Lost is not that simple!

Lost executive producers and writers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse are used to getting both praise and critique for their show. The latest trend among TV critics has been to complain about the many “unanswered questions” on Lost, but in a recent interview Lindelof tries to clear things up a bit and explains that since Lost is so successful, ABC is not likely to end it soon:

“Basically, if you’re going to watch the show, you have to be OK with just going on the journey as opposed to working towards a specific end point.

Carlton Cuse continued talking about the unanswered questions and the challenge in satisfying the devoted Lost fans:

“It’s fantastic that everybody is so involved and engaged in the show. I think that the one fundamental error that people make is they try to reduce it down, like hunting physics for a unified field theory. It’s not that simple. The answers or the mysteries of the show can’t be summarized in one sentence.”

Besides explaining Lost’s storytelling style, Carlton talked a bit about other shows with similar story structure:

“If you look around the landscape of the television season already in the United States, the majority of the complex serialized shows aren’t really catching fire. Heroes is the exception. But you know, Smith or The Nine, or Vanished, Kidnapped … there are a lot of shows that are sort of sprawling serialized, lots of characters, complex storytelling, and they haven’t worked. I think that Lost will spawn imitations until somebody comes up with the next great idea for a TV show. And then that will start to spawn imitations. I think it’s just the way network television works.”

It’s interesting to read Damon and Carlton’s various thoughts about Lost and the unresolved mysteries. Make sure to read the entire interview.

In a perfect world it would be up to the writers when the show should end, and while it would be great with one or two seasons more, I think we all agree that every good story needs to come to an end sooner rather than later. Let’s just hope that the suits at ABC feel the same way.

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9 Responses to Lost is not that simple!

  1. patience says:

    I think lost has quite a few seasons left in it.

  2. todd22192 says:

    I totally Agree. LOST has a few seasons left and with that more answers to come. I don’t understand why people keep whining about the show not giving enough answers. THAT IS WHAT MAKES LOST A GOOD SHOW!!!!! With the answers and seasons to come i also think more viewers will catch on and more shows will be imitated by LOST. And personally i dont want it to end then i will have nothing to be obsessed with. =)
    Nothing can replace LOST as Carlton and Damon put it.=)

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  3. Andreas says:

    I edited your comment todd. There is an edit function you know. Just click the “Edit comment” link at the bottom of the comment you’ve just written. =)

  4. Todd22192 says:

    HaHa! Thnx Andreas. I thought when the time ran out that I couldnt fix it.

  5. cog says:

    If you read the interview, the comment about The X-Files is a good one. There are so many similarities with Lost–this huge mysterious storyline, mythic characters that show up every now and then, episodes answering one question only to raise two more…etc.

    But for Lindelhof/Cuse/Abrams, X-Files should be a cautionary tale, because that show did go on way too long. All the questions were answered satisfactorily at some point, but then they just kept on going, and all of the stuff that made the show great was just gone.

    Although there’s really no comparison, I think they should take a page from Seinfeld’s book, because that’s a show that went out at the height of its popularity. Jerry Seinfeld just didn’t want to renew his contract, because he didn’t want the quality of the show to suffer. Lindelhof/Cuse/Abrams should do the same thing. Say, if their contract comes up in two years or something, they should just end it, wrap up the current season by answering all the questions, and then get out feeling good about the fact that that had created a TV show that was a work of art.

  6. VidGamer123 says:

    Dang right it isn’t simple!

    That’s what’s losing people to this show- they want answers now now NOW. They don’t understand it’s the mystery that’s so alluring. So…

    *fingers wiggling* …mysteeeerious.

    Anyway, I hope Lindelof/Cuse get to end it the way they want to. ABC, do your part to listen to them!

  7. Andreas says:

    I agree cog, the X-files finale was a letdown, and I both hope and believe that Lost will have a more satisfying ending.

    The problem with JJ, Damon and Carlton saying that they won’t renew their contracts is that ABC could replace them and continue with the show. If both the writers and several of the actors would tell ABC that they won’t renew their contracts then we’re talking.

    But you know, to be fair, we don’t know that ABC won’t simply let Damon and JJ end the show when they feel that the story has been told. I’ll admit that it isn’t a likely scenario, but maybe the suits at ABC love the story as much as we do!

  8. MasterPo says:

    A serialized show’s finale can often be a let down. I agree the X-Files is/was a good example of that. A semi-cliff hanger ending like for Space:Above&Beyond was OK with the option to bring it back. That was a great series IMO that could have gone one but suffered in the end from poor writing.

    Another example is Sliders. That went on too long IMO. Again, a great show with a great concept. But they changed the initial plot and made it more of a what-world-to-escape-from-this-week show. And they also changed some significant characters.

    The only one I can think of that ended reasonably well was Babylon 5. And that’s because it was designed to end after 5 seasons. (too bad B5:Excaliber didn’t make it past season one)

    I agree Lost still isn’t out of steam yet. But they MUST give us some REAL answers to at least a couple of basic questions and mysteries. They can’t keep bringing up more mysteries or answer one mystery with another.

    Toss us a bone guys!!

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