The man behind Ben Linus

I just read a really nice interview with Michael Emerson who plays the ever so popular but creepy Ben on Lost.

In the interview, which contains some spoilers related to Ben’s immediate future (and some spoilers for the film Saw), Michael also talks about the experience of working on Lost and shares a few thoughts and theories:

Crave Online: What’s your Lost theory?

Michael Emerson: Well, I don’t know. I have thought right along that Benjamin Linus and his people are rebels or renegades or freedom fighters of some sort and that they are at war with whoever the real powers were that built and control the island. But I don’t have a lot of evidence for that either. That’s just sort of a feeling I have. I do feel like there are worse people out there than the others. I don’t know if worse is the right word. That implies a sort of value judgment. Maybe I should say there are scarier people out there than the others.

Crave Online: What’s your favorite fan theory?

Michael Emerson: Somebody recently told me that their theory was that the island was an alien zoo. How about that?

Crave Online: Even I haven’t heard that one.

Michael Emerson: That was new to me too. I thought I’d heard all of them.

The rest of the long interview can be found at Crave Online, but be aware that there are some more or less minor spoilers.

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5 Responses to The man behind Ben Linus

  1. Shirley says:

    Well, I absolutely adore Benjamin Linus. I adored him when he was Henry Gale and I adore him now he is Benjamin. Please keep him in for ever. I love his voice and the way he makes his eyes go dark and cold. He is a very talented actor. I love the way he wants to always prove himself to the survivors.

    He is the best.

  2. Ellen says:

    Benjamin Linus is AMAZZZZZINGGGG!!! I love him with a burningg passion

  3. Ellen says:

    Benjamin Linus is AMAZZZZZINGGGG!!! I love him with a burningg passion

  4. oly says:

    I love BENJAMIN i love him so much —-please can anyone tell him that i love him so much i’m a girl from iraq…i watch lost just for Ben he is amazing i love ben i love ben i love beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen

  5. Heather says:

    I absoultely adore Ben Linus, and the actor just as much. Michael Emerson is so talented and i love all his work, i am a hardcore fan! I sort of have a crush on him, which is weird because i am only 15 haha.

    He portrays Ben Linus really well and i think Emerson should get more opportunitys for other shows because of his awesome acting ability!

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