The living insurance policy

I received a really interesting theory from Stephanie this morning:

I think that Sawyer is a perfect match for Ben’s blood type, Jack needs to do the operation, and Kate is there just to make sure the men do what they are supposed to! It is an insurance policy if you will!

I really, really like this idea. If the reason behind the kidnapping of Jack, Kate and Sawyer really was for Jack to save Ben’s life by operating him, this would explain why Kate and Sawyer were also taken.

It would also explain what The Others really did to Sawyer when they told him that they had given him a pacemaker – they were examining his blood type or checking his organs to make sure that they were good enough.

This could also play into the “missing organs” theme which appeared several times in the Lost Experience.

What are your thoughts on why Jack, Kate and Sawyer were taken?

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19 Responses to The living insurance policy

  1. poopypants says:

    -Im haveing a hard time watching the “Lost Experience” thing,I mean,if it wasn’t on the TV then how can we incorperate the info that the Lost Experience gives us into the whole of the show.If you didnt come on here and watch it and you just know the show from TV…
    -What if trying to say is how do we know its part of the show?,is it real?,why dont they put it on TV then?,isint that kinda slapping the face of the people who only watch the show on TV?,I dont know ,maybe im old fashioned,I just think all the story line and what ever else is in the Lost Experience should be on TV.
    -PS. I like the theory above also,make as much sense as anything else
    -PPS.I guess i can watch the Lost Experience during the winter show break

  2. Maurice Tift says:

    Tonight’s episode was worth it just to see the look on Mr. Friendly’s face when Jack turned the tables. It looks like Kate and Sawyer were taken to manipulate Jack.

  3. Lesley says:

    I agree with poopypants regarding The Lost Experience. Although I enjoyed followng TLE during the summer and I thought the final video was excellent, there seems to be a disconnect with not sharing that video and other info with the folks who only watch the television part of LOST. Some folks do not have computers and that keeps them in the dark. I have shared the video with some friends who only watch the show but I have other friends who do not have computers. I believe some of the people who feel “in the dark” regarding having more questions answered would we better served if they saw that video. (I sometimes forget which clues came from the show and which came from TLE). I like the idea that Sawyer and Kate were more than just pawns, life insurance no less. I don’t think we can ever underestimate the Others. They probably have a whole list of interesting uses for their guests, all of which will benefit them and their cause.

  4. MasterPo says:

    I did think it was odd Jack didn’t ask about a blood supply for the operation.

  5. shawdawg says:


  6. Andreas says:

    [quote comment=”13888″]How do ONE WATCH THE LOST EXPERIENCE?[/quote]

    One can’t. You can however watch the Hanso Exposed video.

  7. Erin says:

    If Sawyer is Ben’s blood type, then why were they going to kill him before the surgery was over.
    I just think if they keep waiting so long to make new episodes, we are going to loose interest.

  8. Andreas says:

    Erin, they aren’t waiting to make new episodes. They will be producing episodes during the break, but it takes over two weeks to produce a single episode so it wouldn’t be possible to show a new episode every week if there wasn’t a break in the season.

    The theory in this post seems more or less disproved by the events of “I Do”.

  9. chris says:

    Jack was taken obviously to perform the surgery, Kate was taken to leverage Jack and Sawyer was taken to leverage Kate…much in the same way (if you remember) that Siad was going to do by capturing 2 of the others (when he planned the attack with the japanese couple) in his words “to leverage against each other”… On a seperate Lost related topic: They ARE ALL ON THE SAME ISLAND…they showed the “other” island as a mind F to sawyer to prevent him from running, thereby eliminating their need to chase him. Obviously they’re on the same island we saw the plane crash on it at the start of this season. Also don’t you think that Jack, Kate and Sawyer would recall being on a boat trip to get them to the island…another reason why we know they’re all on the same island is b/c Curley had to walk back to camp!!…how could he have if they were on another island? Unless the producers of the show expect us to believe that Jack Sawyer and Kate were drugged and moved without any of it appearing in the actual show?

  10. stan says:

    I think there’s an underground tunnel running from one island to the next that will be revealed when they discover other “hatches”

  11. Castaway03 says:

    If that is true, think of when they took Michael’s . Maybe they were testing him for a type match while he was in their custody?

  12. debra says:

    interesting observation about being on the same island. Couldn’t the 3 have been put on a boat and taken to the other island. We know they have a boat because they were on one when they captured Michael’s son. But, I guess they are implying that they were drugged and taken on a boat or the three would know they arrived by boat.

    What I’m wondering is what Jack asked for from Ben to perform the surgery? Does he want to go back to civilization or be returned to his group………..did I miss his demands from Ben.

  13. samsandrasan says:


    He said he needed to get the hell off of the island. Since Jack doesn’t know about the two islands, he is still saying he wants to go home.

  14. Brian says:

    My theory is that the Others captured Sawyer and Kate to work for them. They are seen as evil and unfit (harkening back to what Goodwin said and all that). They have murdered before and are thus seen as lowly and fit for demeaning physical labor. They captured Jack for obvious reasons, they needed him for the operation. This explains why they let Hugo go and didn’t bother caputring anyone else; they aren’t needed or seen as evil.

    I don’t think the Others are necessarily bad, they just have warped views, such as deeming people as either worthy or unworthy. People who are seen as bad are treated poorly (Sawyer is beaten constantly) while the good ones are either captured to be integrated into the Others’ society (most of the Tailies and Walt, although there’s a possibility he was wanted due to his powers or whatever) or left alone altogether (most of the Losties) with jack being the exception because they needed him for something.

  15. lost lover says:

    i understand that they took jack to perform benry’s surgery, but while jack is doing the surgery, the big guy with the walkie-talkie questions why is jack here, he wasn’t even on the list?…. why would they not include jack on the list if they needed him? but in one of the earlier episodes when the black lady with walt gives michael a list of his people to bring back to the others, i’m pretty sure jack’s name WAS on the list. so why would the big guy w/ the walkie talkie ask why jack was even there?

  16. Ken says:

    Well, it seems there are 2 different lists we are talking about. 1 created by the Ms Klugh group (that could or could not have been controlled by ben) and then there is this List by Jacob (the superior it looks like) I believe Jacob made his list from the information he has received from his chroneys (the others) But Ben, being the one in command at alcatraz, requests certain people to be taken (through ms klugh) And its apparent he takes Jack (so he can fool Jack into fixing him and hopefully recruiting him as an other (but it doesn’t look like it will be that way) And what they mean here by that Jack was not on the list (is that Jack is different than the rest captured on the (ben’s list) list. Ben was going to die if it was not for Jack.

  17. Ken says:

    So what I am saying is, even if they didn’t want Jack for one reason, BEN WANTED HIM FOR HIS REASON.

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