An evening with Lost – Killing off characters

At “An Evening with Lost”, one of the questions that host Jimmy Kimmel asked was if the actors are afraid of their characters getting killed of and if they are starting to get a bit paranoid. Just a little disclaimer – Since I was writing while I was watching the event the quotes may not be exact but they should be pretty close to what was said.

In a reference to Ana-Lucia and Libby getting killed on the show after the actresses who played them were charged with drunk driving, Yunjin Kim who plays Sun quickly responded “I’m alergic to alcohol!”

On a more serious note, director Jack Bender spoke about the sadness of seeing a member of the cast leave.:

“Ian Somerhalder was the first to leave and I remember the set that day. There really is a family. I remember the sense of what it was to lose one of our own. Ian got through it perfectly but there really is a sense of “live together die alone”. I do remember that. There was a real serious gravity to one of our characters leaving both the show and the story.”

Dominic Monaghan continued:

“We are all going to leave sooner or later, you have to make your peace with that. You have to realize that these are moments in your life.”

Josh Holloway claimed that he had hired a private investigator to dig up dirt on JJ and Damon to cover his bases.

Things were stirred up a bit when host Jimmy Kimmel said that the audience doesn’t want their favorites to die and Evangeline Lilly in response asked him who he thought could die and Kimmel answered:

“I wasn’t sorry to see Michelle Rodriguez go.”

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