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A look at the Lost action figures

The Lost action figures are now in stores everywhere. If you are curious to find out how they look, you are in luck my friend, because photos of the plastic heroes have been published on the Internet by a dedicated … Continue reading

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Imitating Lost

There is a pretty good article over at about the new shows that are inspired by Lost. Since ABC would never let its critical and commercial darling air anywhere else, rival networks have tried to find their own “Lost” … Continue reading

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Getting Lost with the King

Jeff Jensen at Entertainment Weekly has finally published an article on his experience of the meeting between Lost execs JJ Abrams, Damon Lindelof, Carlton Cuse and one of Lost’s biggest fans – horror writer Stephen King! If you know Lost … Continue reading

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IGN's 50 Unanswered Lost Mysteries

The always ambitious has published a massive list of mysteries that haven’t yet been answered. Here is a sample from the list: #50: The Others and the Outside World Whether or not The Others and The Dharma Initiative are … Continue reading

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Dominic Monaghan's Lost theory reports that Dominic Monaghan, who plays Lost’s Charlie asked the writers about some of his theories about the show: “One of the theories I came up with was that we’d all in some way pissed off some huge billionaire. … Continue reading

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Matthew Fox frightened by tsunami reports that Matthew Fox, Lost’s Jack, was afraid that his family would die in a tsunami when Hawaii was hit by an earthquake on October 6th. “I lived in southern California for nine years, so I’ve lived through some … Continue reading

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Free Lost episodes on MySpace

Sky One has started streaming the first two episodes of Lost season 3 for free on their official Lost MySpace page. The episodes can only be seen by people in the UK and only between November 24 to 26. In … Continue reading

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