Lost Season 3 Promo

I know we’re trying to keep away from spoilers, but since most of you enjoy watching episode previews and since we could need something entertaining while we wait for Lost to return on February 7, here it is – the official promo for the second part of Lost Season 3.

There are some spoilers in the video so think twice before you watch.

Warning! Spoilers in the video.

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9 Responses to Lost Season 3 Promo

  1. patience says:


  2. frenchy_florims says:

    Holy SH** ! I tought one of the guidelines here was “no discussion of episode previews”.

    This is the first time I watch a preview and let tell me you something GUYS : THAT’S GOOD ! I couldn’t stop waiting for some news and real pictures ! I am sure there are no big spoilers in it and that the show keeps having wonderful suprises.

    Juliet is very cruel, she is probably the wildest “other”. Never forget what Sawyer said about her once ! Too bad, ’cause she’s gorgeous !

    See u !

  3. Andreas says:

    Well, you know, regarding the “no spoilers and episode previews” rule – It’s my site so I’m allowed to break the rules 😉

  4. Julie (Im Back) says:

    Was that ole little miss Cindy (the flight attendant) that we see in the preview?? Hmm???

  5. Lost Damery says:

    I am all for watching the Previews and the after show glimpse and posting just on what we see. I don’t agree with filming scene sneaks and script peepers.
    As far as the preview, Wow I cant wait, I have already started going back through the First 6 episodes of Season 3 and started re-blogging about them. As it is written, as a dog returns to his vomit…sorry thought it might sound good quoting.
    I am starting to pick up little clues that maybe I have forgotten or didn’t see during the first cycle of regurgitation.
    I will say that even if it turns out a dream or what ever I am glad to see Cindy back and I think Julia is going to be the biggest surprise this season.
    As we say in park ball, Count it!

  6. Hugo says:

    Me again….
    XD this looks awesome…What did Cindy say?
    I got:
    “We’re here to watch”

    And Kate WHOOPED that dude..

  7. cheese says:

    wow looks like jack gets some action with a lady

  8. Edwin says:


    Its pergatory, the black smoke is the islands protector or in the budhist religion there god. The mountains on the island are what i would like to call Nirvana. Michael and his son reached that Nirvana by helping the “Others”. If you still dont understand on the plane crash everyone actually did die. They are all actually dead in between a place of heaven and hell. Jack and the other survivors are trying to fight and understand what is going on still but ecko was the key. He was the one who stood up to black smoke. And he was punished.

    For true.

  9. Birdi says:

    you’re wrong. the creators said like first episode that its not purgatory. really original though, no one else has though of that yet.

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