Back draft of Ben & Juliet

This theory is the second place winner in the Lost Theory Competition.
It was written by Pastor2churches.

Perhaps the most intriguing words of episode 2, season 3 of “Lost” tumbled humbly, almost sheepishly out of the mouth of Benjamin Linus,

“…and I’ve lived on this island all my life.”

Shock & awe.

How is it possible to make sense of that statement given what we currently know, and what connections and other clues could be deduced from that “Everlasting Gobstopper” statement from Ben?

If we take his statement as truth (never safe with “Lost”) then it is likely that Ben was raised as a child in the Dharma community. Perhaps Juliet was also raised on the Island in Dharma and she and Ben have known each other all their lives. Anyway Ben was an up and coming member of the Dharma group until, for some unknown reason, he became disenfranchised about the solution that Dharma was attempting to achieve. Ben, like Dharma, understands that the problem needs to be answered, but he has come up with what he believes to be a superior solution.

Ben tried to get Dharma to embrace his idea and was soundly rebuffed. Unswayed, Ben attempts a coup d’état, and initially fails. In the midst of that failure Ben goes from Dharma member to captive, and Juliet is one of his captors. By the way, while she was his captor she did not make soup for him!

Ben having been groomed by Dharma all his life is quite intelligent and eventually wins the support of Juliet who helps him to gain his freedom. In the process the relationship between Ben and Juliet grows into more than just friendship (consider the “Stockholm Syndrome”). As she now helps him to effect his escape she also aids him in rallying some of the other Dharma folks who trust and respect her. Together, Ben and Juliet effect a daring and successful break away from the Dharma group, move to another section of the Island and begin to form their own society. In doing so, they believe they will have the greatest opportunity to resolve the “problem” that Dharma was originally created to solve.

In time the closeness of the relationship between Ben and Juliet is wrecked and now they tolerate one another. The stress of the unanticipated entrance of the survivors of flight 815 will now cause a further fracturing of the relationship and eventually Juliet will leave Ben’s group and join allegiances with the survivors. For now we are watching how leader Ben and sub-commander Juliet deal with these “fateful” turns of events.

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7 Responses to Back draft of Ben & Juliet

  1. Andreas says:

    Sorry for publishing this theory so late in the day, I’ve been a bit distracted today.

    Congrats to Pastor2churches!

    I really like how this theory explains the relationship between Ben and Juliet. Quotes like “You never made me soup” would make perfect sense if this theory turns out to be more or less correct.

  2. Lesley says:

    Pastor2churches congrulations! Your theory could be right on the money. Especially considering that the LOST folks seem to want us to believe that Juliet is looking to get out from under Ben’s heavy hand. Perhaps Ben and Juliet figured out Dharma was just a “long con”! Part of the fun over the next couple of seasons will be finding our how close all of the theroies to date, come to the “truth”.

  3. bigmouth says:

    Congratulations and great theory, Pastor! I agree that Ben’s statement is a huge clue. And I love the notion that Ben and Juliet were able to accomplish together what Ben could not alone. Great job!

  4. Bruce says:

    Sounds good, very good, except for the flaw with Ben’s age (40). He was born of Dharma-ites on the island. Didn’t Dharma start in 1980, making him only at least 26 years old?

    Oh, the time-distortion thingie…

  5. Fluffy Sunshine says:

    When I heard it, I took the “You never made me soup!” comment to indicate that Ben and Juilette had been lovers at some point in the past. And that Ben fears she is romantically/sexually drawn to Jack. Also, earlier Juilette makes a comment about being able to choose whatever book she wants for the book club. Again, sounds like an affair gone bad to me. She once valued Ben’s opinion but is now deliberately picking books he wouldn’t like and he is no longer welcome at her house after the breakup. That’s just what I read in it…certainly not that Ben had ever been a captive.

  6. RJ says:

    great concept, however in lieu of recent episode “not in portland” we come to understand that juilet came to the island only three years ago from miami, fl. hmmmm… got me wondering.

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