The competition ends soon

The deadline for our Lost Theory Competition draws near.

At the time of writing this we have received under 20 theories so there is still a good chance to win. If you haven’t submitted yet, write a theory and send it in for a chance to win books, CDs, Apollo bars and a bunch of other Lost related things!

Also, we have recently updated the competition rules to not be as restrictive as before:

We are primarily looking for new ideas. If your theory has been published before, you have to update and re-write it to make it new and exciting.

You are not allowed to publish your entry anywhere else until one months after the competition deadline. However, you are allowed to publish a short quote from your entry on other sites and forums with a link to the full theory at The Lost Blog both during and after the one month period.

When submitting your entry, you agree to giving us unlimited and indefinite rights to publish and display the submitted theory/analysis. You will be credited as the author of the entry but will not receive any royalties or monetary compensation. If The Lost Blog should ever change owner, these rights pass on to the new owner.

The competition ends 00:00 October 31, Eastern time, so you are able to submit during October 30.

Good luck to everyone!

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5 Responses to The competition ends soon

  1. Andreas says:

    We’re receiving a lot of good theories, keep it up everyone!

  2. cheese says:

    the prizes are pretty rubish, come up with somthing better, that just me.

  3. Andreas says:

    cheese, what prizes would you have liked to see?

    If you are willing to donate prizes which aren’t “rubbish” for the next competition, send me a mail and we’ll work it out. You have to understand that this site is run with a limited budget and even if we would like to have a Ferrari as first price, that’s not possible.

  4. Lesley says:

    The prizes are perfect, gravy really. The fun part is doing the research and writing the piece!

  5. poopypants says:

    I predict that all the people on the plane are in reality in a mental hospital undergoing tests preformed on the by the staff.

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