Official Lost Season 3 Video Podcast 2

A new video podcast with Damon and Carlton has been released. In this installment they tell the story of their own Lost-style crossover and even show us a recreation of the event.

If you don’t want to see a spoiler, make sure to click the link to the podcast when you’re on the ABC site, or a preview for next week’s episode will start playing. Also, at the end of the video podcast we get a preview of a scene from next week’s episode “I Do”. The scene is a spoiler so if you prefer not knowing what will happen in the next episode, don’t watch the end of this podcast.

Please don’t discuss the preview in the comments since many fans don’t want to read spoilers.

Watch the video podcast at – Click “Lost Season 3 Video Podcast 6”

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6 Responses to Official Lost Season 3 Video Podcast 2

  1. skoochie says:

    When I watched it, there was also a preview scene at the beginning that was somewhat spoilerish.

  2. Andreas says:

    Yeah, if you don’t click the link to the podcast they start by showing another preview clip.

  3. cheese says:

    can some nice person add a download link, to the above,
    it takes me abc site , theirs to many pics for me to know which is which LOL.

  4. Maurice Tift says:

    That was a very funny video podcast. The George Lucas stuff was great. I had a friend who actually called George Lucas on the phone in the early days of Star Wars – and Lucas answered!

  5. Andreas says:

    Haha, that’s pretty neat Maurice.

    cheese, I’ve tried to find a download link but haven’t found one. The only way to display the video is the click on the “Lost Season 3, Video Podcast 2” in the Now Playing area.

  6. Jonathan says:

    The spoiler at the beginning is better than the one at the end. I’m so glad that **** ***’* ******* ** ***** (***). Can’t wait till the 8th

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