Brian K Vaughan joins Lost writing staff

Brian K. Vaughan, the writer of comic books such as Runaways, Y:The Last Man and Ex Machina just announced that he will be joining the Lost writing staff:

I’ve been hired as an Executive Story Editor by the fantastic television show LOST. As I’m neither an executive nor an editor, this is really just a fancy Hollywood way of saying that I’ve joined the writing staff.

I can’t talk about much more than that, so I implore you to please stop asking me what the island is, who the Others are, how Matthew Fox smells, etc. Still, I will say that I’m insanely honored to join such an amazing group of writers (some of their new scripts I’ve been lucky enough to read are destined to become the best episodes of the series), and I’m very grateful to Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse for having so much faith in me.

I’m a bit embarrassed to say that I’ve never read any of Brian’s comic books, but it’s always fun to see new writers added to the team, hopefully he will be able to help make Lost even better.

Welcome to the community Brian!

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3 Responses to Brian K Vaughan joins Lost writing staff

  1. Santa says:

    Has his hiring been confirmed yet by other more official press releases?

  2. Andreas says:

    Sadly, the writers don’t get as much attention as the actors, so we will probably have to wait until the next episode airs until we will be able to confirm it.

    I see no reason for Brian to be making it up though as he is already quite successful and wouldn’t gain anything by pretending to be part of Lost.

  3. Santa says:

    Thank you Andreas. Yes I agree with you completely on your points.

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