Is Evangeline leaving lost?

Evangeline Lilly

It is well known that Evangeline Lilly, who rose to instant fame when she appeared as Kate on Lost, isn’t too comfortable with the massive attention she gets from the media and fans.

Now are reporting that Evangeline may be considering to ‘quit’ Lost if the fans don’t give her more privacy.

“I am an incredibly private person, and it’s so exhausting to me that everywhere I go people know me or think they know me. If I could act and make the income I make and be anonymous, I would never want to leave the job.”

First of all, I don’t think she can simply quit and leave Lost since all the actors are under contract. If she decides to leave, she would have to refuse renewing her contract and then Kate would be killed or otherwise removed from the story before the contract runs out.

Second, I am a bit surprised that she auditioned for the part if she wanted to avoid attention, but I understand that sometimes the attention can be a bit too much.

It would be sad if any actor/actress felt the need to leave the show because of the fans, but I’m sure that all of our readers are the nice kind of fans, right guys?

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23 Responses to Is Evangeline leaving lost?

  1. FreakChiq says:

    Yeaah all evil fans and reporters, back off! I don’t want her to leave 🙂

  2. Dusk says:

    I think this is a bit tabloid. No need to worry.

  3. Lost Damery says:

    I have to say that with 4 kids, I too can be overcome with attention getters. However, like professional sports, that is part of the job. Not every actor has a huge following, but when you do things well and have a great agent and God smiles on you, then these things can happen and I would guess with the money she is making she can learn to live with the adoration.
    That does not go for those who break laws to stalk or try and harm her or anyone. She is only an actor who will be eclipsed by another in time. Then she will be able to get LOST in the crowd like everyone else.

  4. Castaway03 says:

    If she leaves I’ll be mad.

    (and sad)

  5. DHP says:

    I agree that that story is quite tabloid. What’s the source; that AZCental site? Did they get those quotes directly? The didn’t cite a source, so one must presume that EL told AZC that ON RECORD. ABC allowed a contracted employee/star to speak ON RECORD to a celeb gossip blog? I doubt it. And, Andres, where in that article does she say that she’s going to quit, ‘unless…’? I see nothing, and can then only conclude that you fell for their hype, and helped disseminate it. C’mon dude, I like this blog, but check your sources.

  6. DHP says:

    Addendum: AZCentral = Phoenix Arizona News – Arizona Local News – Arizona Daily News – Arizona Headline News

    Do Arizona Central News was able to get an exclusive that no other outlet got? And they don’t source their stories?

    Don-da-da-don-don’t believe the hype!

  7. Andreas says:

    I didn’t write that Evangeline said that she would quit, I wrote that wrote that Evie said that she would quit. Don’t kill the messenger! =)

    Edit: Their source seems to the the entertainment news agency BANG Showbiz by the way.

  8. Dusk says:

    I don’t go for the whole “celebrities are public property” bullshit at all. Seems to stem from society’s inability to seperate characters from the actors that play them, and photographers/tabloids inability to seperate sancitoned press event/photo shoots from stalking Star X while they’re doing grocery shopping and other simple things that make life life.

  9. Hammer says:

    It doesn’t matter if we agree or not…every potential celeb knows what happens when you hit it big. Yet, the fame and fortune are too tempting…

  10. todd22192 says:

    Alright guys all I have to say is I totally agree with DHP. With all seriousness, she is not going to quit the one job she was finally offered. She auditioned for lots of movie parts and didn’t get one. Google it. I can also see the “other” side of this ‘argument’, she probably is over whelmed with the kids and her house that burned down. How do we even know the source is really reliable? I dont know!! If she does leave it would be really interesting to see how she would die.

  11. todd22192 says:

    I just thought of something!! What if she wants to get more fame by something bad. (kinda like MJ, Brittany, and Jannet Jackson). She could just cause a huge hassle then be sued. It would be all over the news and she’d be famous. And she could be using the “TOO MUCH FAME” excuse. Maybe not the Brightest of ideas!!! But, some people are that crazy. Jannet showed a part of her body at the Super Bowl. I dont see why someone else wouldn’t want to get more famous bye doing something WEIRD or Stupid. Just a thought…Probably not her plan but, we’ll see what happens.

  12. Andreas says:

    Nah, I don’t think Evie would want negative attention, and honestly I don’t think she will quit any time soon, but I understand that she would like a bit more privacy.

  13. Mizzie says:

    A friend of mine grew up with her and she said Evie, who’s real name is Nicole, is a very private person even to her family. So I can understand why she said what she said. Plus she did not have time to get used to fame it just hit her in the face. I am sure she was not expecting the show blow up like it did. I do hope she hangs on and that fans can leave her alone. Looking forward to the next part of season three.

  14. MasterPo says:

    A lot of instant stars don’t know how to handle the overnight fame and get overwhelmed. Must be especially tough for an attractive woman. You never know who is just a hardcore fan and who is a nut job!

  15. KillerR says:

    Yeah all that money must suck, too. These people get paid millions of dollars a year because of these fans. My advise is to not go anywhere. send your assistants assistant to get your latte and get over it. I mean if you dont want to be famous and have millions of adoring fans then you might not want to get into movies or television.

  16. Hammer says:

    Amen KillerR.

  17. Hussain says:




    ur an entertainer and entertainers HAVE FANS, and ALL KINDS OF FANS, ur a public figgure, so U HAVE TO DEAL WITH THAT

  18. Susan G says:

    I have frequented your blog before. The more I take in, the more I keep coming back! 🙂

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