Meet Jorge and Burky in New York

Here is your chance to meet LOST TV star Jorge Garcia (“Hurley”), Todd McFarlane and LOST executive producer Bryan Burk. Be among the first to purchase McFarlane Toys’ new action figures based on the ABC TV smash hit, and you will receive a ticket to a special Toys “R” Us Times Square autograph-signing event.

This exclusive LOST action figure signing will take place at the Toys “R” Us International flagship store in New York City on Monday, Nov. 6 from 3pm to 5pm. Autographs will be limited to LOST action figures.

Here’s how it works. To get a ticket for this event, customers must pre-order LOST’s “The Hatch” Boxed Set ($33.99) at Toys “R” Us Times Square from Personal Shopping on Level Three between 10am and 7pm starting Friday, Oct. 27. LOST’s “The Hatch” Boxed Sets will be available for pickup at the event for all ticket holders with a valid receipt. Due to high fan demand, tickets are expected to sell-out quickly!

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