to broadcast Seasons Three and Four, and Channel 4 declined to up the ante, due largely to declining ratings (4.1 million to 2.8 million) for Lost in the U.K.

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3 Responses to UK Channel 4 loses bid for Lost to Sky One

  1. LJ says:

    that is truly awful.

  2. Cerberus says:

    That is bad in a way for all the people who don’t have sky, BUT i heard that they wil be only about a week behind the US after the ‘break’. Normally there would be a much greater gap, like 6 months or somthing. Season 2 only just finished at the end of Septemeber i think.

    Also… I never knew there was going to be a Season 4… that’s exciting. 🙂

  3. Andreas says:

    I’m not sure Season 4 is confirmed by ABC, but I don’t think the creative team have planned for Lost to end this season =)

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