An evening with Lost – Questions and Theories

An Evening with Lost

During the “Evening with Lost” that took place the 13th, host Jimmy Kimmel was quite determined to get some exciting revelations from the Lost writers, but despite his little campaign, he couldn’t manage to make them reveal any big secrets.

Again – Since I was writing while I was watching the event, the quotes may not be exact but they should be pretty close to what was said.

Executive producer Carlton Cuse said that Lost would be a lot less interesting to watch if you had the mystery revealed to you and when Kimmel kept asking for revelations he laughingly replied:

“The entire show is taking place in the dog’s mind.”

Kimmel then asked if the writers had ever heard a Lost theory which was correct. Cuse answered:

“Not enough of the story has unfolded for people to get the whole thing. There is not one unifying theory.”

JJ Abrams also had a thing or two to say regarding the many mysteries:

“It is not just one thing happening on the island. It’s not Twin Peaks with everything leading to who murdered Laura Palmer. It’s the journey that matters, there are cool things to discover.”

In response to Kimmel’s requests for answers and revelations Damon Lindelof said that they answer things all the time, like what was in the hatch and what Kate did, but when they answer a question or mystery, the fans just want answers to other questions. He added that the minute that you give up what the island is the show is over.

A look at things to come

A few small revelations were made, and these are spoiler-ish, but since they come from the writers I think it’s alright. Carlton Cuse hinted at what we can expect when Lost returns next month:

We’re going to tell you how Locke got in his wheelchair and Jack’s tatoo’s will be explained.

If I remember correctly, Damon Lindelof also revealed that the Others either have or have had the ability to leave the island and he said that there is a specific reason why they didn’t bring a surgeon to the island or didn’t bring Ben to a surgeon. This, he said, will be explained within 6 or 7 episodes.

Kimmel also asked Damon about the connection between Lost and NBC’s “Heroes”. The Lost creator explained that he is friends with and used to work with “Heroes” creator Tim Kring, but that there is no official connection between the two shows. He added that it would be fun to have the Japanese time-bender Hiro pop up on the island though.

Cast Theories

When asked what the craziest Lost theory they had heard was, the cast had some amusing answers:

Michael Emerson – “Someone told me the island was the ruins of an alien zoo.”
Dominic Monaghan – “That the show was the dream of a duck.”
Jorge garcia – “The one where we were all cloned during the flight and the story was really about our clones.”

Jimmy Kimmel said that he had a theory that Desmond was the devil. Henry Ian Cusic who plays Desmond found that interesting and said that when he first played Desmond running on the stadium stairs with Jack, he thought that Desmond was an angel.

I’ve personally never thought of the possibility that Desmond could be an angel, and considering what we now know about him, he probably is not an angel, but I like the idea.

Kimmel then asked if Desmond knows more than everyone else. This was answered by Damon Lindelof who said that Desmond ended up being a massive mythological character on the show and discussed how the salvation of the losties could be in the hands of the “Romeo and Juliet” love story between Desmond and Penelope. He said that Desmond “marches to the beat of his own drummer” and that “what he knows is what he knows”, which basically meant that Desmond doesn’t know more than he is telling the other survivors.

These philosophical questions led Kimmel to ask Elizabeth Mitchell who plays Juliet if she knew if her character is good or evil. To which Elizabeth answered:

“No I don’t know. I think if you’re evil you think you’re good anyway.”

I think she was spot on with that answer as Ben has implied that the Others are “the good guys”. The big question is if we will think they are good or evil when we find out what they are really doing on the island…

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2 Responses to An evening with Lost – Questions and Theories

  1. MasterPo says:

    Great stuff!

    I agree they can’t give it all away quickly. Just that it seems they are piling up a debt of questions and doing little to really pay it off.

    Did anyone ask more about the Black Rock? That’s another mystery yet to be explained.
    It would be a shame if the only purpose of it was to provide the dynomite for blowing the hatch.

  2. SpinPapi says:

    One of the producers said (before this event) that the Black Rock had a greater significance, and that along with the four-toed statue, showed that the island has a much larger history than just what the Dharma Initiative has been up to.

    Whether or not we’ll revisit the Black Rock, however, remains to be seen. It DOES seem sucky to tease us with something as emotionally and politically significant as a slave ship and not use it to talk about racism, war or capitalism.

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