Dominic Monaghan's Lost theory reports that Dominic Monaghan, who plays Lost’s Charlie asked the writers about some of his theories about the show:

“One of the theories I came up with was that we’d all in some way pissed off some huge billionaire.

He’d managed to get us all on a plane and have it crash into this island so that he could watch us from his castle with hidden cameras and create a “Truman Show” nightmare for us all.

Maybe I’d s**gged his daughter, or Evangeline’s character, Kate, had stolen money from his bank, or Josh’s character Sawyer, had fandangled money out of him. But it got pooh-poohed by the writers.”

The billionaire Dominic is referring to is clearly either Alvar Hanso or Charles Widmore, with my bet being on Mr.Widmore, the father of Desmond’s girlfriend, Penelope Widmore.

While I agree with Dom that Widmore probably has a lot to do with the larger story of Lost, I don’t think he got them all together and crashed the plane on the island because he was mad at them. It is an interesting theory though.

What do you think about Dominic’s ideas? Did Mr.Monopoly send them to the island?

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4 Responses to Dominic Monaghan's Lost theory

  1. Okan says:

    You know what, my friend said the exact same thing on the bus to me the other day. He mentioned the Truman show and how everyone on the Lost island were being watched.

    In my opinion the theory seems kind of far fetched. I don’t know.

  2. bigmouth says:

    Andreas, that’s an excellent speculation. I don’t believe Widmore’s behind flight 815 but I strongly suspect he’s been using the Island as a dumping ground for inconvenient people like Des and maybe Kelvin…

    PS: I think the Island watches the outside world, not vice versa. Check out this thread from the fuselage:

  3. boomer says:

    why would they let people die

  4. MasterPo says:

    [quote comment=”16442″]why would they let people die[/quote]

    They don’t care.

    Haven’t you seen other “for the greater good” plots in other shows/movies? Those kind of powerful people don’t care about the little folks as long as theri greater agenda is being forwarded.

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