Matthew Fox frightened by tsunami reports that Matthew Fox, Lost’s Jack, was afraid that his family would die in a tsunami when Hawaii was hit by an earthquake on October 6th.

“I lived in southern California for nine years, so I’ve lived through some earthquakes, but this was the most intense I’ve ever felt. It woke me and my wife, we bolted out of bed, the kids freaked out.

It was a 6.6 (on the Richter scale) right on The Big Island, which is a couple of hundred miles from where we are on Oahu. My first thought was tsunami. We live on the beach, and I’m thinking in an hour, a 10 feet wall of water might come sweeping through this house – I’ve got to get the kids and Margi up onto the hill where my daughter goes to school. But ten minutes later I was cool. I went to my car, turned on the radio and it said there was no worry about a tsunami.”

Thankfully, none of the cast or crew of Lost were hurt in the earthquake.

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