The Associate Press are Lost

I just found a short video clip about Lost by the Associate Press. In the video they talk about last week’s episode “Further Instructions”, comment on the producers’ comparison between Lost and 9/11 and discuss the new season.

The video is a bit entertaining, but I was a bit confused by the AP entertainment writer who claimed that the new formula focusing more on relationships has made more people watch Lost.

The fact is, Lost has been loosing viewers during all of the three episodes that have aired this season. I don’t know if the focus on relationships is what has made fans switch channels or if people are just getting fed up with not getting as many answers as they’d like, but if the idea behind Lost season 3 being the “season of love” was to gain viewers, it hasn’t worked yet.

Take a look at the video at

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11 Responses to The Associate Press are Lost

  1. poopypants says:

    Lost has lost( no pun intended) viewers so far this year??,hum,didnt know that.I think you hit the nail on the head when you said it might be because people are not getting as many answers as they would like.Another reason is the ever growing commercial time.The first episode I saw was the season1 recap followed by season2/episode1,that night I got season1 on DVD and watched it without commercials and trust me it makes a big difference,so either reduce the ammount of commercials or give us a 2hour commercial free episode(use product placements to achive this).Lastly it seems as though they have put the cast into 2groupes and have been alternating between groups each week,thus putting off the casual viewer that tunes in expecting to start up where last weeks show left off.Thoughts?

  2. Tasha says:

    WEll I totally agree about the commercials. That is my biggest problem with the show. Of course I bet they get payed good money from these advertisers. I would much rather see no commercials at all. We make jokes about waiting all week to see 20 minutes of Lost.

    About the jumping from group to group. It doesn’t bother me too much yet. I think eventually it will all come together.

  3. VidGamer123 says:

    So… it’s only me who is excited to see more people’s backgrounds and personalities fleshed out? Don’t get me wrong; I love it when LOST reveals more of the mythology, but the islander’s BG’s and relationships remind us that they’re human too, and not just peons in the fabric of a bigger mystery.

    I’m still holding out. Hell, when Season 3’s half-way point is over, I’ll draw conclusions then. 🙂

    ’till then, bring on the Jaters and Skaters!

  4. wanted says:

    the tv ads are done by the tv station thats how they make money to buy and run show like lost., i dont live in usa, i get my view another way with no ads.

    after listerning to podcasts this year, i hear the boys say there about 5 to 6 more seasons to come, hmm or are they fooling around, with us, i heard them say zombies, yeah right as if,

    i hope their smart like the larry david of seinfeld, and called it quits, (wanting us to want more,)i reckon they could finsh off the show in another season or so, however there milking the cash cow. at the moment, and good luck to them, its big money.

    i too love lost and get into, but some of the shows are milking it a bit to much.

    i was under the inpressing this year lost was about the others, which has been correct,

  5. Lesley says:

    TIVO works wonders! If you have a little self restraint you begin watching twenty minutes in and soar past the commercials. I can wait to have the mysteries solved, for me that is the facinating part of the show. I get to revise my perspective every time I watch and I also get to use my brain. Looking forward to tonight!

  6. Paul says:

    Well said. Last weeks episode was one of the worst ever and I too feel people are losing interest. My wife, who is the casual Lost viewer said, “This is getting more complicated. When are we going to get some answers? And what happened to the action?” The diehards may love it but most people don’t.

  7. KJ says:

    I enjoy the pace of the show. I like getting to know character backgrounds.

    That said, I really don’t think we’re getting fewer answers now, or getting answers more slowly than we have in the past. I’ve recently been watching season 1 again, which I haven’t seen since it aired, because my parents have gotten into Lost and are starting from the beginning. I’ve been paying attention to the pace. There are many, many episodes where we don’t have any big mystery solved, any big questions answered. There are many times when all we get is a bit of character background.

    I don’t think the pace of the show has changed from season 1. Instead, it seems like the fans are just expecting more. I don’t really know why.

    Anyway, that’s my opinion. Your mileage may vary.

  8. Andreas says:

    I agree KJ, the pace hasn’t really changed much. What I think is the problem, is that we have all waited patiently for two seasons now and some people are getting fed up with the waiting and decide to watch criminal minds instead.

  9. Tropical Polar Bear says:

    I think season 3 has been very good. I’ve watched each episode a few times and have no problems with the progression of the show. I don’t think there are many occasional lost viewers. You either love it or you don’t. I would hate for the writers to start writing to the occasional viewer.
    ps How anyone watches tv nowadays without tivo is beyond me. F the commercials.

  10. MK says:

    This thread was valid until “Every man for Himself” in my opinion.

    I bad-mouthed the recent epidemic of commercials and the “can of worms” thing where new mysteries are unveild before old ones are put to rest. In fact, I found the for exactly that reason, wanting to make sure other fans are just as upset with the loss of momentum.

    It wasn’t until the most recent episode that things appear to be moving well once again. Based on upcoming previews, I believe the show will redeem itself and then some.

    Remember, if so few of us have similar thoughts about the show, we are statistically a healthy sample from the entire Lost community. ABC and the Writers should realize that through market study and will govern themselves accordingly if they want the show to maintain its popularity.

    After all, it is a LOT easier and cheaper to keep an audience hooked on an existing show than it is to build a brand new audience for a new show.

  11. hikelvin says:

    the upcoming episode in Feb seems to be solidifying the tie between Lost and 9/11, just wait and see

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