Save the children, save the world

This is the third place winner in the Lost Theory Competition.
The theory was written by Lesley.

After the Dharma Project was abandoned, a secret division of the U. S. military and a pharmaceutical giant (The Widmore Corporation) took over. Hidden from view by special electromagnetic properties, the island was the perfect location to conduct the sort of tests the world would otherwise frown upon. Scientists including genetically engineered individuals (like Ben) would use the island’s specimen pool. Its inhabitants were the survivors of numerous “accidents” and leftover Dharma wildlife, nonexistent to the outside world.

Stealth technology and the island’s EMF facilitated development of a wormhole of sorts, providing a gate in to or out of the islands’ “snow globe”. Military misfits served their sentences by pushing the button in the Swan station. As experiments became more ominous a rift formed among the researchers regarding the project’s morality. Using both animals and humans to develop higher life forms began to weigh on the conscience of some, while others became zealots. The disgruntled scientists joined the island’s residents and organized to end such experiments. The group currently living on Lostcatraz actually see themselves as the saviors of humanity.

Then Oceanic flight 815 provided a variety of new subjects. The Others were obsessed with obtaining the flight’s children to secure their future. As predators, the Others travel the Losties’ island in disguise enabling them to blend with its inhabitants. Off the island they access the Internet and develop advanced biotechnology but they cannot control the island’s monster. They research and then cherry pick their prey. The “good ones” must have the ability to perceive no action to be wrong when it ensures a greater good. But those chosen must also have nothing to lose.

The island’s volcanic nature and winding underground web of tunnels serves to trap many natural gases. Where there is volcanic activity there is also carbon monoxide (“CO”). Colorless and odorless, chronic exposure to carbon monoxide and other gases enhanced precognitive attributes and, created the hallucinations both Rousseau’s people and many of the Losties experienced while traveling beyond the beach. With CO seepage inconsistent and more prevalent in the Dark Territory, the shoreline and Dharma stations limited direct exposure to the island’s gases.

The disgruntled scientists and island inhabitants are slowly dismantling some of the Dharma stations scavenging everything available to assist them in finding a way to save the children and leave the island. Abandoned hatches provide shelter and on occasion become windows to the island world. They have modified the security system, using the island’s tunnels, volcanic gases and real-time holography, to create a monster capable of “reading” and frightening outsiders. They were even successful in recruiting some survivors (like Cindy) to help them rescue some of the children.

Alex and Karl assist the rebels, feeding them information and supplies whenever possible. Now with the Swan obliterated and the wormhole compromised, Penny Widmore’s inside knowledge of the Widmore Corporation’s projects will be critical. She must enlist the assistance necessary to locate the islands and help the rebels before it is too late.

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6 Responses to Save the children, save the world

  1. Andreas says:

    Congrats Lesley!

    It’s an interesting theory, I like the carbon monoxide ideas.

  2. Lesley says:

    Thanks again Andreas, I enjoyed participating very much.

  3. shelly says:

    WOW…i thought this was the best theory.

    congrats lesley

  4. bigmouth says:

    Awesome theory, Lesley! I love the Simpsonesque twist with the CO causing hallucinations. Is the title a reference to Heroes, by any chance? If so, I agree there are some interesting connections…

  5. Lesley says:

    Thanks shelly and thanks too to bigmouth. And yes the title alludes to Heroes connections. It is a shame both shows are not on the same network but I agree with you bigmouth I think they will sneak in some cross references.

  6. Ken says:

    Lesley, very well thought through and written. I really enjoyed this, I have read MANY theories and this is one of my favourites! Thank you

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