Will Lost return sooner than expected?

Fangasm reports that according to their sources, the second half of Lost Season 3 might return sooner than we were expecting.

Apparently, amid fears that the ongoing string of critically challenged replacements will bury ABC’s chances of regaining its Wednesday footing, execs at the alphabet network have dropped in on the LOST crew with the following proposition: how much money do you need to get LOST on the air early….

According to the site, if the Lost producers agree to the proposition the show could start airing new episodes as early as January 10 or 17, three or four weeks earlier than the currently scheduled February 7 return date.

It should be noted that Fangasm are the only ones reporting about this. There is no official source yet.

I’m not sure what to make of this. On one hand it would be fun to get new Lost episodes sooner, but on the other hand I don’t really mind waiting until February, and I certainly am prepared to wait to get high quality episodes instead of sloppy episodes rushed through production.

What are your thoughts?

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20 Responses to Will Lost return sooner than expected?

  1. DJ says:

    Lost is sloppily written as it is, they’ve been writting checks they can’t cash for so long I really don’t think pushing production up will make any difference.

  2. Andreas says:

    DJ, why do you feel that Lost is sloppily written? In my opinion the writing has been pretty great throughout all seasons so it would be interesting to hear your perspective.

  3. Damien says:

    I think it would be great to see it back then it would be a full week of quality television with 24,Heroes (restarting not long after) and lost. I think the concerns of Lost being rushed shouldnt be a problem episode 7 I think was filmed when the other episodes were on so thats alright with that episode but the others I donno…Season 3 has lacked something this season so it would be interesting to see if the writing improves as the Season progresses.

  4. Maurice Tift says:

    During the first season, they promoted LOST heavily before the pilot episode. Then they had encore presentations and more promotions and everything worked very well. I’d like to see them show more confidence in their quality programs. LOST, of course, is more than just a quality program. LOST is a phenomenon and the executives should understand that they possibly have a once in a lifetime opportunity. This amazing confluence of events that produced LOST may never happen agan. With that in mind, I’d like to see them bring back writers David Fury and Javier Grillo-Marxuach, promote the show like crazy before February. Cancel or move or sell to another network whatever show is on at 8PM and air LOST, then air LOST again at 10PM. Then air special encore presentations of the show on weekends. In the meantime, Day Break should be promoted heavily and aired on Wednesdays until LOST returns with encore presentations of the pilot episode.

    and that should pretty much do it đŸ™‚

    for now…

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  6. KillerR says:

    …and there should be some sort of grovelling at the feet of the lost fans, too.

  7. Patrick says:

    FYI, the first episodes that will air in February are already done, so getting a rush order on these shouldn’t have any effect on the quality of those.

    I don’t think this rumor is true at all. If they want to start airing the next set of episodes early, fine, they can do that and it really wouldn’t cost more money. But if they stick to the plan of not airing repeats then the season will end in April instead of May and they would miss the May sweeps. I suppose they could be offering more money to get more episodes, but that seems very unlikely.

  8. patience says:

    Man that would be sweet.

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  10. cg says:

    bring it back earlier!!

  11. alee says:

    hey, i dont think that it’s sloppily written at all. its weird enough to make you think “wat the hell!” and its got the romance in it for all us girls (kate and sawyer! awwww) i really want it to come earlier coz i cant stand the wait…but i would also rather watching it on tv instead of crappy downloads with rubbish quality. which i did for all of season 3…but i saw it about 2 months before it was aired in UK!! wooo hooo go meeeee!! nah, i totally love it! best show ever x

  12. MasterPo says:

    Changing the time slot IMO was a worse move than anything else so far. Just like Sci-Fi is moving BSG to – of all things – Sunday night!! It’s thier #1 rated show (Ghost Hunters is a very close #2) and they’re screwing with it.

    Why do they always break what works and not fix what doesn’t??

  13. Hammer says:

    I would think that they have a few epi’s already taped. At this point, I would be happy with another 5 or 6 week “mid season”. Maybe take another “no reruns” break and finish the 3rd season with a bang in the spring.

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  16. janie says:

    I think it should return in september or octobor, january is just to late!!!!!

  17. Alex N says:

    Heroes and Lost are the 2 best shows on tv. thats for sure.

  18. Rachel says:

    It seems like forever since I have seen a Lost episode. I would like it if it came back early!!! Cant wait đŸ˜‰

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